50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rosalie Follows Orders

After Nina reminds Rosalie who the boss is, she texts Morgan and tells him she will meet him for dinner.

Silus walks in on Nina and is suspicious of her.

Silus tells Nina that Sam was investigating her which angers Nina and puts Sam back on Nina's revenge list.

Patrick and Sam get closer.

Jordan brings Ava to the hospital and Sabrina uses the opportunity to shake Ava up.

Felix worries about Sabrina.

Ava gets a clean bill of health and leaves with Jordan.

Rosalie arrives for the double date with Michael and Kiki and finds it is easy to put doubt in Michael's mind about his girlfriend.

Kiki tells Morgan that he has to keep the secret about Carly and Sonny but Rosalie overhears it.

Sam tells Patrick that they should investigate Luke as if Spencer is telling the truth.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Shawn Comes Clean

Molly is amused by TJ's teasing of Shawn.

Julian spends some quality time with his grandson.

Ned tries to remind Olivia to keep faith that Dante and Lulu will be okay.

Lulu is horrified by Stavro's plan for their baby.

Jordan visits Ava with a proposition.

Molly goes home and finds Julian there.

Shawn comes clean with TJ and tells him that he is seeing his mother.

TJ takes the news well.

Alexis goes to Ned and asks him out.

Ned, knowing that he is yet someone elses' rebound, agrees to a date.

Molly begs Julian to tell her the truth about her father and then Alexis comes home.

Jordan does a good job of convincing Ava to tell her who their boss is and then Ava begins to have labor pains.

Maxie and Nathan work to get free and Maxie bravely sneaks out to find help.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Return of a Cassadine

Patrick and Sam are surprised by Spencer's revelation.

Anna questions Dr. Obrecht's information and Britt tells her that she and Nikolas have been discussing her mother's connection to Victor.

Lulu is stunned when Stavros appears.

Peter Harold goes to Victor angry about how the hostage situation turned out.

Maxie confesses to Nathan that she changed her mind about marrying Levi because of Nathan's feelings for her.

Patrick and Sam tell a worried Spencer that they will keep his secret for now.

Patrick tells Sam that there is no reason to tell her anything about the clinic since it seems that Luke might be the responsible one.

Dr. Obrecht tries to trade her information for the truth about Faison but Britt makes her tell Anna what she knows.

Stavros tells Lulu and Dante his sick plans for her.

Catching Up

Maxie's wedding didn't happen and turned into a hostage situation.

Dante and Nathan worked night and day trying to find the girls and it got ugly once they did.

Nathan witnessed Dante, Maxie, Lulu and the SWAT team get gassed by Victor Cassadine and company who later took him hostage as well.

When Victor found out that Nathan was Leisel's son, he questioned who his father was.

Sam and Patrick worked to find out who put Raif up to running Patrick and family off the road.

Nina comes face to face with Ava and Ava walks away feeling shaken.

Franco senses Carly hasn't been honest but what will he do about it?

Sam and Patrick finally shared what they discovered and just when Patrick was going to tell Sam the truth about the clinic, Emma told her father about Spencer's secret.

Sam got Spencer to tell them what he knew and he told them Luke Spencer was the one who threatened Emma's life.

While in captivity, Dante hinted to Lulu that her father is a suspect in some dangerous business.

Victor demanded to know the truth about Nathan and threatened Leisel if he finds out she has lied.

Leisel realizing that Victor was holding Nathan burst into Anna's office and told her she knows where the hostages can be found.

Britt attempted to get closer to Nikolas much to Elizabeth's dismay.

Britt told Nik about confronting her mother regarding Nathan and shared with him that his uncle could be Nathan's father.


Lulu gets the shock of her life as someone from her past comes back.

Nathan finds out who his real father is.

Nikolas comes to realize how disturbed his family is.

Patrick and Sam begin to put the pieces together and Patrick realizes that he has to tell Sam the whole truth.

Nina moves forward with her plans for revenge.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jason is Coming Back


Billy Miller, Billy on the Young & the Restless, will be portraying Jason Morgan. I became somewhat hooked on Y&R and I didn't really like Billy all that much. His character was immature and annoying at times. Can the actor pull off being Sonny's mob hit man? Well, we will see. I love Michelle Stafford (formerly Phyllis on Y&R) as Nina. Now SHE can act. The re-cast of Lulu with former Y&R's "Abby" has ruined the character for me. I also enjoy Steve Burton on Y&R as Dylan. I do miss him as Jason but it is nice to see him play a character with more range.

How do you feel about Jason being re-cast?

General Hospital is doing things the "old" GH would NEVER have done. I mean, who would have ever thought with the Quartermaine family dwindling that they would actually kill A.J.?

From the moment Sean Kanaan returned to the role his storyline was a joke. What a waste of talent. So when he went to the producers and asked to be let go, they chose to kill him off.

Although I like some of the changes at GH, I have to say that I am on the fence about the whole "Fluke" storyline. We will see where it goes but it seems it has been dragged out way too long.

Now Jason returning to find Sam has moved on and possibly with Patrick of all people? Again, we will see.

So what do you think of this re-cast?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Revenge against Felicia

Elizabeth fights dirty to try and win Nikolas.

Britt returns home and informs Lucas about Lulu and Maxie's kidnapping.

Felix is thrilled to have Sabrina home.

Anna, Dante and Nathan try to figure out why Levi kidnapped Lulu and Maxie.

Lulu and Maxie try to get answers from Levi.

Anna contacts the WSB to try and find out more about Peter.

Nina enjoys her victory and feels conflicted about her feelings for Silus.

Dante is frustrated by the slow pace of the search.

Nina goes to see Britt hoping that she might be pregnant.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he hasn't chosen Britt.

Where is Frisco Jones?

Words spreads about Lulu and Maxie's kidnapping.

Sam and Patrick get close over a game of pool at the Floating Rib.

Silus questions Nina about what he found in Rafe's personal remains.

Dante and Nathan discover that Frisco might have a connection to the jewelry theft and go in search of his whereabouts.

Felicia defends Frisco.

Nina manages to manipulate Silus into making love, telling him that she wants to have a baby.

Franco begins to find proof that Carly lied to him.

Scott feels pressured by Lucy to make a choice.


Tracy begins to question why Luke is not returning her calls about Lulu.

Nina comes up with a plan to get a baby.

Sam and Patrick find themselves attracted to each other.

Franco realizes that his suspicions about Carly and Sonny are true.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Death by Chocolate

Ava discusses her plan with Julian.

Michael tells Kiki he is uncomfortable about going to Ava's since that is where A.J. was shot.

Dante goes to Sonny for help in finding Lulu and Maxie and Sonny tells them about Coleman.

Olivia and Ned go on a date.

Britt stands by Nikolas as he worries about Lulu.

Elizabeth accuses Britt of using the situation to push herself into Nik's life.

Britt tells her that when Elizabeth called, Nik and Britt were about to have sex.

Britt supports Nathan and gives him a pep talk.

Ava, Kiki and Michael have an awkward dinner together and then she serves dessert.

Julian goes to see Sonny.

Olivia is upset to find out about the kidnapping.

Dante arrives and questions Coleman.

Michael gets ready to eat the poisoned dessert.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just Who is Julian's Boss

Ava tells Julian about their boss' request.

Julian tells Ava the story about how he met up with the boss and regretted the deal he made.

Rosalie is disturbed by Nina's insistence that she will have a baby even if she doesn't get pregnant by Silus.

Nina is outraged and cannot let go of her anger about Ava's pregnancy.

Kiki tells Michael about her visit with her mother.

Michael and Morgan defend their parents to Franco and Kiki.

Sabrina returns home and Patrick fills her in about the search for who put Rafe up to running them off the road.

Patrick also tells Sabrina about Jason and she advises him not to share this with Sam.

Sam arrives to update Patrick and Sabrina notices the connection between them.

Franco is still suspicious of Sonny and Carly even though Carly continues to lie.

Carly goes to see Sonny and is angered by him suggesting that she dump Franco.


The search continues for Lulu and Maxie.

The rest of Port Charles hears about the kidnapping.

Carly struggles with feeling guilty.

Julian and Ava decide how best to handle their boss' demands.

Jordan and Shawn continue hiding their relationship as she digs deeper to get at the truth.

Tracy feels abandoned by her family even though she has taken Luke's side.

More clues about who is masquerading as Luke Spencer will unfold.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Luke Makes Demands

Nina and Franco spend several hours stuck in the hospital elevator and secrets are revealed.

After giving advice to Milo, Sonny heads over to Carly's.

Anna takes control over the hostage situation while Mac recovers in the hospital.

Lucy gives her support to Mac and Felicia.

Levi and his accomplice get away on a charter boat with Lulu and Maxie in tow.

Nathan and Dante feel helpless to save the women they care about.

Alice's transplant is a success.

Michael overhears Tracy talking to Alice and finally gets the truth.

Michael promptly fires Tracy and then tells Ned all about his mother's lies.

Luke skypes with Tracy, demanding that she fix things.

Ava is visited by Kiki on her birthday and the two bond over her pregnancy.

Carly and Sonny have sex.

Nina tells Franco about the kiss she witnessed between Sonny and Carly.

Franco gets very angry and Nina reacts without thinking and stands.

Franco assures Nina he will keep her secret for now.

Silus overhears Nina talking to Franco and wants to know what she is hiding.

Rosalie asks out Morgan.

Luke demands action from Ava.

Shawn and Jordan vow to keep their affair a secret from everyone.

Shawn presses Jordan for the truth about her job but she refuses to expose who she really is.

Olivia and Ned decide to date.

Luke tells Ava she needs to kill Michael.

Ava tells Luke she can't kill the man her daughter loves.

Bobbie helps keep Carly's secret about her and Sonny.

Carly feels guilty lying to Franco but knows she must to save Sonny.

Ned tells his mother he will get her thrown out of Monica's house.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

True Colors are Revealed

Britt's plans get side-tracked when Elizabeth behaves badly.

Dr. Obrecht comes through for Britt and summons Elizabeth back to work, ending her plans to be alone with Nikolas.

Dr. Obrecht tells Nina that she is aware of her shortcomings.

Franco saves Nina from her aunt and then the two of them get trapped in an elevator.

Olivia apologizes to Carly but then calls her out on her feelings for Sonny and bashes her relationship with Franco.

Carly angrily throws Olivia out.

Milo goes to Sonny for advice and Sonny tells him to follow his heart even if his father does not approve.

Brad informs Britt that she needs to find someplace to spend the night because he is hosting a date with Lucas and Felix.

Sonny arrives at Carly's.

Nikolas invites Britt to stay at his house when she tells him she has no where to go.

Milo shows up at Felix's.

Mac is shot and then the thieves take off with Lulu and Maxie as hostages.


Dante finds Nathan tied up in the stateroom and learns the truth about Levi.

Olivia confesses to Sonny the truth about her and Ned.

Olivia tells him that it is time they both moved on.

Lucas tells Carly about his plans for Felix and Brad.

Britt lends an ear to Brad who tells her about his almost threesome.

Britt decides to interrupt Elizabeth and Nikolas' dinner.

Felix finds himself spilling all to Franco who encourages him to step outside his comfort zone.

Carly secretly thinks about the kiss Sonny gave her.

The wedding is interrupted by a bruised Nathan and it gets dangerous fast.

Maxie is shocked to find out that Levi has been lying to her all along and feels guilt for endangering everyone.

The immigration officer turns out to be Levi's accomplice and he takes Lulu hostage.


Lucas invites Brad and Felix on a special "date".

Someone gets hurt at the almost-wedding.

Britt works to get between Elizabeth and Nikolas.

Jason wakes up but what will Victor do?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maxie's Wedding

Mac goes to Maxie to tell her about how Nathan feels about her.

Felicia trades her family heirloom necklace for a camera.

Levi steals Felicia's necklace.

Nathan is on duty when a photographer comes in and tells him about being assaulted and robbed.

Patrick deals with explaining to Emma why he and Robin are breaking up.

Sam and Silus talk about Molly's memories.

Patrick is called to Sam's to hear about Rafe's final confession.

Levi is confronted by Nathan and then pulls a gun on him.

Lulu and Maxie talk about her feelings as she prepares to marry Levi.


Nathan and Levi struggle over the gun.

Will Maxie admit how she really feels?

Patrick, Silus and Sam investigate who was behind Rafe's actions.

Victor continues to threaten Robin's family.

Jason wakes up.

Will Robin work to revive Stavros?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy Endings

Nina witnesses a spontaneous moment between Sonny and Carly.

Molly asks Silus if there is any hope for him and Sam.

Patrick and Sam escape the clinic and tell each other about their experiences.

Alice's family makes the painful decision to be honest with her about her fate.

Julian confesses to Alexis that he is still very much in the business.

Mickey's sister goes to see Alice's family to talk about donating his heart.

Robin tells Victor that she lied to Patrick about Jason's condition.

Patrick is pressed by Sam and he doesn't tell her about Robin.

Molly remembers more about the crash.

Silus is stunned to find out that someone made Rafe cause the car crash that killed baby Gabriel.

Victor and Robin discuss the likelihood of Patrick telling Sam about Jason.

Victor was the one who put Rafe up to causing the accident.

Alexis and Julian have sex and then she breaks up with him.

Alice's family celebrates good news.

Sonny paid off a woman to pose as Mickey's sister.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Patrick Tells Robin It Is Over

Morgan and Michael await news on a possible heart for Alice.

Olivia goes to the hospital to support Ned and then winds up using him to make Sonny jealous.

Sam gets caught trying to get Nina's medical records.

Patrick runs into Robin who thinks he was looking for her.

Alexis confronts Julian about Mickey and demands the truth.

Jordan and Shawn give in to their passion.

After getting disappointing news, Ned tells Michael and Morgan that they are going to have to prepare Alice.

Patrick speaks his mind to Robin and then tells her that he now knows where to send the divorce papers.

Robin lies and tells him that Jason cannot be saved.

Julian tells Alexis that he killed Mickey and he will kill anyone who threatens his family.

Alexis wonders why Jordan said she killed him.

Michael tells Morgan that Ava moved out of Sonny's.

Sam escapes and runs into an upset Patrick.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ava Bargains with the Boss

Ava happens upon who the real boss is and makes him an offer.

Silus is disturbed by his actions the night before.

Nina tries to convince Silus that they should be going on with their lives as a married couple since Sam is out of the picture.

Patrick and Sam discuss the possibility that Nina tipped off the press.

Morgan and Michael prepare to tell Alice the awful truth.

Coming this week:

As Alice faces her fate will Tracy or anyone be able to find a heart to save her?

Will "Luke" take Ava up on her offer?

Sonny's secret is getting around, how soon before he is exposed?

Julian decides what to do with the information about Sonny.

Alexis grows suspicious of Julian.

Patrick and Sam work together to find out the truth.

Silus continues to be manipulated by Nina.

Nathan has a choice to make.

Lulu gets news about her future as a mom.

Carly wants to know more about Nina Clay.

Spencer's game is over.

Will Britt come clean to Nikolas or will the Britch go back to her old ways?

Lucas decides how to choose between Felix and Brad.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keeping Secrets or Confessing the Truth

Britt reassures a worried Nikolas that Spencer will be okay.

Meanwhile Spencer hides out at Josslyn's.

Carly is upset with Franco after he is out all night.

Franco hesitates to tell Carly the truth about Ava kidnapping him.

Tracy hunts for a heart for Alice and presses Elizabeth to give her info about Mickey.

Anna asks Dante for help in locating Spencer.

Julian skypes with Luke who reminds him he was warned.

Anna tells Dante that Jordan thinks Luke is the big boss and asked him to help her prove he's not.

Luke asks for the info Julian has on Sonny.

Franco fishes for information from a suspicious Carly.

Nikolas demands that Anna works harder to find Spencer.

Britt tells Brad about her plan with Spencer but feels she can't continue it because of how it's hurting Nikolas.

Spencer tells Josslyn that all he wants is Britt as a mother.

Franco remembers Ava's offer to help remove Sonny from Carly's life.

Dante asks Tracy about Luke's wherabouts.

Julian makes demands of Luke ignoring his threats against his family.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jordan Talks to the Boss

Molly is shaken up after the explosion at her home.

Alexis and Sam are both suspicious of Julian and want to know his involvement.

Nina gets a visit from her brother.

Lulu declines Maxie's request to stand up for her, telling her she is marrying the wrong guy.

Jordan's cover is almost blown but she manages to fix things when she and Julian discover that Mickey is still alive.

Alice gets a special visitor thanks to Morgan.

Tracy discusses Alice's health with Ned who believes Alice deserves to know the truth.

Tracy continues to communicate with Luke by phone, keeping it a secret that they are working to get her into ELQ.

Anna arrives at Mickey's hotel room and Jordan fills her in.

Mickey's cell phone rings and Jordan answers it and recognizes the boss' voice.

Jordan tells Anna that it sounded like Luke Spencer and Anna says it can't be.

Julian goes to check on his family and Molly lashes out.

Nina encourages Nathan to go after Maxie.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ava Looks for Leverage

Ned keeps watch over an out-of-control Olivia after she gets drunk after Sonny upsets her.

Carly tells Sonny that although she knows why Olivia is so upset she still has his back.

Jordan's plan to seduce Mickey backfires when he finds her recording device.

Shawn tells Sonny about his concerns about Jordan.

Julian rushes from Ava's penthouse when he senses Alexis and family are in danger.

Nina's plan to seduce Silus has an added benefit when Sam walks in and sees them kissing.

Nina tells Silus she wants to be with him and he declines her offer.

Julian arrives as the house explodes.

Alexis comes home to find her house on fire and Julian is relieved to find out his family is safe.

Sam wonders how Julian knew to check on Alexis.

Ava gets her goons to bring Franco to her.

Franco declines her offer to help her get the proof from Sonny.

Jordan wrestles with Mickey and Julian barges in and shoots him.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Nina Takes the Next Step in Her Plan

Nina brags to Rosalie how easy it was for her to get Silus and Sam to break up.

Patrick stops in at the hospital and runs into Sam and Silus.

Shawn and Sonny figure out how Ava escaped.

Jordan goes hunting for clues about who the boss is.

Mickey admits to Julian and Ava that they have been bringing heroin into Port Charles.

Shawn catches Jordan in Mickey's hotel room and they share a passionate kiss.

Ned returns home concerned over Alice's condition.

Olivia tries to throw Sonny out of the hotel but finds out she can't because Carly won't let it happen.

Tracy gets Ned to agree to stay at the house while he is in town.

Sonny asks Olivia for another chance.

Sam tells Patrick about her suspicions about Nina.

Sam and Patrick come up with a plan.

Nina drugs Silus.

Sam goes to Sonny for help.

Ava and Julian team up.