50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fluke Plans a Party

Lulu and Dante finally meet his baby sister Avery when they run into Kiki and Morgan at Kelly's.

Lulu decides to bring Morgan to the Haunted Star to talk to Johnny about giving him a job.

Shawn accuses Jordan of being an undercover cop but she manages to convince him otherwise.

Shawn comes clean to Jordan about what's going on with Fluke and she agrees to help him.

Ava is taunted by Madeline who boasts that she will be getting out of jail.

Franco overhears Julian and Sonny talking about escape plans and pushes Sonny into letting him borrow the cell phone he has.

Nina finds a friend in Heather who tells her a phony name.

Nina is thrilled when she receives a call from Franco.

Michael is outraged when Lulu brings Morgan into the Haunted Star with the intent of hiring him.

Michael is ready to cancel the party that Fluke wants to throw him for the Waterfront Project but Fluke manages to talk him out of cancelling.

Lucas is shocked by the extent of Michael's anger towards his brother.

Fluke seems annoyed by Michael but manages to keep his cool seeing his goal is to throw a party that the town will never forget.

Coming next week to General Hospital:

Shawn and Jordan find clues to solve the mystery of who Fluke is.

Julian, Sonny and Ava band together.

Dante gets into danger when he investigates what is in the basement at the Elm Street house.

Fluke plans a party with surprises for all.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Michael and Lucas in Danger

Alexis and Sam discuss her romantic evening with Patrick and the missing Phoenix figurine.

After Carly discovers the gun in Jake's bag he denies all knowledge of it.

Patrick agrees to examine Jake and tells Elizabeth he can be objective about his guilt or innocence.

Lucas accompanies Michael to see the site of the new clinic and then both are summoned to meet with Fluke at the Haunted Star.

Nathan is taken aback by Maxie's confession about her and Johnny's non-relationship past.

Jordan spies on Duke and Shawn who discuss Sonny's theory about Fluke.

Shawn goes to dig up Bill's grave but is followed by Jordan.

Duke worries about Michael being in danger.

Sonny gets a call from Fluke but tips him off about his suspicions about his identity which puts Lucas and Michael in danger.


What surprise does Fluke have in store for Michael and Lucas? Will Carly share Jake's secret with Elizabeth?

Sonny Tips Off Michael

Sonny's fears about his family's safety causes him to call Michael and warn him.

Patrick tries to talk sense into Sam about the missing figurine but Sam is sure that someone has stolen it.

Michael cuts Sonny off and goes directly to Fluke, tipping him off that Sonny is on to him.

Lucas and Elizabeth are working in the ER when Jake is brought in after being found passed out on the waterfront.

Carly begs Shawn for news of Sonny and Shawn insists that all Sonny wants is for Carly to re-build her relationship with Michael and move on without him.

Tracy is suspicious of Fluke's reaction to Michael telling him that Sonny has warned Michael to stay away from Fluke and the Elm Street house.

Fluke now knows that Shawn was trying to get into the basement of the house and wonders how much Sonny knows.

Sonny's plan to prove who Fluke really is involves having Shawn dig up Bill's grave.

Alexis delivers a restraining order to Shawn.

Elizabeth calls Carly to tell him that Jake is in the ER with no memories of what has happened to him.

Jake begins to tell a story to Carly about what he can remember, including a figurine when Carly looks in his bag and finds a gun.

Sam goes to the place where Jason died but misses the figurine Jake dropped.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jake Remembers

Jake is tormented by the order to kill Sam and Patrick as he begins to remember his life with Sam.

Nikolas finds Helena with Luke and questions Luke's loyalty to his daughter by conspiring with the woman who brought his daughter so much pain.

Dante tells Nathan how he messed up with Lulu.

Lulu confides in Olivia about the fight she and Dante had and Olivia takes her side.

Maxie runs into Johnny and sets him straight about his suggestion that they have a shot at a relationship.

Sam and Patrick are saved by Jake remembering but Sam thinks she heard someone enter the apartment.

Helena worries that Jake is not following through with the plan.

Fluke is annoyed by Nikolas' questions.

Sonny and Julian discuss Fluke's true identity and believe that he is Bill Ekert back for revenge against Luke but cannot figure out why Sonny is a target.

Olivia confesses to Lulu that she slept with Julian on New Year's Eve.

Dante brings home flowers and tries to work things out with Lulu.

Johnny calls prison but gets Sonny.

Sonny comes up with a way to prove who is masquerading as Luke.

Jake leaves Sam's with a symbol of his past that helps to jar his memory before he collapses at the waterfront.

Who is Fluke Mystery Continues

Helena continues to use mind control over Jake whose own memories confuse him.

Sam is the latest target of Helena's and she tells Jake that if Patrick gets in the way, take him out too.

Carly and Elizabeth compare notes about Jake and both are worried.

Patrick and Sam take their relationship to the next level by sleeping together.

Lulu and Dante face relationship troubles when Johnny gets in the middle.

Shawn follows Fluke and relays what he has found to Sonny.

Sonny and Julian become allies in their war to stop Fluke and protect their families.

Michael is suspicious when he finds Shawn in his grandmother's old house and tries to get Dante to help him stop Sonny from protecting him.

Maxie decides to take things slow with Nathan because she is fearful of messing up a good thing.

Anna tells a worried Jordan that Dante and Nathan have her back.

Jordan is still afraid that she will not be protected and considers what to do next.

Elizabeth gives her relationship with Rick a second chance but still has feelings for Jake.

Nikolas becomes a true Cassadine but is still guarded about what orders he will follow from his grandmother.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Election Shake Up

The question of who is the mayor of Port Charles is answered after the missing ballot box is retrieved from Windemere.

Dante finds Nikolas Cassadine in possession of the missing box but as he is about to arrest him, Spencer admits to taking the box.

The truth is revealed that Spencer saw Jordan and Shawn throw the box into the water and Spencer had his bodyguard retrieve it in an attempt to save his Uncle Sonny from trouble.

Dante goes to confront Jordan about the theft and she has to lie to Shawn about why Dante was at her motel room.

Everyone gathers awaiting word on the election decision.

Lucy and Duke discuss how he helped her cover up her theft of the ballot box.

Felicia is disappointed when she learns she did not win the election.

Lucy is stunned thinking that she was helping her friend win.

Meanwhile Nikolas burns the ballots that would have let Felicia win the election.

Sloane is immediately made the new police commissioner after the mayor fires Anna.

Anna hires Alexis to defend her.

Nikolas chooses to go along with his grandmother's plans and becomes the dark Cassadine of his heritage.

Jordan is upset to learn Anna has been fired and wonders what will keep her safe now?


All kinds of shake-ups happen because of the election tampering. Anna refuses to sit back and fights back against the corruption. Duke protects Lucy. Jordan contemplates coming clean with Shawn. Jake sets out on the latest mission from Helena.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Helena Gives an Order

Sam and Carly debate what kind of person Jake is.

Jake's visit with Kevin is sabotaged by Helena who gives him an order to kill Sam.

Michael and Bobbie have a close call at the house on Elm Street when they almost discover the real Luke captive in the basement.

Fluke's behavior towards the past and Bill has Bobbie confused.

Tracy and Lulu catch up about her father and Lulu learns about her mysterious aunt Patricia.

Nikolas contemplates Helena's demand that he become involved in ELQ and he questions Alexis about Quartermaine goings on.

Maxie and Nathan steal moments together enjoying their new-found togetherness.

Sonny and Julian become unlikely allies as Julian tells him all he knows about his mysterious boss.

Sonny is disturbed that his children are in danger from the Luke look-alike but wonders what to do about it.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sonny Comes to Julian's Aid

Nikolas overhears Helena on the phone telling Fluke that she will take care of Sam Morgan.

Bobbie tells Michael stories about her and Luke's childhood as they look through her old home.

Meanwhile Fluke is in the basement with Luke tied to a chair and he tells Luke how he wants to bash in Bobbie's head.

Julian is attacked by Johnny's inside thugs and Sonny jumps in to help.

Carly convinces Jake to go see Kevin so that he can hopefully get answers to who he is.

Sam digs for info from Dr. Obrecht who finally admits to her that Helena was behind Faison's escape.

After Nikolas confronts his grandmother she tells him that he needs to stay out of her business to keep his son safe.

Bobbie and Michael hear a loud noise coming from the basement and Michael goes to investigate.

Julian thanks Sonny for his help and then finally tells him who is running the organization.

Sonny is confused by what Julian tells him.

Carly has a run-in with Sam at the hospital.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Michael Looks for Answers

Dante and Nathan make a visit to Johnny and warn him to stay away from their women.

Lulu tells Maxie about Johnny's return to town and her mixed feelings about it.

Sam goes to Nikolas for help and shares her suspicions about Jake.

Michael asks Ned for help in finding the owner of Bobbie and Luke's childhood home and are confused about what they find out.

Tracy tries to talk to Luke about his family and he shuts down.

Sonny taunts Julian and Julian finally starts to confess why he admitted to a crime he did not commit.

Carly hears out Jake who tells her about Sam's suspicions.

Fluke goes to see Johnny and is surprised when Johnny tells him he had nothing to do with Julian's confession.


Michael and Bobbie go to see the old house.

Julian finds out he isn't safe behind bars.

Tracy talks to Ned about her husband's strange behavior.

Lulu's feelings for Johnny could mean trouble for her marriage.

Carly considers moving on with Jake.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Julian and Carlos Come Up With a Plan

Carlos and Julian come up with a plan to outsmart their new boss who they think is crazy.

Carly discovers that Olivia spent the night with Julian and asks her what she was thinking.

Johnny surprises Lulu at the Metro Court and the two wind up having a drink together.

Olivia and Carly wish Johnny well but don't give him the attention he was hoping for.

Anna tells Dante about Johnny's release and he shares concerns with her about Lulu and Johnny's past.

Tracy and Ned discuss his love life and Ned tells her about witnessing Luke's outburst.

Bobbie goes to see Michael to try and get him to forgive Carly.

Michael tells Bobbie about his plans for her family home and is surprised to find out that it is owned by her presumably dead cousin Bill.

Fluke is holding Luke captive in the basement of his old family home and they discuss how it is he knows so much about Luke.

Fluke brings up Luke's sister Patricia which brings Luke to ask if he is family.

Julian goes to Anna and confesses to killing Anthony Zachara as a part of the plan he and Carlos came up with.

Dante finds his wife having drinks and laughs with Johnny at the Metro Court.

Luke asks Fluke if he is Bill Eckert but does not get a response.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Father Son Bonding

Elizabeth spends the night with Rick but thinks about Jake.

Johnny taunts Sonny who watches as Johnny is indeed released from prison as he boasted about.

Anna is stunned to find out that Johnny is being released.

Jake has breakfast with Carly who has given him a room and a job.

Carlos meets with Fluke who demands that he takes out Julian.

Julian spends time with Lucas and they discuss his staying in the business.

Olivia takes responsibility for her indiscretion with Julian and insists that she didn't do it to spite Alexis.

Carlos tries to plead for Julian's life but Fluke won't hear of it.

Rick makes promises to Elizabeth.

Lucas tells his father that he wants their relationship in spite of the fact that his father is a mobster.

Carlos goes to see Julian on orders from Fluke.


With Johnny out of prison, the mob wars heat up.

Will Carlos follow through on the order Fluke gave him?

With Sonny unavailable will Carly find comfort with Jake?

Johnny attempts to pay back Sonny.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Strange Bedfellows

Olivia is disgusted with herself when she wakes up in Julian's bed.

Ned and Alexis lie to themselves after their night of passion but both are bothered when they find out Olivia and Julian spent the night together.

Ava's bail is denied and Silus and Kiki bring her baby to say goodbye.

Ava names her little girl Avery and is told the news about her father.

Morgan goes to see Sonny and gives him the news about the DNA results.

Bobbie meets Fluke for breakfast but the two argue about their cousin Bill Eckert and Fluke storms off annoyed.

Alexis and Ned witness Fluke's outburst but neither make too much of it.

Maxie and Nathan bask in their happiness after finally getting together.

Fluke calls someone to say that they have a problem that needs to be fixed.

Olivia apologizes to Alexis for her behavior.

Ned apologizes to Bobbie for driving Fluke to leave and Bobbie tells him Fluke was overly sensitive talking about their cousin Bill.

Ava passes Sonny in prison and taunts him about them being parents.


Julian tells Lucas he is back in the business.

Ned questions Fluke's behavior.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

Maxie and Nathan continue to miss each other as the new year draws closer.

Lulu and Dante hang out at the apartment while Nathan and Maxie keep missing each other on their quest to be together for the new year.

Jake gets hired by Carly who feels badly for him after hearing his story about moving out of Elizabeth's.

Carly finds Jake to be a good confidante but still doesn't recognize him as Jason.

Elizabeth and Rick arrive at the party and are surprised to see Jake.

Sam is unhappy to see Jake working at the Metro Court but enjoys the evening with Patrick.

Olivia breaks up a juvenile exchange between Julian and Ned who arrives with Alexis.

Anna is taken back by Duke and Lucy and finds herself thrown into a date with the man who tried to bring her down.

Olivia finds herself kissing Julian when the clock strikes twelve.

Jordan gets help from Shawn in convincing Duke to hire her but he asks her to do something to prove her loyalty.

Nathan and Maxie finally unite in time for the new year to begin.

Jordan Saves Herself

Maxie finds out that Nathan made it to Portland while she was making her way back home.

Lulu gets called away from her lunch with her dad and Dante.

Fluke checks in with Duke who doesn't seem to notice his suspicious behavior.

Fluke tries to play Dante who offers to talk to Michael about ELQ for him.

Sam and Patrick kiss and make plans to spend New Year's Eve together.

When Lucy tells Duke that she is angry Scott is making her his second choice, Duke asks her to be his date for New Year's eve.

Jake tells Elizabeth that it is time for him to move out.

Elizabeth feels confused by her feelings for Jake and Rick.

Rick sends a message to Jake that he is not going to allow him to come between him and Elizabeth.

Maxie gets worried when Nathan doesn't arrive as expected.

Jordan manages to convince Julian that killing her will only cause a mob war being that she is now working for Duke and Sonny's team.

Julian tells his boss that he had no choice but to let Jordan live.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Overcoming Obstacles

Anna and Dante go to see Jordan who is hiding out in a seedy motel.

Jordan questions why she should go undercover working for the PCPD to help bring down Sonny's organization and tells them she needs time to think it over.

Meanwhile "Fluke" pressures Julian into going after Jordan and gives him her location.

Alexis thanks Shawn and Duke for reuniting Rick with Molly.

Rick goes to see Jake and tells him he needs to do the right thing and allow Rick and Elizabeth time alone.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany about Rick's return and how she feels confused about her feelings for Jake.

Epiphany tells her to go home and figure out what Jake means to her.

Maxie is disappointed when her flight is cancelled due to bad weather disrupting her planned second date with Nathan.

After Lulu helps Nathan prepare for his date with Maxie he receives bad news.

Maxie and Nathan are both determined to make their date happen and as Nathan arrives at Spinelli's, Maxie arrives home.

Rick thanks Shawn and Duke for rescuing him but makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with his brother's organization.

Jordan is surprised to find Julian in her room.

Lulu and Dante meet "Fluke" for lunch.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Best and Worst of 2014

As we come to the close of 2014 let's take a look back at what we loved and hated about GH this year.

At the top of my list has to be the "Fluke" storyline. I am almost to the point where I just don't care who "Fluke" really is. It is someone who had plastic surgery to step into Luke Spencer's life and whose goal is to take Sonny down. Who is it? Does anyone care anymore???

At the second on my list of the worst of 2014 has to be the resurrection of characters who just won't die. Although I love a good villain, the Cassadines just keep coming back no matter what and 2014 saw the re-birth of Stavros and Helena. As the year ends, Stavros is dead again (we hope) and Helena is spending the holiday with her beloved grandson Nikolas.

Another character that just won't stay dead is Heather Webber. The revelation that she was really Franco's mother wasn't all that shocking nor was the fact that Scott Baldwin was his father. What was annoying was that no facility seems to be able to keep her locked up. With her history you would think they would take precautions.

The kidnapping of babies is getting to be too much as well. Can anyone expect to have a baby and bond with it the first few weeks or should any expectant mother expect that their bundle of joy will spend the first few weeks or months with the resident psycho du jour?

Characters coming back from the dead seems to be the theme lately. Jason is back but doesn't remember being Jason and for as close as so many think they were to the former mob hitman, NO ONE RECOGNIZES HIM??? Yes his face is different but no one recognizes his VOICE??? UGH!!! It seems that Jason is a part of Helena's evil plan which somehow involves Fluke, Faison and Jerry (another villain who just won't die!).

So what was good about GH this past year???

The addition of Michelle Stafford as crazy Nina Clay was a great coup for GH. She is one helluva actress and although the character of Nina is annoying at times, Michelle plays it to perfection.

The Felix/Brad?Lucas storyline was fun and so needed. It also ended too fast. Also loved the Epiphany/Milo hook-up but that too was not explored enough.

I loved it when Duke finally stood up to Anna. Anna became very self-righteous and Duke was becoming so wimpy. When Duke finally stood up for himself and actually raised his voice to her, well, I was cheering. Duke the mobster is far more attractive than down-on-his-luck-looking-for-a-job Duke.

The kids of Port Charles have been entertaining. Spencer is what a Cassadine kid should be. Privileged, spoiled and manipulative. Gotta love him! You can tell that Josslyn doesn't spend nearly enough time with her dad and takes after her mom Carly. The competition between Spencer and Cam for Emma's affection has been wonderfully played by all involved. Fast forward a few years and I predict more fireworks between these kids.

It was nice to have retro characters back in the spotlight for a bit. Lucy and Kevin, Felicia and Mac, Bobbie and Scott- it was really great for long-time fans to see what these characters are up to now. Sadly the show stretches out some story-lines until the fans just are fed up but hey, we keep coming back for more, don't we?

I love that Johnny is back and although there is a lot of criticism about the mob wars, I like the Jeromes and I love Sonny!

It has been nice to see the Quartermaines again and hopefully this will help to balance the mob focus of late.

I do love Tracy and Luke together and cannot wait for the real Luke to return.

There does seem to be a lack of female characters for all the eligible men in Port Charles. If I have to see Nikolas and Elizabeth reunite again, well, I just can't. He finally got wise to Britt but there is no one for him to hook up with. I cannot see him and Carly together and Sam is his cousin so who is left?

I loved it when Alexis finally gave in and hooked up with Julian. Hopefully we see them back together in 2015.

I have to admit that I do like Patrick and Sam together. Now you know they are going to get close and then BOOM! Jake is going to remember who he is. That's soaps for you. No such thing as happy endings, stability or a lack of drama.

What did you hate or love about 2014?? Please leave your comments.

Christmas on GH

Molly urges Rick to go see Elizabeth.

Julian offers up no excuses to Alexis reminding her that she broke things off.

Maxie realizes a Christmas dream by spending time with Georgie.

Nathan thanks his mother for her help in getting the judge to grant visitation.

Dr. Obrecht explains to her son how she was able to get him to change his mind.

The judge tells Monica why he felt the need to be so hard on Maxie, remembering his daughter who made bad choices that cost her her life.

Sam and Patrick kiss under the mistletoe.

Just as Elizabeth and Jake are about to kiss, Rick shows up and reunites with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is overjoyed but hesitates when Rick asks her to begin their relationship again.

Nathan and Dr. Obrecht bond.

Fluke is not happy with Jordan and plans revenge.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Freeing Rick

Franco finds out that neither Sonny or Johnny is his ally.

Carly runs into Jake at the hospital and tells him all about the baby drama but doesn't even realize how easy he is to talk to.

Carlos gives in realizing that Shawn and Jordan have the upper hand and Rick is set free.

Alexis is about to tell Molly that Rick is really alive when he shows up at their door.

Maxie and Nathan have an early Christmas together before she leaves to go see baby Georgie.

Fluke goes to see Julian who does not realize who it is at first.

Julian presses Fluke for an answer to who are you but does not get it!

Shawn and Jordan fear repercussions for her going against Julian.

Morgan and Kiki decide to ignore the kiss and focus on their baby sister.

Molly is happily reunited with her dad.

Monday, December 22, 2014

The DNA Results are In!

Alexis defends Nina in court and much to her dissatisfaction, Nina gets sent for psychiatric evaluation.

Franco tries to play the insanity plea but the judge doesn't buy it and orders him to Pentonville to await trial.

Jordan works with Shawn to find out Rick's whereabouts but is overheard by Carlos who decides to take matters into his own hands.

Johnny taunts Sonny about the baby's paternity.

Morgan is crushed to find out that the baby is not his and Kiki offers comfort.

Carly thanks Silus for his help and tells him that the results are for the best.

Julian goes to see Sam and Danny and offers to help Sam with her investigation.

Maxie is called to the courthouse where she gets an early Christmas present- visitation with her daughter.

Sonny is ready to beat up Johnny but is stopped by the newest resident of the prison- Franco.

Shawn and Jordan arrive at the garage and find Carlos ready to kill Rick.

Kiki and Morgan share a kiss.

Carly wonders what to do next about the baby.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mob Wars

Johnny's people are the ones who kidnapped Rick from the witness protection program and he is using this to try and gain control of Sonny's territory.

Meanwhile Julian wants to steer clear of this mess and tells Carlos that although they know where Rick is, he wants nothing to do with it.

Jordan goes to Julian and Carlos and tries to get business up and going again, hoping that she can get a lead on where Rick is.

Sam is hell-bent on proving that Jake helped to free Faison, unaware that he is really Jason.

Elizabeth and Sam argue about Sam's suspicions and drag the past into their fight.

Nathan talks Alexis into helping Nina who is behind bars.

Franco tells Nina that he is sorry he failed her but promises her he will always stand by her even though she feels they will both be behind bars for a long time.

Maxie is denied visitation again and Nathan decides he is going to find a way to change the judges' decision.

Michael evicts Kiki and Morgan and tells Carly he will not forgive any of them.

Carly invites Morgan, Kiki and the baby to stay with her.

Silus runs a DNA test on the baby.

Sabrina goes to see Ava to apologize for what she did to her.

Sonny tells Duke that he cannot have another death on his conscience and tells him that he wants Shawn to rescue Rick.

Anna tells Jordan that she needs to help her find Rick.

Jake goes to Patrick for help because he has flashes of helping Faison escape but cannot decide what is real or imagined.