50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Helena Returns

Luke is stunned to receive a visit from Helena Cassadine who is not dead after all!

Carly goes to see Michael and he tells her that he is changing his name to Quartermaine.

Patrick invites Sam to Elizabeth's house for Thanksgiving dinner and tells her it will be a good time to use her p.i. skills in helping to find out who Jake Doe is.

Alexis goes to see Anna and gets Julian released from jail.

Anna is told she is going to pay for her crime even though Faison is now on the loose.

Sonny has a visit with Duke and informs him that he is getting released and asks Duke to take over the business for him.

Alexis is surprised when Julian brings her to Moncavage to see Luke.

Michael defiantly signs the name change papers and then throws Carly out.

Elizabeth buys new clothes for Jake.

Alexis and Julian run into Helena outside the room where Luke is being held.

Duke agrees to become head of Sonny's organization telling him that Anna is done with him.

Helena goes to Elizabeth's and sees Jake.

Alexis opens the door to where Luke has been kept and is stunned by what she finds.

Coming: Thanksgiving is celebrated in Port Charles. Will Jake remember who he is? What will Alexis find? What is Helena up to?

Luke Fights Back

Jordan is confronted by her boss who tells her to step up the investigation.

Shawn finds T.J. at Molly's.

Alexis is horrified when Julian confesses that Rick was innocent.

Anna is stunned when the stable guy tells them that Faison has not been seen in a year.

Luke meets his look-a-like and demands to know who he is but doesn't get an answer.

Tracy, Lulu, Patrick and Sam look at the contents of the flash-drive and are no closer to figuring out who is behind Luke's disappearance.

So...who IS Fluke? Is it Faison with a mask? Did Larry Ashton get plastic surgery? Who exactly is masquerading as Luke Spencer? After yesterday's episode I am confused and annoyed.


What will Alexis do with the information Julian has given her and will she help to get him out of jail being that he has promised to bring her to Luke?

Will Anna face charges for what she did to Faison?

As Patrick and Sam grow closer, will Jason regain his memory?

Is Shawn T.J.'s real father?

Can Alexis forgive Julian?

Will Franco do the right thing so Ava's baby can be found?

Who will rescue Luke?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Luke Returns! (Well- Kind Of)

Lulu goes to the Quartermaine's to stall Larry who continues to play dumb.

Patrick and Sam meanwhile go to the bank to break into the safety deposit box.

Anna begins to explain what really happened to Faison.

Spencer talks Emma into skipping school in order to give one last attempt at winning her over.

Luke (who has been held captive and drugged in Moncavage) breaks free of the strait jacket and tries to figure out who is living his life attempts to break free.

Sam manages to open the box only to find a picture of Faison and a locked box.

Larry gets to the bank and finds Patrick and Sam.

Nikolas and Britt find Spencer and Emma in the stables.

Nikolas wonders who the bad influence is that has helped to turn his son into a liar.

Anna and company arrive at the stables and she confesses her story of how she and Robert hid Faison in the stables.

Julian begins to confess all to a confused Alexis.

The group discovers that Faison has managed to escape from captivity.

Lulu fills in Tracy with the truth about Larry's connection to Jerry and Tracy wonders if Luke has been in on it and not a captive after all.

Just as Luke gets the door unlocked, someone is there to stop him.

Coming next week: The truth will be revealed about who is posing as Luke. The Faison connection will be revealed. Anna will face charges for interfering with the law.

Are we really supposed to believe that Anna and Robert thought they could lock Faison in a hole for a year and he would survive and NOT try to escape??? Is Britt's guilt going to get to her and is she finally going to come clean with her crimes? Once Julian confesses all to Alexis will she want to run to the cops? Will Julian tell her that Rick was not the kingpin after all?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Faison is Alive?

Britt confesses to Nikolas that she has changed her mind and will be helping press charges against Anna.

Patrick and Sam excitedly tell Lulu that they have a lead thanks to their investigation of Lord Larry Ashton.

Lulu agrees to help.

Olivia goes to see Julian in jail and accuses him of hiding the truth about who killed Connie and finds out that it was Ava who shot her.

Franco has enough of Nina's craziness and step by step gets her to see that she is living a lie.

Ava hides the truth from Silus and gets him to immediately leave with her in search of her baby.

Anna is confronted by Dr. Obrecht who promises her that she will pay for killing Faison.

Larry continues his plan but Tracy is suspicious of his behavior.

Alexis joins the Quartermaines for breakfast but then leaves when she hears Julian has been locked up.

Lucas urges his father to come clean with Alexis.

The justice department officer arrives with papers for Anna and she declares that Faison is not dead.

Coming: Is Faison behind the Luke masquerade?

Is it just me but why can't bad guys (or girls as in the case of Heather Webber) ever really stay dead on General Hospital??? I mean, enough already? Heather came back yet again. The Cassadines keep coming back. Now we are supposed to believe that Faison along with Jerry (another one who just won't stay dead) is the money behind the Jeromes and has been masquerading as Luke??? Coming soon is the return of Johnny Zaccara. If you will remember, Johnny went to prison for his role in the deaths of the characters on loan from One Life to Live who after the whole lawsuit with Prospect Park who owned the rights to the characters had GH erase them as if they never existed. The actors who played Todd Manning, Starr Manning and John McBain got new characters in the form of Franco, Kiki and Silus. Did Johnny kill his grandfather Anthony? I think so. This was during the whole Connie debacle when she was suffering from DID. Anyway...my beef is with the lack of originality on the part of the writers. We cannot create new bad guys, we just keep on resurrecting the old ones. November sweeps is just about over and we still do not have the answers or an ending to the Jason story and the Fluke story. Hopefully before the holidays we will get some closure.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ava's on the Run!

After Anna discovers Ava missing from her hospital room, Michael blames Kiki for helping her mother to escape.

The judge denies bail to Carly but then changes her mind once Sonny pleads guilty.

Anna brings Julian in for questioning and he is surprised when he hears that Ava killed Connie.

Julian is angered when Anna has him put in a cell.

Ava goes to Silus and begs him to help her which he finally agrees to thinking she is in danger from the mob.

Morgan and Michael have it out again.

Diane is frustrated when Sonny pleads guilty and is taken to Pentonville.

Patrick stalls Larry while Sam searches his room for a safety deposit key.

Sam and Patrick plan to get a jump on Larry and hopefully find out the truth about Luke.

Jordan and Shawn tell T.J. that Shawn's killing his father was not an accident.

T.J. asks if Shawn is he is his real father but he is told that a DNA test was done and Thomas is his father.


We all can pretty much figure out that Shawn probably is T.J.'s real father and for whatever reason Jordan lied about it. Is Larry wise to Patrick's apparent change of heart? How will Diane manage to get Sonny out of his guilty plea? Sonny reunites with a familiar mob foe in Pentonville.

Monica Learns the Truth About A.J.

Michael announces to the Quartermaine's that he is changing his name.

Shawn delivers the proof of Ava's crime to Michael and tells him that Sonny kept his word.

Diane gives Sonny a hard time for sabotaging his defense.

Sonny learns that Duke refused to testify against him and was sent to Pentonville.

Kiki confronts Ava about killing Connie and tells her that Michael knows.

Anna is curious why the justice department is hanging around Port Charles.

Dr. Obrecht forces Britt to cooperate with the case against Anna.

Spencer almost tells his dad the truth about who knew about his running away but stops short of telling on Britt.

Patrick and Sam discuss their suspicions about Lord Larry Ashton and eavesdrop on him making a phone call to Jerry.

Shawn and Jordan sit down with T.J. to tell him the truth about his father.

Michael shares the truth with Monica who is relieved that A.J. was innocent but sad that he is gone.

Michael brings the proof to Anna and then demands that he arrest Ava.

Michael, Kiki and Anna go to Ava's hospital room but find her gone.

Coming: Who will Ava go to for help? Will Nikolas be suspicious of Britt's change of heart? How will Diane save Sonny from prison?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Michael Makes A Visit

Michael tells Sonny and Carly that he is done with them as the two sit in opposite jail cells.

Michael asks for the tape that proves A.J.'s innocence.

Britt tells the government agent that she is not interested in helping him bring down Anna for killing Faison.

Sam is stunned to see "Jake" at Elizabeth's.

Cameron has an odd reaction to meeting "Jake".

Josslyn learns about her mother's arrest.

Spencer has another bad day.

Monica is angry about Sonny and vows to see him finally pay for his crimes.

Michael goes to see the Quartermaines and announces he is changing his last name.

Alice overhears Lord Ashton's phone conversation.

Tracy and Ned are suspicious of Ashton's sudden interest in ELQ.

Sam and Patrick continue to investigate Lord Ashton's connections.


Monica learns the truth about A.J.

Are we closer to finding out who is masquerading as Luke?

The search continues for Ava's baby.

Thoughts and commentary: Only on a soap opera would there be unisex jail cells. Does it seem like just about everyone has been getting arrested lately? WHY does no one recognize Jason or wonder why certain people feel a connection to him? Why doesn't Jason himself ask if he is Jason? Geez. What is it going to take?
If there is a crack-down on cleaning up the mess at the WSB left from Victor Cassadine, won't Dr. Obrecht finally get what is coming to her?
Will Julian tell Alexis the truth about who is behind his operation?

Questions to ponder but it is November sweeps so hopefully we will be getting answers to these and more!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

Alexis tells Duke she can help him escape charges if he will testify against Sonny.

Duke tells her that he cannot betray Sonny.

Michael tells Rosalie that he has no regrets about their night together.

Lucy tells Anna that she helped Duke because he is her friend but Anna is still suspicious of Lucy's true motives.

Lucy is stunned when she finds out Duke's choice.

"Jake" feels he recognizes photos of Alan, Edward and Lila.

Elizabeth brings "Jake" to her house where he sees a photo of Jason and Elizabeth.

Nikolas and Britt are visited by a government agent who tells them that Anna and Robert might be guilty of killing Faison and he wants Britt's help in prosecuting Anna.

Michael tells Kiki that it is over between them and Kiki is upset that Michael jumped into bed with Rosalie so quickly.

Carly gets put in a cell opposite Sonny and they discuss their love and where it has gotten them.

Carly apologizes for not listening to Sonny's warnings about Franco.

Sonny tells her that sometimes love isn't enough.

Anna heads to the hospital to try and find out where Franco could have gone with Nina.

Crazy Meet Crazier

Michael tells Rosalie he has no regrets about their night together.

Silus encourages Kiki to fight for Michael and regrets not fighting for Sam.

Lucy hires Alexis to defend Duke.

Sonny is disappointed when Alexis refuses to defend him.

Julian confronts a frantic Ava.

Nathan questions Madeline who tells him that she did what she did because Nina was going to kill her.

Dr. Obrecht and Madeline agree that they both lied to Nathan.

Franco realizes how disturbed Nina is.

Scott gave a letter to Anna that Franco wrote him.

The police learn that Franco is with Nina and Ava's baby.

Kiki walks in and finds Michael in bed with Rosalie.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Search Continues for the baby

Rosalie and Michael get drunk together.

Franco tells Dr. Obrecht goodbye and finds out where Nina and the baby are hiding.

Dante and Nathan save the hostages and they find there was no bomb.

Michael kisses Rosalie.

Carly thanks Dante for saving Michael from shooting Sonny.

Sonny finds himself locked up with Duke.

Dr. Obrecht decides to call Nathan to tell him about the voice mail which can lead the police to Nina.

Nina hallucinates thinking Silus has come and then realizes that Madeline never called him.

Kiki and Morgan discuss Michael and she tells Morgan he needs to be strong for the baby's sake.

Sonny shares his regrets with Duke.

Jordan and Shawn discuss telling TJ the truth about his father.

Heather finds out that Max named her as the shooter.

Michael leaves the Floating Rib with Rosalie.

Sonny tells Duke about the baby's kidnapping by Nina Clay.

Anna and Nathan arrive at the motel and find Madeline unconscious.

Franco leaves a dvd for Carly laying out his revenge.

Franco and Nina take off with the baby.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kiki Confesses to Michael

Lulu and Olivia watch all the shocking news on television and worry about all involved.

Dante arrests Sonny and leaves Morgan to take care of Michael.

Kiki arrives and confesses to Michael that she and Morgan knew about Sonny for weeks but didn't tell him because they were trying to protect him.

Michael does not take the deception well and tells both of them he is through with them.

Rosalie goes to the police station to see if Nina has been found and confesses to Nathan that she knew Nina wanted Ava's baby and told Madeline where to find Ava.

Kiki tells Morgan about the baby.

Nathan is outraged and warns Rosalie that if something happens to the baby it is on her head.

Maxie and Nathan keep in touch by texting since they are banned from seeing each other.

Bobbie is frantic when she cannot get in touch with Carly.

Sonny tells Dante that he must get to the warehouse because Heather is on the loose and is out to get Carly.

Bobbie warns Scott that if he presses charges against Carly there will be hell to pay.

Franco taunts his hostages by telling them he might have planted a bomb at the door.

Franco leaves and the hostages try to figure out what danger they are in.

Lucas and Maxie wait at Carly's and are annoyed when Franco shows up there.

Felicia awaits the re-count for the mayoral race.

Michael winds up at the Floating Rib and finds Rosalie there.

Nathan and Dante head to the warehouse, unaware of the danger they might be facing.

Coming: Did Franco plant a bomb? Michael and Rosalie connect. Sonny faces the penalty for his crimes.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Saving Michael

Dante and Morgan arrive at the brownstone and manage to talk Michael out of taking Sonny's life.

Silus and Kiki attend to a frantic Ava.

Nina insists that her mother contact Silus to let him know that their baby is here.

Madeline calls someone but it is not Silus.

Patrick is suspicious of Lord Ashton and his suspicions prove to be correct as he is secretly working with Jerry.

Sam and Danny encounter Jake and Sam can't shake an odd feeling.

Jake prepares to be released from the hospital by agreeing to move in with Elizabeth.

Nina silences her mother.

Coming: Sonny begins to pay the price for his crime. The search continues for Ava's baby.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Scott Moves to Bring Sonny & Company Down

Scott brings the flashdrive Franco gave him to Anna and tells her and Dante that everyone involved will be prosecuted including Duke.

At the Floating Rib, Lucy tells Felicia, Mac and Duke about the non-wedding.

Bobbie comes in and fills them in on what Lucy missed and Duke gets nervous.

Morgan tells Kiki that Ava killed Connie but Kiki doesn't believe it.

Sonny finds Ava and at first does not believe her story about the baby but then assures her the baby will want for nothing and prepares to shoot her.

Franco holds Shawn, Jordan and Carly hostage and then turns the tables on Heather and pulls the gun on her.

Scott gets a warrant for Sonny's arrest and demands that Anna get Duke in also.

Franco locks his hostages in the warehouse and leaves them there.

Coming: Michael tracks down Sonny.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ava Spills the Truth About Her Affair with Silus

Julian tells Alexis that Danny's health is the most important thing to him.

Sam worries about Danny's cancer recurring while Silus tries to reassure her that he is fine.

Sonny and Morgan await news of Max and Diane takes out her anger on Sonny.

Bobbie pleads with Scott to not use the recording because Carly will get in trouble.

Carly leaves the Haunted Star and runs into Heather who plans on finishing the festivities.

Franco meets up with them.

Michael goes to Sonny's where he is surprised to find evidence of a crime and tells Dante he knows Sonny killed A.J.

Dante advises Michael to allow the law to handle Sonny.

Ava pleads with Madeline and Nina to leave her baby.

Ava tells Nina that Madeline hired her to seduce Silus but she fell in love with him instead.

Kiki frantically searches for Michael and then tells Morgan what has happened.

Silus and Sam discuss Nina's state of mind and wonder who she has gone after.

The test results show that Silus was right and Sam breathes a sigh of relief.

Sonny goes to the brownstone to get Ava.

Coming: What will Sonny do when he finds the baby is gone? Will Scott prosecute Carly?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ava Has the Baby!

The secrets continue to come out at the non-wedding of Carly and Franco.

Michael finds out that not only has Carly been keeping the secret of A.J.'s true killer's identity but it is what he told her on his deathbed.

Franco is amused by his video presentation and Kiki is horrified by it.

Silus goes to Nathan's apartment looking for Nina and the two team up to find her and Madeline.

Dr. Obrecht attends to Max who is brought in after being shot by Heather.

Max was unable to tell Sonny who shot him and Sonny and Morgan wonder who the woman was.

The drugs Nina gave Ava cause her to give birth to a baby girl who Nina promptly insists is hers.

Jordan and Shawn remain locked in the warehouse and try to break free but Heather returns to deal with them.

Michael tells Carly his only parent is dead and then leaves the Haunted Star.

Dr. Obrecht tells Silus and Nathan that she does not know where Madeline is but admits to hiding Nina.

Madeline shows up at Ava's and Ava pleads with her to make Nina give her her baby.

Coming: Now that the truth is out about A.J.'s killer, will charges be brought against Sonny?

Franco Drops a Bombshell

Everyone at the wedding is stunned when Franco declares he will not marry Carly.

Michael jumps to his mother's defense when Franco accuses Carly of being a lying whore but then gets quiet when he hears how badly he's been deceived.

Silus confronts Madeline who confesses that she felt obligated to help Nina.

Jake is ordered to be discharged and given a huge hospital bill by Dr. Obrecht.

Elizabeth tells Jake he can come stay with her.

Ava tries to fight back against Nina who prepares to deliver the baby.

Sonny and Morgan discuss Ava's crimes and how Sonny wants to protect the baby.

Bobbie is put on the spot with Scott who questions if she lied to him.

The truth about Sonny killing A.J. is revealed to all at the wedding thanks to Franco's video.

Anna gives Duke one last shot at telling the truth about his alibi for Sonny and Duke continues to lie.


The aftermath of Franco's wedding video and Silus goes to Ava's rescue but will he get there in time?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nina does the Unthinkable

Madeline switches Danny's test results to show that his leukemia has returned.

Sam calls Silus and asks him to meet him at the hospital, which leaves Ava alone and vulnerable.

Nina goes forward with her plans and shows up at Ava's.

Sonny admits to Morgan that Ava killed Connie.

Nina injects Ava with drugs to start her labor.

Elizabeth continues to encourage Jake's rehab.

Dr. Obrecht confronts Madeline about Nina's whereabouts.

Anna discusses her theory about Ava being A.J.'s murderer with Julian.

Carly confronts Franco about what Spencer told her.

Jake gives Elizabeth a gift of art supplies.

Silus tells Sam not to panic and tells her they will run the tests again.

Sonny plays the recording for Morgan to prove to him that Ava is guilty.

Anna tells Dante that there might be truth to the theory that Carlos is innocent.

Nina tells Ava that she is taking her baby.

Dante is upset when he realizes that his father probably did kill A.J. and worries about Michael.

Dr. Obrecht gives Jake a bill and discharges him from the hospital.

Alexis and Julian bring Danny to the hospital and they re-run the tests.

Nina responds to the text message Silus sends Ava and then injects Ava with more drugs.

Morgan tells Sonny where Ava is.

Carly says I do but Franco says no way he's marrying a lying, cheating whore.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Deadly Plans

As November sweeps near, General Hospital is heating up!

Two people are being hunted and only one is aware of the price on their head. As Ava fights back from almost losing her baby due to the medication that Sabrina intentionally gave her, she is unaware of the true identity of who is watching the brownstone. Madeline has been forced into her daughter Nina's sick plan to steal Ava's baby. How far will Madeline go to make Nina happy?

Meanwhile Sonny and Shawn have gone forward with their plan to eliminate Franco before he and Carly get to say "I do". Little do they know that their abduction of Heather has put a thorn into Franco's grand plan for his surprise for Carly.

Franco and Carly's wedding day comes and Franco finds out that someone has kidnapped Heather ruining his plan.

Meanwhile Michael informs his family about how he has urged Anna to re-open A.J.'s murder. Carly gets nervous knowing that Michael will stop at nothing to get to the truth.

Kiki and Morgan along with Silus, help to protect Ava while they continue to lie to Michael about what they know.

Anna tells Sonny that she has heard rumors that Ava is somehow involved with A.J.'s murder.

Nina tells Madeline her plan to induce Ava's labor.

Lulu, Ned and Tracy are disappointed when Jerry Jax has Ned's father delivered to them instead of Luke. Luke's wherabouts remain unknown as they worry what has happened to him.

Maxie and Nathan find out from Diane that the judge can keep them apart after all.

Jake meets Michael and Carly and both feel a sense of familiarity but cannot understand why. Jake continues to get stronger physically but still has no memory of who he is.

Shawn and Jordan argue about T.J. and what the truth is about their past.

Shawn interrupts Franco preparing for the wedding- will he follow through with Sonny's order and kill the groom-to-be?

Silus vows to protect Ava while Morgan goes off to talk to his father.

Michael tells Carly that he will not rest until he finds out the truth.

Nina prepares to kill Silus to get to Ava.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lots of Crazy Going Around

Franco taunts an unsuspecting Carly teasing about his wedding gift to her.

Sonny and Shawn come up with a plan for Franco's demise and it involves busting Heather out of the mental institution.

Nina tells Madeline that she can help make up for what she did to her by getting her Ava's baby.

Nathan runs into Rosalie who gets a call from Nina's mother.

Silus manages to stop Ava's labor.

Silus tells Ava that Nina holds a grudge against her.

Kiki is summoned to meet Michael at the hospital.

Michael wants to talk to the police about A.J.'s murder and insists to Kiki that her mother is the real killer.

Kiki looks to Michael like she is protecting her mother but she is holding back the "truth" about who really did kill A.J.

Olivia has a vision about Heather and warns Carly and Sonny.

Carly dismisses Olivia's vision and tells Franco that she is not worried about Heather crashing their wedding.

Madeline sees how determined Nina is to steal Ava's baby.

Nathan tries to figure out just what is the truth in regards to Nina's mental state.

Nina tells Madeline that she doesn't want her brother involved in what she is doing.

Morgan takes care of an appreciative Ava.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Week in Review

What a week it was on General Hospital!

The mystery patient's bandages were removed and we got our first glimpse of Jason Morgan. Unfortunately, Helena Cassadine is keeping tabs on his condition and as long as Jason doesn't remember who he is and no one recognizes him he is safe.

Elizabeth has been tending to him and although she feels a certain connection, she cannot figure out why.

Franco is making plans for revenge against Carly and Sonny and goes to see his mother Heather to tell her that she was right about Carly all along.

Carly tries to convince her mother Bobbie to leave her all and respect her choice to marry Franco.

Sonny and Shawn conspire to get rid of Franco and pin it on someone else.

The truth about Nina is beginning to emerge with Britt recognizing that she needs psychiatric help.

Madeline tells Nathan that Nina is unbalanced and potentially dangerous but he doesn't believe it til he runs into Silus who has just been attacked by her.

Thanks to the medication Sabrina provided, Ava experiences labor pains. Afraid for her safety she gets Kiki to bring Silus to her for help.

Michael wants to start a clinic in A.J.'s memory and when he asks Sabrina to volunteer they wind up discussing his father's murder and she tells him that Carlos was not responsible.

Sam, Patrick and Tracy are led to believe that Jerry Jacks is the mystery boss when in all truth, Helena Cassadine is behind it all. We still do not really have an answer about who is masquerading as Luke Spencer while he is drugged and locked up in the mental hospital.

Britt is welcomed back into Nikolas and Spencer's home but has nightmares about Nik learning that she was behind Spencer's disappearance.

Sabrina feels guilty about her switching Ava's meds and confesses to Felix that she needs to make it right even if it means she loses her career and her freedom.


Carly continues to prepare to marry Franco on Halloween while the groom-to-be prepares to give Carly the wedding no one will forget.

The truth about Sonny and Ava will change many lives and expect this to happen by the end of the month.

Jason continues to get better and has flashes of memories.

Nina devises a plan for Madeline to make things up to her.

Nathan doesn't know who to trust.