50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lots of Crazy Going Around

Franco taunts an unsuspecting Carly teasing about his wedding gift to her.

Sonny and Shawn come up with a plan for Franco's demise and it involves busting Heather out of the mental institution.

Nina tells Madeline that she can help make up for what she did to her by getting her Ava's baby.

Nathan runs into Rosalie who gets a call from Nina's mother.

Silus manages to stop Ava's labor.

Silus tells Ava that Nina holds a grudge against her.

Kiki is summoned to meet Michael at the hospital.

Michael wants to talk to the police about A.J.'s murder and insists to Kiki that her mother is the real killer.

Kiki looks to Michael like she is protecting her mother but she is holding back the "truth" about who really did kill A.J.

Olivia has a vision about Heather and warns Carly and Sonny.

Carly dismisses Olivia's vision and tells Franco that she is not worried about Heather crashing their wedding.

Madeline sees how determined Nina is to steal Ava's baby.

Nathan tries to figure out just what is the truth in regards to Nina's mental state.

Nina tells Madeline that she doesn't want her brother involved in what she is doing.

Morgan takes care of an appreciative Ava.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Week in Review

What a week it was on General Hospital!

The mystery patient's bandages were removed and we got our first glimpse of Jason Morgan. Unfortunately, Helena Cassadine is keeping tabs on his condition and as long as Jason doesn't remember who he is and no one recognizes him he is safe.

Elizabeth has been tending to him and although she feels a certain connection, she cannot figure out why.

Franco is making plans for revenge against Carly and Sonny and goes to see his mother Heather to tell her that she was right about Carly all along.

Carly tries to convince her mother Bobbie to leave her all and respect her choice to marry Franco.

Sonny and Shawn conspire to get rid of Franco and pin it on someone else.

The truth about Nina is beginning to emerge with Britt recognizing that she needs psychiatric help.

Madeline tells Nathan that Nina is unbalanced and potentially dangerous but he doesn't believe it til he runs into Silus who has just been attacked by her.

Thanks to the medication Sabrina provided, Ava experiences labor pains. Afraid for her safety she gets Kiki to bring Silus to her for help.

Michael wants to start a clinic in A.J.'s memory and when he asks Sabrina to volunteer they wind up discussing his father's murder and she tells him that Carlos was not responsible.

Sam, Patrick and Tracy are led to believe that Jerry Jacks is the mystery boss when in all truth, Helena Cassadine is behind it all. We still do not really have an answer about who is masquerading as Luke Spencer while he is drugged and locked up in the mental hospital.

Britt is welcomed back into Nikolas and Spencer's home but has nightmares about Nik learning that she was behind Spencer's disappearance.

Sabrina feels guilty about her switching Ava's meds and confesses to Felix that she needs to make it right even if it means she loses her career and her freedom.


Carly continues to prepare to marry Franco on Halloween while the groom-to-be prepares to give Carly the wedding no one will forget.

The truth about Sonny and Ava will change many lives and expect this to happen by the end of the month.

Jason continues to get better and has flashes of memories.

Nina devises a plan for Madeline to make things up to her.

Nathan doesn't know who to trust.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Identity of Fluke is Revealed - Or Is It

We are building up to November sweeps on General Hospital and lots of storylines are coming together.

Finally Silus is on to Nina after he witnesses her literally chasing after Franco. From that he finds out that not only has Nina been able to walk since she came to town but she has been paying off her physical therapist to help keep her secret. Silus is outraged over all the lies and figures out that Nina is the one who tipped off the reporter and got Patrick fired.

Silus tells Nina that he does not consider them married and he is done with her.

Nina runs into her cousin Britt and tells her that she was wrong about the menopause diagnosis and Britt walks away from the encounter wondering what is wrong with this woman.

Meanwhile the mystery patient gets his bandages off and although Liz feels a moment of feeling like she knows who he is, she doubts her instincts.
Dante takes his fingerprints but mysteriously after getting a hit all of a sudden the computer says there is no match.

What no one knows is Helena makes sure that Jason will not be identified.

Speaking of Helena, she puts Jerry Jax up to meeting Tracy, Patrick and Sam, claiming that it is he who is the head of the crime ring and demands ELQ as ransom payment for Luke's life. After the meeting he goes to Helena who seems to be running the show. Okay, well who is the person running around in Luke's skin then???

Thanks to Spencer's pushing, Nikolas has Britt move back in with them. Spencer almost slips and tells about how Britt and he conspired to push them back together. You know Nikolas will find out but when?

Nathan returns home to find his mothers waiting. Madeline was just about to share with her sister what is really wrong with Nina when Nathan barges in very upset that they are both in his apartment.

We all know Nina is not right in the head but according to Madeline there is something more going on.


Will Jason remember who he is before Helena gets her hands back on him?

Will Sam and Patrick discover who is really behind things?

What will Silus do to get Nina out of his life?

What are Nina's plans for revenge now that Silus is done with her?

Ava's baby is in danger thanks to Sabrina. What will happen?

The next few weeks of GH will be heating up and lots of answers and secrets will be exposed. I can hardly wait!

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Mystery Patient Awakens

Maxie and Nathan get to know each other over dinner.

Monica goes on a date with a judge she meets on the Internet who just happens to be the judge who handled Maxie's custody case.

Franco and Nina learn how Carly spent the day and when Franco runs off in a rage, Nina literally runs after him and Silus catches her.

Elizabeth is by the John Doe's bedside when he awakens and calls her by name.

Sam and Patrick have to share a hotel room in Amsterdam.

Tracy is in the same hotel, waiting for Luke.

Sonny tries to convince Carly to break it off with Franco.

Franco shows up at Michael's apartment to confront Carly.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dante and Lulu Play Matchmaker

Nina questions Franco's spying on Carly and manages to distract him for a while.

Dante and Nathan discuss Maxie.

Maxie goes to see Lulu to talk about Nathan.

Franco witnesses Carly's anger towards Sonny and Nina asks him why he needs to keep monitoring her activity.

Sam tells Patrick about Danny's strange behavior towards John Doe.

Monica checks in on John Doe and Elizabeth explains why she cannot leave his side.

Just as Elizabeth goes to leave, John Doe begins to awaken.

Patrick and Sam land in Amsterdam, ready to question Luke.

Nathan waits at the Metro Court for Maxie who finally shows up.

Franco tells Nina he is going to delete the camera app and then looks to see Carly and Sonny in a compromising position.

Coming next week:

John Doe wakes up!

Sam and Patrick put themselves in danger to find answers.

Nina tries to control Franco's rage.

Maxie and Nathan go for it!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Maxie Makes a Choice

Sam and Patrick find each other after she is sidetracked by Danny's fascination with the mystery patient.

Elizabeth feels compelled to stay at the mystery patient's bedside and gets good news that he is waking up.

Patrick tells Sabrina about the suspicions about Luke and is surprised by her reaction.

Dante tells Lulu that he will not be going to Amsterdam and instead will be staying home with his family.

Carly and Sonny insist that Michael go to the island while they try to figure out who was behind the attempt on his life.

Kiki and Morgan discuss the secrets they are keeping from Michael.

Michael arrives to take Kiki to the island with him.


Many in Port Charles are getting closer to finding about the truth about Fluke. Meanwhile formerly sweet Sabrina has a vendetta against Ava. Will Ava's baby be in jeopardy?

Who will be the first to discover the identity of the mystery patient?

October will (hopefully) see the end to this godawful Fluke storyline. Who is the person with a grudge against Sonny and the means to transform himself into Luke Spencer in order to fool the entire town?

Tracy and Ned will be surprised when Lord Ashton returns to Port Charles.

How far will Sabrina go to punish who she feels is responsible for her baby's death? WHY have the writers chosen to turn this character into the opposite of who she was?

How much longer will Carlos spend in jail for a crime he did not commit?

When will Jordan be exposed as being on the right side of the law?

Will Nathan's true parentage be revealed? WHO could possibly be his real father?

Will Rick Lansing return?

How much closer will Patrick and Sam get before it is revealed that Jason is alive and lying in a hospital bed?

What about Robin? What evil plans does Helena have for her and others?

Will the truth about Faison cause Anna to lose her job?

Will the real Luke be found?

Will Maxie ever get her daughter back and will she ever make the right choice in a man?

What about Alexis and Julian?

General Hospital is heating up and answers to those questions and more are coming and soon!

Stay tuned...tell me in the comments what you are waiting to see and what you think about Fluke.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Elizabeth Keeps a Promise

After Alexis spends the night with Julian she finds Sonny waiting in Julian's living room.

Sonny demands to know if Julian put the hit out on Michael.

Julian tells all that he did not and would not after his own son got shot.

Maxie bursts in on Morgan to apologize to him and ask for advice.

Kiki is upset to find out what happened at Michael's and feels guilty for keeping a secret about Sonny.

Silus is disturbed by seeing how close Sam has gotten to Patrick.

Sam tells Silus about her and Patrick's search and promises him she will tell him when she finds proof of who put Rafe up to the accident.

Jordan goes to Anna about her involvement with Shawn.

Nathan asks Anna why she is still holding his mother in a cell.

Elizabeth goes to see the unknown patient and gets Patrick to look at his brain scans to see his diagnosis.

Patrick tells Elizabeth the man had prior brain surgeries.

Danny wanders into Jason's room and holds his hand much to Sam's surprise.

Sam feels drawn to the unknown patient.

Maxie goes to give Nathan an answer to his invitation to dinner.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Michael is in Danger

Franco gifts Carly with an unusual necklace.

Nina asks Franco why he would marry a woman he cannot trust and he lets her in on his secret.

Sonny goes to see Carly to tell her about Ava being missing and it is all being recorded by Franco.

Kiki arrives home to find her mother hiding out.

Kiki is suspicious of Ava's fears and she tells her and Morgan that she witnessed Sonny shoot AJ.

Tracy agrees to try and find Luke for Dante and Lulu.

Alexis tells Sam and Patrick that she will get the truth about Luke from Julian.

Julian doesn't buy Alexis' change of heart and asks her what she is really after.

Sam and Patrick go to see Dante and run into Tracy.

Rosalie goes to see Michael and gets caught up in the attempt on his life.

Jordan rushes to get to Shawn so he can stop the assassin.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Luke Spencer Crime Boss

Tracy comes to see Lulu, relieved that she and Dante are home safely.

Lulu asks Tracy where her dad is and Tracy reluctantly confesses that she has no idea.

Dante overhears their conversation and he shares with them the suspicions surrounding Luke.

Patrick goes to see Sam to work on the case and they discuss with Alexis their theory about Luke.

Shawn finds Jordan at the hospital and figures out that it was Ava who ran over the mystery man and not Jordan.

Kiki and Michael enjoy some time together with Kiki being careful not to tell Michael that she and Morgan are keeping a secret.

The boss sends someone to find Ava and Julian fights back.

Jordan goes to Julian in search of Ava.

Morgan tells Ava that he will protect her from Sonny and anyone else who tries to get to her.

Michael is in danger.

People are starting to figure out that Luke is not himself and believe that he might be the head of the Jerome crime family.

Next week:

Julian has the answers but will he tell Sam or Alexis the truth?

Tracy wonders who she married.

Will Michael escape danger?

Will Morgan confront his father about Ava?

Will the mystery man recover and who will discover his true identity?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just Friends

Nikolas and Olivia are thrilled to welcome Dante and Lulu home.

Nikolas wants to talk to Dante and Lulu about Luke but then decides it can wait another day.

Mac and Felicia meet up with Maxie at the police station.

Britt gets filled in by Nathan about his ordeal and encourages him to go after Maxie.

Julian goes to see Sonny demanding that he tell him where Ava is.

Jordan takes the blame for the accident and Sabrina discovers that she has the medication she gave Ava.

A mysterious patient comes into GH in bad condition and Elizabeth does her best to comfort him, unaware that it is Jason.

Sonny has Shawn look for Jordan to find Ava.

Ava shows up at Morgan and Kiki's and begs Morgan to help save her from Sonny.

Morgan finds it hard to believe that his father would hurt a woman, and Ava tells him that all her guards are dead thanks to Sonny's men.

Morgan agrees to let Ava spend the night.

Jordan is suspicious of Sabrina's questioning Ava's health.

Nikolas welcomes Nathan to the family.

Maxie and Nathan head off to have dinner together.

Alexis tries to have a date with Ned but is interrupted by Julian.

Olivia sees Ned sitting alone and sits down and invites him out unaware that he is on a date with Alexis.

When Alexis walks away from Julian, Olivia is embarrassed that she has stepped in on their date.

Julian feels sure that Alexis will come back to him.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jordan Saves Ava Again

Michael breaks the news to Sonny that Franco proposed to Carly and she accepted.

Sonny's night gets worse when Shawn tells him that Ava got away.

Sonny accuses Shawn of letting his feelings for Jordan get in the way of doing his job.

Jason breaks free from Helena's henchmen and jumps from the moving vehicle.

Patrick and Anna get in touch with Robin via Skype and she tells them she is in Paris and is not coming back.

While Ava is fleeing from Sonny's men she gets into an accident.

Helena is angry when she hears that Jason got away.

Ava runs over Jason with her car and calls Jordan for help.

Jordan saves Ava again and calls for an ambulance for the injured Jason unaware of who he is.

Morgan is stunned by hearing about Franco and his mother.

Franco asks Carly if there are any secrets between them and she lies.

Franco pushes Carly to set a wedding date for Halloween.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Marry Me

Anna discusses Patrick and Sam's concerns about Luke.

Patrick is stunned when Anna tells him about what happened at the clinic and asks her about Robin.

Robin is held by Helena hoping for Jason to rescue her.

Shawn and Jordan hold each other at gunpoint fighting over Ava.

Ava escapes thanks to Jordan.

Sonny is confident that Ava will be back under his watch.

Franco stuns all by proposing to Carly who accepts.

Bobbie asks Carly if she is really over Sonny.

Kiki asks Franco why he proposed.

Jason breaks free from Helena's goons and stumbles onto the highway as Ava is driving out of control.


Anna returns home to find Lucy in Duke's arms.

After his conversation with Nina, Franco confronts Kiki and demands that she tell him the truth about Carly and Sonny.

Kiki tries to skirt around it but eventually admits that Carly and Sonny slept together once but tries to stress that Carly feels it was a mistake.

Anna manages to get rid of Lucy, telling her she needs to confront Scott.

Scott questions Bobbie about what Franco told her but is interrupted by Lucy.

Lucy and Bobbie gang up against Scott and demand to know who he is choosing.

Robin and Jason head back to Port Charles but are fearful that Helena is following them.

Scott chooses Bobbie and Lucy heads back to get sympathy from Duke.

Anna decides she needs to tell Duke the truth about what she and Robert did to Faison but they are interrupted by Lucy.

Max and Shawn attempt to kidnap Ava but are met with a fight.

Ava begins to have pains again.

Sam and Sonny discuss Jason.

Franco's party is off to a rough start with Franco ready to tell Michael the truth.

Jason arrives at Sonny's.

Robin goes to the Metrocourt looking for her mother.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Will Secrets Come Out to Ruin Francos Party

Kiki tells Carly that if she keeps away from Sonny she will keep her secret.

Kiki then sees Sonny coming and warns Carly.

Sonny shares the good news about Dante and Lulu and then Carly brushes him off but Sonny refuses to leave.

Michael is surprised when Rosalie shows up and she continues to feed his insecurities about Morgan and Kiki.

Nina prepares Franco for some honesty from a friend.

Ava is stunned to find out that Morgan was trying to see her.

Sabrina vows to make Ava pay.


Unfortunately there is no more SoapNet and in order to see today's episode ABC.com might be an option. I am not sure if this episode will be repeated in its' entirety. I sure hope so because I for one want to see if Nina is going to tell Franco the truth about Carly and Sonny.

I also want to see if Ava will manipulate Morgan. Will Michael see through Rosalie or will he finally realize that his girlfriend and his brother might really belong together? Will Carly be able to fend off Sonny who seems hell-bent on the truth coming out?

Dante, Lulu, Maxie, Nathan, Anna and Dr. Obrecht will be returning with quite a story about what went down at Crighton Clinic.

Perhaps the biggest news of all will Robin and Jason come home to Port Charles?

What will Nikolas say when he finds out that his evil father had been resurrected (again) and his evil grandmother is alive?

WHO is Nathan's real father and how can he possibly be any worse that Victor Cassadine?

Next week we will get the answers to some of these questions.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Francos Birthday

Carly makes Franco feel special on his birthday and plans a party for him.

Silus and Kiki have breakfast and discuss her feelings for Morgan.

Michael feels suspicious of Morgan and Kiki's relationship thanks to some prodding by Rosalie.

Nina and Rosalie discuss what happened at her double date and she spills the secret about Carly and Sonny.

Nina is bothered and decides she has to tell Franco the truth.

Sabrina goes to see Ava to apologize but really has a plan up her sleeve.

Olivia shares good news with Sonny who then tells Morgan and Michael.

Sonny covers when he almost slips about his plans for Ava.

Carly goes forward with her plans for Franco's party and warns Kiki to keep quiet.

Nina is bothered by Franco's gushing about how wonderful Carly is to him.

Escape from Crichton Clinic

Nathan and Maxie reunite with Dante and Lulu.

Britt reassures Nikolas that Lulu will return home.

Spencer tells his father and Britt about Luke.

Nikolas calls Patrick to tell him that he believes his son is telling the truth because of how afraid he is.

Anna, Dr. Obrecht and the SWAT team soon find Nathan and Dante and they all get to the exit.

Meanwhile Robin gets the shock of her life when Helena and her thugs come into the room where she and Jason are.

Jason manages to shoot Helena's thugs and he and Robin escape Helena.

Sam and Alexis discuss moving on and Sam tells Alexis about her evening with Patrick.

Patrick tells Elizabeth about kissing Sam.

The group that includes Anna, Dr. Obrecht, Nathan, Maxie, Dante and Lulu escapes the clinic just in time to see it blow up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

VIctor Has the Last Laugh

Anna storms the clinic and finds Leisel with Victor Cassadine.

After a discussion about who is Nathan's daddy, Leisel shoots Victor much to the shock of Anna.

Nathan saves Maxie from Peter Harold and his father and they work as a team to kill both men.

Lulu fights Stavros who is trying to implant her with the fertilized egg he had stolen from her when he previously held her captive.

Dante arrives and the men wrestle to free Lulu.

In another room, Jason breaks free and happens upon Robin and saves her.

Anna goes off to find Nathan and Dante.

Leisel tells Victor that since he now knows that he is not Nathan's father he needs to die.

A near-death Victor asks Leisel who Nathan's father is and she responds that it is someone far worse than him.

Patrick and Sam share dinner and give in to their feelings for each other.

Tracy goes to Michael to find out if he knows anything about Lulu.

Victor has the last laugh and pushes a button that will detonate a bomb that will kill everyone inside the clinic.

Hearing the alarm, no one knows the danger they are in as they attempt to escape the clinic.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rosalie Follows Orders

After Nina reminds Rosalie who the boss is, she texts Morgan and tells him she will meet him for dinner.

Silus walks in on Nina and is suspicious of her.

Silus tells Nina that Sam was investigating her which angers Nina and puts Sam back on Nina's revenge list.

Patrick and Sam get closer.

Jordan brings Ava to the hospital and Sabrina uses the opportunity to shake Ava up.

Felix worries about Sabrina.

Ava gets a clean bill of health and leaves with Jordan.

Rosalie arrives for the double date with Michael and Kiki and finds it is easy to put doubt in Michael's mind about his girlfriend.

Kiki tells Morgan that he has to keep the secret about Carly and Sonny but Rosalie overhears it.

Sam tells Patrick that they should investigate Luke as if Spencer is telling the truth.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Shawn Comes Clean

Molly is amused by TJ's teasing of Shawn.

Julian spends some quality time with his grandson.

Ned tries to remind Olivia to keep faith that Dante and Lulu will be okay.

Lulu is horrified by Stavro's plan for their baby.

Jordan visits Ava with a proposition.

Molly goes home and finds Julian there.

Shawn comes clean with TJ and tells him that he is seeing his mother.

TJ takes the news well.

Alexis goes to Ned and asks him out.

Ned, knowing that he is yet someone elses' rebound, agrees to a date.

Molly begs Julian to tell her the truth about her father and then Alexis comes home.

Jordan does a good job of convincing Ava to tell her who their boss is and then Ava begins to have labor pains.

Maxie and Nathan work to get free and Maxie bravely sneaks out to find help.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Return of a Cassadine

Patrick and Sam are surprised by Spencer's revelation.

Anna questions Dr. Obrecht's information and Britt tells her that she and Nikolas have been discussing her mother's connection to Victor.

Lulu is stunned when Stavros appears.

Peter Harold goes to Victor angry about how the hostage situation turned out.

Maxie confesses to Nathan that she changed her mind about marrying Levi because of Nathan's feelings for her.

Patrick and Sam tell a worried Spencer that they will keep his secret for now.

Patrick tells Sam that there is no reason to tell her anything about the clinic since it seems that Luke might be the responsible one.

Dr. Obrecht tries to trade her information for the truth about Faison but Britt makes her tell Anna what she knows.

Stavros tells Lulu and Dante his sick plans for her.