50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Monday, December 22, 2014

The DNA Results are In!

Alexis defends Nina in court and much to her dissatisfaction, Nina gets sent for psychiatric evaluation.

Franco tries to play the insanity plea but the judge doesn't buy it and orders him to Pentonville to await trial.

Jordan works with Shawn to find out Rick's whereabouts but is overheard by Carlos who decides to take matters into his own hands.

Johnny taunts Sonny about the baby's paternity.

Morgan is crushed to find out that the baby is not his and Kiki offers comfort.

Carly thanks Silus for his help and tells him that the results are for the best.

Julian goes to see Sam and Danny and offers to help Sam with her investigation.

Maxie is called to the courthouse where she gets an early Christmas present- visitation with her daughter.

Sonny is ready to beat up Johnny but is stopped by the newest resident of the prison- Franco.

Shawn and Jordan arrive at the garage and find Carlos ready to kill Rick.

Kiki and Morgan share a kiss.

Carly wonders what to do next about the baby.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mob Wars

Johnny's people are the ones who kidnapped Rick from the witness protection program and he is using this to try and gain control of Sonny's territory.

Meanwhile Julian wants to steer clear of this mess and tells Carlos that although they know where Rick is, he wants nothing to do with it.

Jordan goes to Julian and Carlos and tries to get business up and going again, hoping that she can get a lead on where Rick is.

Sam is hell-bent on proving that Jake helped to free Faison, unaware that he is really Jason.

Elizabeth and Sam argue about Sam's suspicions and drag the past into their fight.

Nathan talks Alexis into helping Nina who is behind bars.

Franco tells Nina that he is sorry he failed her but promises her he will always stand by her even though she feels they will both be behind bars for a long time.

Maxie is denied visitation again and Nathan decides he is going to find a way to change the judges' decision.

Michael evicts Kiki and Morgan and tells Carly he will not forgive any of them.

Carly invites Morgan, Kiki and the baby to stay with her.

Silus runs a DNA test on the baby.

Sabrina goes to see Ava to apologize for what she did to her.

Sonny tells Duke that he cannot have another death on his conscience and tells him that he wants Shawn to rescue Rick.

Anna tells Jordan that she needs to help her find Rick.

Jake goes to Patrick for help because he has flashes of helping Faison escape but cannot decide what is real or imagined.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Friday on General Hospital

Sam brings her suspicions about Jake to Elizabeth who defends him.

Carly finds a good listener in Jake and also a defender when Carlos shows up to threaten her.

Alexis goes to Julian and asks him where Rick is.

Ava is reunited with her baby and then promptly arrested by Dante.

Kiki tells Franco how disappointed she is in his actions.

Morgan is thrilled to meet the baby.

Carlos goes to see Julian.

Johnny tells Sonny that he wants to run his organization and tells him that Rick is not dead and he is holding him hostage.


Ava begins to pay for her crimes. Morgan wants to know who the baby's father is but cannot without Ava's permission. Sonny has another choice to make as mob wars escalate. Sam investigates Jake in a search for answers.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sam Gets Suspicious & Carly Gets Dumped

"Jake" is shown the footage from Faison's escape and says something that makes Sam suspicious of him.

Maxie takes a huge risk and visits Nathan.

Dante and Anna get a lead on Franco which Dante follows up on.

Nina gets nervous when one of Franco's art groupies finds them and insists that they go on the run.

Franco's mom gives Morgan a tip that can lead them to the baby.

"Fluke" meets with Helena and tries to the name of her muscle that helped Faison escape but she doesn't reveal it.

Carly is crushed when Sonny tells her he will refuse to see her ever again.

Dante arrives just as Franco is leaving with the baby.

Will Sam confront "Jake" or report her suspicions to Anna?

Sonny Rejects Carly

Carly is upset when she goes to see Sonny and finds him with bruises.

Michael is fooled by "Fluke" and agrees to allow him to work for ELQ.

Ava dreams of being reunited with her baby.

Delia meets her granddaughter and is filled in about what Ava has been up to lately.

Ava and Silus walk into Ryan's bar and run into Kiki and Morgan.

Dante grills the man who helped Franco get away.

Franco and Nina are surprised to receive a knock on the door and then Nina worries about being found out.

Sonny tells Carly not to come see him again, sensing that she could be in danger from people on the inside who are fighting for control.

Coming: The search continues for the baby. "Fluke" is delighted that he continues to fool Luke's family and friends. Carly is devastated by Sonny's demands.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rick is Missing!

Maxie rushes to Nathan's side after Lulu tells her about the shooting.

Dr. Obrecht insists upon taking care of her son herself and saves his life.

Elizabeth and Jake watch the video of Faison's escape on television and Elizabeth seems to miss when Jake slips telling details that the news doesn't share.

Molly tells T.J. that she feels she failed her father.

Alexis frantically searches for Molly to tell her about Rick.

Olivia and Ned's movie date is interrupted by Alexis.

Ned tells Olivia that she will find the right man for her soon, letting her know that they will never be more than just friends.

Patrick tells Sam that even though she is angry with him, he still cares very much about her.

Jordan and Anna are reamed by Jordan's boss who tells Anna that she will be facing trouble for her mishandling of recent events.

Anna calls Alexis and catches her before she can tell Molly about Rick with news that Rick is missing.

Coming: How much of a hold does Helena really have over Jake and will he tell Sam who he really is? Will Alexis still tell Molly the truth about her father knowing that he is missing? Has Maxie ruined her chances at gaining custody by staying by Nathan's bedside? Carly goes to see Sonny and is upset to find out that he has been targeted.

Faison Escapes!

Dante and Nathan are ambushed by a Helena-controlled "Jake" who takes Sam hostage and frees Faison.

Nathan is shot in the process.

Britt, Helena and Dr. Obrecht run into Spencer while they are waiting on the docks and Britt talks him out of running away from home.

Patrick tells Carly the truth about Jason and how Sam reacted to the news.

Carly is shocked but understands why Patrick didn't tell Sam.

Maxie prepares to go to court to win custody but can't get Nathan out of her mind.

Nikolas visits with Elizabeth.

Jake returns to Helena and then is told to return to Elizabeth's and forget what he has done.

When Dr. Obrecht finds out that Nathan was shot she chooses to go to him instead of leaving with Britt and Faison.

Faison and Britt leave.

Jake returns to Elizabeth's but seems to hold onto the memory of what he has done.

Lulu is worried about Dante's safety after Nathan is shot.

Sonny encounters Johnny in prison and is taught a lesson by his thugs.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Jake Learns the Truth

Sam is furious with Patrick after he tells her the truth about Jason.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that she was right all along about Britt.

Elizabeth tells him about the return of his grandmother.

Faison taunts Anna with a confidence she doesn't understand.

Dr. Obrecht talks Britt into leaving town with her, telling her that Helena will be making sure her father is free.

Helena tells Jake who he really is and informs him that he now works for her and is totally under her control.

Luke questions the look-a-like but gets no real answers to explain who he is and why he has Luke's face.

Sabrina apologizes to Michael for telling him that Ava was A.J.'s killer.

Carlos warns Sonny that a lot of people in prison are out to get him.

Carlos is released and has a happy reunion with Sabrina.

Johnny finds Sonny.

Coming next week:

Jason follows through with Helena's orders.

Sam copes with knowing she missed a second chance with Jason.

Sabrina and Carlos make plans.

Silus and Ava get busy looking for the baby as Franco and Nina start a new life as a family.

Nikolas deals with the return of his grandmother.

Luke's family is unaware that they are still being fooled.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Secret is Exposed

Leisel is upset over Faison's arrest when she runs into Helena on the docks.

Nikolas explains to Spencer why he is through with Britt but Spencer does not take the news well.

Britt tells Brad about what happened with Nikolas and he offers her support.

"Luke" catches up with Alice who tells him she had suspicions about Fluke but no one would listen to her.

Anna comes to apologize to Tracy and "Luke" for letting Faison go and Tracy angrily refuses to accept her apology.

Sam and Patrick go to see Faison.

Faison admits to shooting Jason but tells Sam that Jason is not dead and Patrick knows this.

Faison also tells them that he was not responsible for Gabriel's death - it was Victor Cassadine.

Sam runs out of the run and angrily asks Patrick what's going on.

Jason sees a picture of Helena in the newspaper and tells Elizabeth that this was the woman who came to her house on Thanksgiving.

Elizabeth tells him about Helena and then calls Anna to report the sighting.

Helena tells Leisel that Faison will be getting out of jail because Helena has connections.

After Leisel expresses her gratitude, Helena tells her she will have a way for her to repay her.

"Luke" goes to see the real Luke Spencer who is gagged and tied to a chair in the basement.

Will the Real Luke Spencer PLEASE Stand Up?

Nikolas is not swayed by Leisel's attempts at taking the blame for Britt's actions and throws her out of the house.

Nikolas then tells Britt he is done with her and advises her to get an attorney because he will be pressing charges for her role in Spencer's disappearance.

Anna tells Julian he is in trouble for knowing Luke was being held captive and doesn't buy his excuses for why he played along.

Lulu and Tracy enjoy their reunion with Luke.

Dante calls Lulu to tell her that it was Faison who was impersonating her father.

Alexis tells Molly that she was right about Rick all along and Molly reacts by telling her mother she wants to be left alone.

Alexis goes to the police station where Anna confesses to her that Rick is alive.

After Lulu leaves and Tracy goes up to bed, Luke reaches for a hidden cell phone and makes a call saying that "Luke is back" and everyone is fooled.

Nathan and Madeline talk and she is stunned when Nathan tells her that Victor was his father.

Leisel arrives at the police station as Faison is being brought in and questions that Nathan is her son.

Leisel tells Faison that she had him with another man when the two of them were apart.

Franco and Nina continue to plan a life as one happy family and even name Ava's baby girl "Jamie" after her brother.

Madeline later tells her sister that she will help her get out of the charges or she will tell the world who Nathan's father really is.

Coming: We will see a new darker Nikolas emerge after his latest break-up with Britt. There are still many secrets floating around and hopefully we are getting closer to the truth about Fluke(s).

Will Anna pay for taking the law into her own hands? What role does Helena have in the Fluke mystery? Leisel stated that Nathan's real father was worse than Victor Cassadine. Who could it be if it is not Faison?

What about Jason? Helena Cassadine knows he is unaware of who he is and she seems content right now to have him at Elizabeth's but will Jason remember who he is?

How long will Nina and Franco play their delusional game? Who will find the baby?

Now that Alexis knows the truth about Rick, how will she tell Molly?
Finally- where is Luke Spencer?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

SPOILER- Fluke's Identity Revealed- FINALLY!!!

Nina tries to talk Franco into keeping Ava's baby.

Anna talks to the press about the search for Ava and her baby's kidnapping.

Silus confronts Ava about her crime.

Lucy is surprised that Duke has been released and didn't notify her.

Luke is angered to find out that someone is possibly still masquerading as him.

Julian is stopped by "Fluke".

Nikolas demands the truth from Britt.

Ava admits killing Connie and then Silus tries to reach Anna.

Franco tells Nina about his past attempt at fatherhood when he kidnapped Elizabeth's baby.

Nina tries to convince Franco that keeping the baby is perfect payback to Ava.

Ava tries to bargain with Silus to not turn her in.

Duke tells Lucy that he is taking over Sonny's business.

Ned is in disbelief that his father is involved and asks Alexis why she is defending Julian.

"Fluke" is about to tell Julian who he really is and Anna and Dante bust in, guns ready to take him down.

Luke shows a new interest in his family.

Spencer interrupts Nikolas' conversation with Britt and her mother and causes Britt to fess up and confess.

Silus gives in and agrees to help Ava find her baby.

Franco agrees with Nina's plan to raise the baby with her.

Lucy tries to talk Duke out of his new job.

Tracy tells Luke she feels guilty for being fooled by the fake Luke and tells him how sorry she is.

Luke tells Tracy it is over and tells her that whomever stole his life had studied him.

After Dante handcuffs Fluke, Anna removes his mask to reveal FAISON!


Leisel is thrilled when Faison admits that Anna wasn't worth his time and recognizes the woman who stood by him.

Britt is disturbed to find her parents together and threatens to tell but her mother reminds her that she will use the truth against her.

Franco bonds with the baby but still insists to Nina that they cannot keep her.

Silus receives a call from Kiki and learns the truth about Ava.

Alexis fills in the family about what happened to Luke.

Lulu accuses Larry and Ned confronts his father.

Larry manages to escape and takes off in an awaiting car.

Jordan demands the truth about their boss from Julian who only tells her that it was a Luke look-alike and then tells her he needs to hide.

Julian is confronted by the Luke look-alike.

Tracy is horrified when she realizes that she married the Luke look-alike.


What will Franco decide to do about the baby? Will Silus turn in Ava? Britt is confronted by Nikolas who overhears her talking about lies. Alexis defends Julian. What is Faison's mission and is he lying to Leisel? Luke takes back his life.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving in Port Charles

Leisel goes to spend the holiday with her children but is worried about Faison.

Faison spies on those gathered at Windemere.

Helena is pleased to find that Jason is unaware of who he really is.

Sam brings Danny to see Michael and Monica and offers Michael her support.

Carly visits Sonny and tells him about Michael's name change.

Duke goes to see Anna and they discuss their lies.

Anna refuses to accept having a relationship with Duke and tells him it is over regardless of what she and Robert did.

Helena warns Faison that he cannot afford to be seen by Dr. Obrecht or his daughter.

Alexis rescues Luke with Julian's help.

Those gathered at the Quartermaine's are surprised by the return of Luke.

Elizabeth hosts Thanksgiving dinner for Patrick, Sam and Jake.

Leisel is surprised by Faison.

Coming NEXT week:

Is it really Luke who has returned? Helena and Faison follow through on their plan. Duke steps into his new role as head of the crime family. Franco makes a decision regarding Ava's baby. Will Jake remember who he is or will someone else recognize him?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Helena Returns

Luke is stunned to receive a visit from Helena Cassadine who is not dead after all!

Carly goes to see Michael and he tells her that he is changing his name to Quartermaine.

Patrick invites Sam to Elizabeth's house for Thanksgiving dinner and tells her it will be a good time to use her p.i. skills in helping to find out who Jake Doe is.

Alexis goes to see Anna and gets Julian released from jail.

Anna is told she is going to pay for her crime even though Faison is now on the loose.

Sonny has a visit with Duke and informs him that he is getting released and asks Duke to take over the business for him.

Alexis is surprised when Julian brings her to Moncavage to see Luke.

Michael defiantly signs the name change papers and then throws Carly out.

Elizabeth buys new clothes for Jake.

Alexis and Julian run into Helena outside the room where Luke is being held.

Duke agrees to become head of Sonny's organization telling him that Anna is done with him.

Helena goes to Elizabeth's and sees Jake.

Alexis opens the door to where Luke has been kept and is stunned by what she finds.

Coming: Thanksgiving is celebrated in Port Charles. Will Jake remember who he is? What will Alexis find? What is Helena up to?

Luke Fights Back

Jordan is confronted by her boss who tells her to step up the investigation.

Shawn finds T.J. at Molly's.

Alexis is horrified when Julian confesses that Rick was innocent.

Anna is stunned when the stable guy tells them that Faison has not been seen in a year.

Luke meets his look-a-like and demands to know who he is but doesn't get an answer.

Tracy, Lulu, Patrick and Sam look at the contents of the flash-drive and are no closer to figuring out who is behind Luke's disappearance.

So...who IS Fluke? Is it Faison with a mask? Did Larry Ashton get plastic surgery? Who exactly is masquerading as Luke Spencer? After yesterday's episode I am confused and annoyed.


What will Alexis do with the information Julian has given her and will she help to get him out of jail being that he has promised to bring her to Luke?

Will Anna face charges for what she did to Faison?

As Patrick and Sam grow closer, will Jason regain his memory?

Is Shawn T.J.'s real father?

Can Alexis forgive Julian?

Will Franco do the right thing so Ava's baby can be found?

Who will rescue Luke?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Luke Returns! (Well- Kind Of)

Lulu goes to the Quartermaine's to stall Larry who continues to play dumb.

Patrick and Sam meanwhile go to the bank to break into the safety deposit box.

Anna begins to explain what really happened to Faison.

Spencer talks Emma into skipping school in order to give one last attempt at winning her over.

Luke (who has been held captive and drugged in Moncavage) breaks free of the strait jacket and tries to figure out who is living his life attempts to break free.

Sam manages to open the box only to find a picture of Faison and a locked box.

Larry gets to the bank and finds Patrick and Sam.

Nikolas and Britt find Spencer and Emma in the stables.

Nikolas wonders who the bad influence is that has helped to turn his son into a liar.

Anna and company arrive at the stables and she confesses her story of how she and Robert hid Faison in the stables.

Julian begins to confess all to a confused Alexis.

The group discovers that Faison has managed to escape from captivity.

Lulu fills in Tracy with the truth about Larry's connection to Jerry and Tracy wonders if Luke has been in on it and not a captive after all.

Just as Luke gets the door unlocked, someone is there to stop him.

Coming next week: The truth will be revealed about who is posing as Luke. The Faison connection will be revealed. Anna will face charges for interfering with the law.

Are we really supposed to believe that Anna and Robert thought they could lock Faison in a hole for a year and he would survive and NOT try to escape??? Is Britt's guilt going to get to her and is she finally going to come clean with her crimes? Once Julian confesses all to Alexis will she want to run to the cops? Will Julian tell her that Rick was not the kingpin after all?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Faison is Alive?

Britt confesses to Nikolas that she has changed her mind and will be helping press charges against Anna.

Patrick and Sam excitedly tell Lulu that they have a lead thanks to their investigation of Lord Larry Ashton.

Lulu agrees to help.

Olivia goes to see Julian in jail and accuses him of hiding the truth about who killed Connie and finds out that it was Ava who shot her.

Franco has enough of Nina's craziness and step by step gets her to see that she is living a lie.

Ava hides the truth from Silus and gets him to immediately leave with her in search of her baby.

Anna is confronted by Dr. Obrecht who promises her that she will pay for killing Faison.

Larry continues his plan but Tracy is suspicious of his behavior.

Alexis joins the Quartermaines for breakfast but then leaves when she hears Julian has been locked up.

Lucas urges his father to come clean with Alexis.

The justice department officer arrives with papers for Anna and she declares that Faison is not dead.

Coming: Is Faison behind the Luke masquerade?

Is it just me but why can't bad guys (or girls as in the case of Heather Webber) ever really stay dead on General Hospital??? I mean, enough already? Heather came back yet again. The Cassadines keep coming back. Now we are supposed to believe that Faison along with Jerry (another one who just won't stay dead) is the money behind the Jeromes and has been masquerading as Luke??? Coming soon is the return of Johnny Zaccara. If you will remember, Johnny went to prison for his role in the deaths of the characters on loan from One Life to Live who after the whole lawsuit with Prospect Park who owned the rights to the characters had GH erase them as if they never existed. The actors who played Todd Manning, Starr Manning and John McBain got new characters in the form of Franco, Kiki and Silus. Did Johnny kill his grandfather Anthony? I think so. This was during the whole Connie debacle when she was suffering from DID. Anyway...my beef is with the lack of originality on the part of the writers. We cannot create new bad guys, we just keep on resurrecting the old ones. November sweeps is just about over and we still do not have the answers or an ending to the Jason story and the Fluke story. Hopefully before the holidays we will get some closure.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ava's on the Run!

After Anna discovers Ava missing from her hospital room, Michael blames Kiki for helping her mother to escape.

The judge denies bail to Carly but then changes her mind once Sonny pleads guilty.

Anna brings Julian in for questioning and he is surprised when he hears that Ava killed Connie.

Julian is angered when Anna has him put in a cell.

Ava goes to Silus and begs him to help her which he finally agrees to thinking she is in danger from the mob.

Morgan and Michael have it out again.

Diane is frustrated when Sonny pleads guilty and is taken to Pentonville.

Patrick stalls Larry while Sam searches his room for a safety deposit key.

Sam and Patrick plan to get a jump on Larry and hopefully find out the truth about Luke.

Jordan and Shawn tell T.J. that Shawn's killing his father was not an accident.

T.J. asks if Shawn is he is his real father but he is told that a DNA test was done and Thomas is his father.


We all can pretty much figure out that Shawn probably is T.J.'s real father and for whatever reason Jordan lied about it. Is Larry wise to Patrick's apparent change of heart? How will Diane manage to get Sonny out of his guilty plea? Sonny reunites with a familiar mob foe in Pentonville.

Monica Learns the Truth About A.J.

Michael announces to the Quartermaine's that he is changing his name.

Shawn delivers the proof of Ava's crime to Michael and tells him that Sonny kept his word.

Diane gives Sonny a hard time for sabotaging his defense.

Sonny learns that Duke refused to testify against him and was sent to Pentonville.

Kiki confronts Ava about killing Connie and tells her that Michael knows.

Anna is curious why the justice department is hanging around Port Charles.

Dr. Obrecht forces Britt to cooperate with the case against Anna.

Spencer almost tells his dad the truth about who knew about his running away but stops short of telling on Britt.

Patrick and Sam discuss their suspicions about Lord Larry Ashton and eavesdrop on him making a phone call to Jerry.

Shawn and Jordan sit down with T.J. to tell him the truth about his father.

Michael shares the truth with Monica who is relieved that A.J. was innocent but sad that he is gone.

Michael brings the proof to Anna and then demands that he arrest Ava.

Michael, Kiki and Anna go to Ava's hospital room but find her gone.

Coming: Who will Ava go to for help? Will Nikolas be suspicious of Britt's change of heart? How will Diane save Sonny from prison?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Michael Makes A Visit

Michael tells Sonny and Carly that he is done with them as the two sit in opposite jail cells.

Michael asks for the tape that proves A.J.'s innocence.

Britt tells the government agent that she is not interested in helping him bring down Anna for killing Faison.

Sam is stunned to see "Jake" at Elizabeth's.

Cameron has an odd reaction to meeting "Jake".

Josslyn learns about her mother's arrest.

Spencer has another bad day.

Monica is angry about Sonny and vows to see him finally pay for his crimes.

Michael goes to see the Quartermaines and announces he is changing his last name.

Alice overhears Lord Ashton's phone conversation.

Tracy and Ned are suspicious of Ashton's sudden interest in ELQ.

Sam and Patrick continue to investigate Lord Ashton's connections.


Monica learns the truth about A.J.

Are we closer to finding out who is masquerading as Luke?

The search continues for Ava's baby.

Thoughts and commentary: Only on a soap opera would there be unisex jail cells. Does it seem like just about everyone has been getting arrested lately? WHY does no one recognize Jason or wonder why certain people feel a connection to him? Why doesn't Jason himself ask if he is Jason? Geez. What is it going to take?
If there is a crack-down on cleaning up the mess at the WSB left from Victor Cassadine, won't Dr. Obrecht finally get what is coming to her?
Will Julian tell Alexis the truth about who is behind his operation?

Questions to ponder but it is November sweeps so hopefully we will be getting answers to these and more!