50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This Week on GH

As Spencer heals from his injuries from the fire, Nikolas struggles with keeping the truth about Jake from his loved ones.

Alexis has her hands full with representing a vengeful Michael.

Maxie's relationship with Nathan becomes more complicated with Spinelli in the way.

Nina and Franco confess their secrets to each other.

Jake is offered a deal from Sloan and he contemplates what to do.

While Sam goes to Boston to offer her support to Nikolas, Tracy and Ned babysit Danny.

Sonny agrees to allow Morgan to bring Avery to Ava's memorial service at Ryan's bar.

Silus makes Ava promise to stay at the hospital to avoid them both going to jail.

Michael is ripped apart on the stand by Rick and Alexis warns him that he might not win custody.

Carly and Sonny see how much pain Michael is in but still believe that Sonny will keep custody of his daughter.

Olivia breaks the news to Dante that she is pregnant and she tells him that Ned is the father.

Sloan wants Jake to help bring down the Jerome's and Jake finally agrees.

Nikolas almost tells Sam the truth about Jason but is called away when Spencer suffers a medical setback.

Everyone is stunned on the second day of the custody hearing when the judge who is dating Monica takes over the case.

Tracy tells Ned how she overheard Monica urging her judge boyfriend to help her grandson win custody.

Both Tracy and Ned feel it is justice that AJ's son will be taking Sonny's daughter away from him and raising her as a Quartermaine.

Ava's family and friends gather at Ryan's bar to remember her as a disguised Ava listens in.

Ava is unable to keep hidden and shows herself to her mother and Avery.

Elizabeth is shocked when she finds out that all charges against Jake were dropped and she senses that there is much more to the story than she has been told.

Sam goes back to town but stops to check in on Jake.

Luke faces a bail hearing but Tracy stays away knowing his mental state is too unpredictable.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Fight for Avery Begins

Nina decides to keep her promise to Franco by faking acting out in the courthouse which sends her right back to Ferncliff.

Olivia goes to see Franco who appears to be out of his mind.

Olivia uses Franco as a sounding board believing that he is out of it and won't remember what she says and confesses to carrying Julian's baby.

Julian meets with Kiki and Morgan to discuss the memorial and tells them he has trouble believing his sister is really gone.

Silus meets with Ava and tells her what has been going on in her absence.

Spencer arrives at Shriner's and the doctor assures Nikolas they will do everything they can to heal his son.

The custody hearing begins and Michael tells the judge why he wants to raise Avery.

Rick does a good job of objecting to a lot of things Michael says about growing up with Sonny.

Jake tells Elizabeth about a dream he had about their roles being reversed which Elizabeth sees as Jake's guilt over her helping him and not as the memory it is.

Nathan is upset by Nina's regression but realizes she needs to be back at Ferncliff.

After Nina tells Franco that she is back to stay she tells him that she faked crazy to come back.

Franco confesses that he is also faking it.

Ava is outraged over what is happening to Avery and tells Silus she needs to rescue her daughter.

Next week on GH:

Rick cross examines Michael to try and bring out his true motives.

Diane realizes she has her hands full with defending Luke.

Lulu, Tracy and Bobbie hire Spinelli to find Pat.

Ava figures out how to get back to her life and avoid jail.

Jakes memories will bring someone to realize who he is.

Custody Fight

Michael is eager to move forward with the custody fight for Avery.

Alexis has her hands full with representing Nina and Michael in back-to-back hearings.

Nathan is thrilled when Alexis gets Nina released and the charges dropped.

Nina is bothered when Franco refers to her as someone named Phyllis from Wisconsin but continues to offer her promise to support him.

Carly tells Sonny about Spencer and Sonny is very upset.

Sonny wants to go see Spencer but has to go to court about custody.

Elizabeth goes to Nikolas after hearing about Spencer.

Dr. Obrecht bears an outburst from a stressed out Nikolas but maintains her composure.

Rick tells Sonny that he is representing him and will fight for him to have his child in his life.

Carly doesn't trust Rick and says so.

Sonny makes peace with his brother much to Carly's disgust.

Dr. Obrecht tells Nikolas and Elizabeth that she feels Spencer's care would be better managed at another hospital due to his serious condition.

Nikolas numbly allows Dr. Obrecht to handle all the plans to have Spencer moved to Shriner's Children hospital in Boston and tells Spencer that he will be with him.

Kiki is very upset to learn that Michael is trying to get custody of Avery.

Silus is called out of town and tells Kiki that they should wait on planning Ava's memorial.

Morgan and Michael comes to blows over what is best for Avery.

Michael holds the baby for the first time and Carly tries to reason with him that Avery needs all her family in her life.

Alexis tells Nina that she has to face the judge and cannot see Franco again.

As Nina enters the courthouse she sees baby Avery and blurts out "that's my baby".

Silus enters a hospital room where a sleeping Ava is in bed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spencer Fights for his Life

Nikolas is devastated at the thought of losing Spencer as he fights for his life.

Emma tells Anna that Spencer saved her life and worries about him.

Lulu, Bobbie and Tracy discuss Pat and then decide they need to hire a P.I.

Diane gives Dante and Nathan a hard time regarding the treatment of her new client Luke.

Duke goes to see Julian and offers him a place in the organization but warns him that he is now in charge.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she is offended by his actions and tells him he cannot stay at her apartment.

Duke rushes to check on Emma after he hears about the fire.

Spinelli goes to Lulu's and is just in time.

Alexis rushes to comfort Nikolas.

Diane is shaken after a private meeting with her new client and warns Dante that his father-in-law is not right in the mind.

Anna is surprised by Duke's concern for her family.

Luke continues his threats and tries to rattle Nathan who is not shaken by his threats.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Party is Over

All the children have left Spencer's birthday bash except for Emma when the two become trapped as a fire breaks out.

Patrick answers questions from Nikolas about Jake and both fathers are unaware that their children are in danger in another room.

Sam spends some time with Jake and he grills her about what she and Carly discussed.

Olivia and Ned share some food as she thanks him for the sacrifice he made but she warns him that it is a big lie to tell.

Alexis and Julian discuss his being a father and although it seems Julian accepts that Ned is the baby daddy, Alexis is not too sure of it.

Elizabeth has some angry words with Rick who wants to make up with her but she can't get over how he wasn't going to defend Jake.

Emma manages to escape the burning room and finds Patrick and Nikolas.

Patrick gets Emma to safety and he and Nikolas save an unconscious Spencer.

Patrick checks for vital signs and it doesn't look good.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sam and Carly Discuss Life Without Jake

It doesn't surprise Patrick when Sam realizes that doing surgery on Jake makes him think about the failed surgery he did on Raif.

After Spinelli tells Nathan about his true feelings for Maxie, Nathan confronts Maxie and tells her that she needs to make a choice.

Jordan is surprised by a visit from Anna who shares with her that she is not working for the feds and pushes Jordan to help bring down Sonny and his organization.

Anna sees Jordan's closeness to Shawn has grown and questions whether she can do the job.

Sloan goes to see Nikolas and he tells him that the charges against Jake need to disappear.

Nikolas then wonders out loud how he can keep the truth about Jake's identity away from so many people who love him.

Spencer is delighted with his birthday party and more so after Cam and Emma break up.

Cam and Joslyn leave the party together and Spencer moves in on Emma.

Carly and Sam discuss the possibility that Jake will go back to his family.

Jake tells Elizabeth that he remembers telling he that he knows who he is but doesn't remember anything more.

Sonny and Shawn discuss Carly's relationship with Jake and Sonny asks Shawn to keep an eye on him.

Sonny tells Shawn that the custody hearing has been moved up and he has told Duke that he is focusing on his daughter instead of taking back control.

A fire breaks out at Windemere that puts Emma and Spencer in danger.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Who's the Baby Daddy?

Tracy goes to see Luke and witnesses two very different personalities.

After mentioning Patricia to him, Luke has an angry reaction which switches him to the Luke no one recognizes.

Anna tells Sloan that all charges against her were dropped and he threatens her.

Duke witnesses Sloan's threat and steps in to defend Anna.

Spinelli literally runs into Nathan and after some awkward conversation he tells him about Ellie's suspicion.

Maxie brings Georgie to Lulu's and tells her about Spinelli and Ellie.

Lulu reminds her that just because Spinelli wants her back she has moved on with Nathan.

Everyone awaits Jake's recovery hoping that he will give them answers about who he is.

Nikolas, urged by Elizabeth, finally puts Helena in her place and sends her off to Cassadine Island.

Tracy goes to see Lulu and tells her about her visit with Luke and how she believes he is mentally ill.

Alexis doesn't believe that Ned is really Olivia's baby daddy and reminds him that he has done this before.

After much discussion, Julian reminds Alexis that they were together after she was already seeing Ned.

Michael is thrilled about moving forward with the custody fight even though Sabrina feels he is not doing right by Avery.

Maxie walks into Kelly's and sees Nathan and Spinelli together.

Jake regains consciousness.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Olivia Can't Keep a Secret

As Alexis is leaving the hospital with Julian they bump into Ned and Olivia.

Julian and Ned argue and then Alexis pulls Ned aside and tells him he was right about her wanting to be with Julian.

Meanwhile Julian overhears that Olivia has an appointment with an Ob/Gyn and asks her if she is pregnant.

Nikolas and Helena argue about him telling Sam that her husband is alive.

Helena threatens Nikolas with jail for fixing the mayoral election if he tells.

Meanwhile Patrick does the surgery on Jake who has remembered who he is while going under anesthesia.

Sam and Carly remember Jason and laugh at the close moment they are sharing.

Sabrina tries to make Michael see that he is using Avery to get back at Sonny.

Sonny goes to see Michael about his custody battle.

Olivia blurts out that she is pregnant and Ned saves her by saying that the baby is his.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jake Makes a Decision

Lulu and Tracy demand answers from Helena after both confront Luke.

Nikolas demands the truth about Jake from Helena and learns his identity.

Ned promises to stand by Olivia and help her.

Alexis tells Julian that she managed to get all charges against him dropped.

Jake chooses to have surgery knowing he may not survive it.

Patrick with Elizabeth assisting do surgery on Jake unaware of who he really is.

While going under anesthesia, Jake remembers who he is.

Bobbie has an upsetting visit with Luke.

Bobbie discusses her visit with Tracy and Lulu who tell her that Luke may have a split personality due to trauma during his childhood.

Luke begins to fall apart.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spencer Prepares to Party

Helena takes delight in spending time with Spencer much to Nikolas' displeasure.

Carly tries to talk sense into Michael about challenging Sonny for custody.

Morgan is disgusted to hear that Michael is trying to get custody of Avery.

Spencer takes his friends out for breakfast and brags about his birthday party.

Sonny knows Michael won't stop until he suffers.

Tracy, Lulu and Elizabeth are shocked when Patrick tells them that Luke does not appear to be under anyone's control contrary to what Helena says.

Patrick does find proof that Jake is being controlled by Helena.

Nikolas demands to know more about Jake from Helena.

Tracy confronts Luke and tells him she is determined to find the truth.

Lulu goes to Helena and demands the truth about her father.

Nikolas threatens Helena with jail.

Jake is brought to Patrick's office and is told that removing the control device in his brain could kill him.

Olivia Shares Her News

Kiki visits Franco and is stunned when he refers to her as his daughter.

Franco does give Kiki some advice which helps her to decide what to do about Avery.

Sonny and Carly enjoy a romantic evening even though they are interrupted by baby Avery.

Alexis and Julian reunite.

Spinelli tells Maxie that maybe the two of them have another shot at being a couple.

Ned tells Olivia that they should be a couple much to Olivia's surprise.

Olivia tells Ned that things are complicated since she is carrying Julian's child.

Nathan goes to Maxie's and is surprised to find out that Ellie has not come with Spinelli.

Sabrina goes to see Michael to apologize for Carlos' actions and she is surprised by his need for revenge against Sonny.

Michael tells Sabrina that he knows how to make Sonny pay and he plans on making it happen.

Maxie lies to Nathan about the real reason Ellie didn't come.

Sonny and Carly are stunned when Sonny is served with papers notifying him that Michael is suing for custody of Avery.

Kiki makes the decision to not challenge Sonny for custody.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day on GH

Spinelli arrives with baby Georgie as Maxie is upset over blowing it with Nathan.

Maxie tells Spinelli how she helped Johnny.

Spinelli shares with Maxie how Ellie dumped him thinking that he is still in love with Maxie.

Olivia runs into an old friend from the neighborhood and talks about her mistakes with men.

Ned plans a surprise for Alexis which gets ruined when the two argue about her feelings for Julian.

Lucas has second thoughts about his relationship with Brad after he talks with his dad and Sam.

Sam gives advice to a new friend while she waits to have her Valentine's Day date with Patrick.

Lucas faces his fears and announces in front of many hospital workers that he is in love with Brad.

Lucas then tells Brad that he will move in with him.

Nathan tells the assistant d.a. what Maxie did.

Alexis goes to Julian and admits to him that she does want to be with him but first she has to end things with Ned.

Ned goes to find Olivia as she is receiving news from her doctor that she has a mild case of the flu but she is pregnant!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nikolas Steps Up

Elizabeth goes to Nikolas for help for Jake.

Rick tells Jake he is defending him because Elizabeth asked him to.

Kiki struggles with believing that Sonny tried to save her mother and doesn't want to give Avery up to him.

Carly tells Sonny that he rejected her and she found someone else meaning Jake.

Lulu goes to Scott to ask for help for her father but he is less than receptive.

Morgan tries to convince Kiki that Avery belongs with Sonny.

Lulu tells Scott that Helena has used mind control on Luke and begs him to help her prove it.

Maxie faces the consequences of helping Johnny escape.

Sonny tells Carly that he never stopped loving her.

Kiki tells Morgan that she won't allow Sonny to take Avery.

Maxie confesses to Nathan about her role in helping Johnny escape.

Lulu goes to Nikolas to ask for help after Scott refuses to help her.

Nikolas tells Lulu that he will help to make things right again for Luke and for Jake.

Jake goes against rick's advice and pleads not guilty.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

So Far This Week on GH

Lulu and Tracy tried to absorb the fact that the man in lock up is actually Luke Spencer.

Jake was confronted by Elizabeth who was angry about his crimes but then realized that he is a victim of Helena.

Sam and Patrick talked about their near-death experience and Sam relayed how Jake "remembered" being with her and that is what saved them.

Alexis broke the news to Julian about Ava and then told him that she was going to defend him to keep him from returning to prison.

Nathan helped Maxie prepare for her baby's visit.

Sonny and Carly went to see baby Avery and Kiki was less than thrilled at the news of Sonny's pardon.

Nathan found Carlos and arrested him.

Carlos told him that Sabrina was his hostage and was innocent of any crimes.

Johnny took off and went to Maxie for help.

Maxie helped but did it in a way that she will not be held accountable for.

Olivia and Ned discusses their friendship and Olivia supported Ned's disgust about Alexis and Julian.

Michael was outraged over Sonny's get out of jail pass from the governor and vowed to make him pay.

Olivia tried to calm Michael down but he was bent on revenge.

Sonny told Kiki that Avery would be coming to live with him.

Morgan comforted Kiki who was upset over losing her mother and now her sister.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


So fans. Our first week of #GHFanFeb is over and it was revealed that Luke was Luke much to the shock of Lulu and Tracy. What do you all think of this latest development?

After all the long, excruciating months of masks and distractions, Luke was amused that his identity was there all along but no one bothered to see it.


What happened to the Luke Spencer we all came to love? THIS is not Luke Spencer. Are we supposed to believe that the evil Helena Cassadine has again used mind control? And honestly, for what???

After Luke got through the plutonium poisoning that Helena inflicted upon him and Helena was NOT dead after all- If I remember correctly that would mean that Robin Scorpio-Drake brought Helena (and Stavros) back to life - so Helena in some sort of revengeful move then used mind control on Luke?

Is Robin ever coming back or is she still being held hostage in France?

What happens now? The prints of the person currently being held in the PCPD jail match Luke Spencer and the remains found in the Elm Street basement are most likely Bill Eckert. Faison is free thanks to Helena and Jerry Jax is m.i.a. Everyone will soon be finding out that Luke is Luke and controlled by Helena or not he will still have to pay for his crimes.

The writers dragged this story out for way too long and now we still await Jake fully remembering who he is.

UGH!!! Enough.

Maybe this week of GHFanFeb will actually be a more satisfying one for fans!

What did you think of all of this?

Friday, February 6, 2015

Sonny Gets a Surprise

Morgan tells Carly and Sonny that there is no excuse for Michael's continued grudge.

Dante goes to Michael to tell him he needs to thank Sonny even though he is still angry with him.

Lulu goes to Nikolas looking for answers and angrily tells him how disappointed she is in him.

Ivy breaks it off with Nikolas.

Nathan asks his mother for answers about the body found in the basement.

Sloan goes to see Helena and Luke and they decide there is no more hiding the truth.

Sloan okays identifying the body and Dr. Obrecht tells Tracy and Lulu that the body is decades old.

Nathan finds a match for the man posing as Luke and to Tracy and Lulu's surprise it is Luke Spencer.

Sloan goes to see Kiki and Dr. Clay and tells them the search for Ava is off and she is presumed dead.

Sonny gets word that he is being sent back to prison.

On his way out of the hospital, Michael tries to say thank you but is interrupted by Ivy and her father the governor who calls Sonny a hero.

Sonny is pardoned by the governor much to the shock of Michael, Dante, Carly and Shawn.

Luke delights in knowing that everyone will soon know the truth about him.

The Search for Sonny

Luke pays a visit to Julian in the hospital and as he is attempting to silence him, Alexis walks in and stops him.

Luke leaves and Julian tells Alexis that "Luke" is still not the real deal.

Tracy tells Ned about the party and witnessing Luke with Helena.

Nikolas holds a knife to Helena's throat and tells her that he needs to stop her for good.

Sloan goes to Silus' apartment looking for Ava and tells a shocked Kiki that her mother is probably dead.

Morgan arrives at Kiki's as the cops search the apartment looking for Ava.

Julian tells Alexis that the cops cannot help them be safe against his boss.

Sabrina reluctantly helps Johnny and then demands the truth from Carlos who admits to shooting Ava and leaving her for dead.

Sonny's body is pulled from the water and Carly and Michael perform cpr until he regains consciousness.

Luke arrives at Windemere and stops Nikolas from killing Helena but threatens to kill Nikolas himself.

The cops arrive at Windemere in time to save Nikolas.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sonny Saves the Day

Sloan and the police arrive on the bridge and arrest Julian who begs them to look for Ava.

Julian doesn't give up Sonny but tells them that Franco was on his way to the mental hospital to save Nina.

Franco promises Nina they will be together and injects himself with the LSD in a desperate attempt to avoid being returned to prison.

Sonny leaves Luke and rushes off to the Haunted Star just in time to grab the bomb from Michael and jump into the water with it.

Lulu arrives at the hospital and Dante is realized to learn that no one died on the boat.

Lulu tells him that it was Sonny who saved everyone.

Lucas worries about Julian.

The police arrive and Nina tells them that Heather injected Franco with the LSD and tells them that Franco needs medical attention.

Julian is taken to the hospital where he is reunited with Lucas.

Patrick arrives at the police station and is shocked when Sam defends Jake.

Maxie doesn't want to let Nathan out of her sight but he assures her that her place is at home while he takes care of business.

Luke gets away from Nathan when Michael shows up on the pier.

Michael is concerned about Sonny.

Dante tells Lulu what happened at the Elm Street house and tells her that her father might be dead.

Franco Makes a Desperate Move

Maxie, Lulu and Patrick discuss Luke's actions.

Johnny holds a gun on Sonny and Julian while Carlos holds a gun on Ava.

Jake tells Sam he remembers her giving him the Phoenix.

Franco holds a gun on Heather who is threatening to inject Nina with a lethal dose of LSD.

Ava tries to apologize to Carlos for what she did to him but Carlos is bent on revenge.

Bobbie and Tracy discuss Luke's actions and Tracy goes in search for him.

Even though Ava begs, Carlos shoots her.

Lulu decides that Luke is acting out of character by overreacting to her and Dante's problems.

Helena and Luke stand on the dock waiting for the Haunted Star to blow up.

Dante is rushed to the hospital unconscious.

Nathan tries to reach Lulu but only gets voice mail.

Sabrina tells Patrick how happy she is with Carlos.

Tracy is shocked to find Luke on the dock cozying up to Helena.

Johnny gets shot and runs to Carlos only to find that Ava was shot and fell off the bridge.

Franco tries to convince Heather that Nina doesn't mean that much to him but Heather isn't buying it.

Nathan tells Elizabeth there was a bomb in the house on Elm Street and Luke was responsible for it.

Lucas tells Michael that their fathers broke out of jail.

Sonny comes across Ava hanging from the bridge and tries to help her but she falls.

Tracy demands answers from Luke.

Nathan arrives at the Haunted Star to tell Lulu about Dante.

Dante regains consciousness and tells Elizabeth about the bomb planted on the Haunted Star.

Julian finds Sonny and is upset by what happened to his sister.

Franco manages to save Nina while Heather goes off to alert authorities.

Franco injects himself with the LSD.

Luke tries to convince Tracy to return to the party but Tracy decides to go after Helena.

Sonny finds Luke on the docks.

Nathan tells Lulu that he is looking to arrest Luke.

Jake tells Sam that he had orders to kill her but couldn't do it.

Jake remembers there is a bomb on the boat.

Coming: Julian is arrested. Dante collapses after revealing there is a bomb on the boat. Jake is frantic when he remembers planting the bomb. Sonny holds a gun on Luke.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Danger is Minutes Away

Helena tells Nikolas about her plan to blow up the Haunted Star and he is horrified.

Helena's goons knock him out and take him home as per her orders.

Sam wants answers from Jake.

Jake tells her that he is guilty but he has no control over what he has been accused of.

When Jake grabs Sam's arm he has flashes of memories.

Jordan tells Nathan about Luke and he goes off in search of Dante.

(F)Luke makes a scene at the party when he is caught on the phone with Dante.

Johnny and Carlos open fire on the crashed prison van.

Carlos corners Ava and Franco but lets Franco go off to stop Heather.

Heather threatens Nina with a vile of LSD intending to use her to get revenge against Franco.

Ava begs for her life but Carlos isn't feeling sympathetic.

Johnny corners Sonny and a wounded Julian.

(F)Luke leaves the party telling Tracy he needs to be alone.

Maxie tells Lulu they need to leave and find Dante so they can work things out.

Helena joins (F)Luke on the dock waiting for the bomb to go off.

Nathan arrives at the house in time to help Dante but will they get out before the bomb goes off?

Coming: The party on the Haunted Star will be explosive. Jake remembers more but will he be able to save those on the boat? Carlos is ready to kill Ava but will he be stopped? Johnny holds a gun on Sonny and Julian. Can Dante and Nathan get out in time? Will Jake remember that he is Jason?