50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Friday, July 25, 2014

Nina Takes the Next Step in Her Plan

Nina brags to Rosalie how easy it was for her to get Silus and Sam to break up.

Patrick stops in at the hospital and runs into Sam and Silus.

Shawn and Sonny figure out how Ava escaped.

Jordan goes hunting for clues about who the boss is.

Mickey admits to Julian and Ava that they have been bringing heroin into Port Charles.

Shawn catches Jordan in Mickey's hotel room and they share a passionate kiss.

Ned returns home concerned over Alice's condition.

Olivia tries to throw Sonny out of the hotel but finds out she can't because Carly won't let it happen.

Tracy gets Ned to agree to stay at the house while he is in town.

Sonny asks Olivia for another chance.

Sam tells Patrick about her suspicions about Nina.

Sam and Patrick come up with a plan.

Nina drugs Silus.

Sam goes to Sonny for help.

Ava and Julian team up.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ava Breaks Free

Alexis convinces Molly that she and Julian are over and Molly agrees to return home.

Ava gets Julian's attention when she blurts out that Sonny killed AJ and she witnessed it.

Carly is pleased to see Franco so happy at his new job.

Franco is curious about what Nina is up to.

Sam and Silus have a heart-to-heart and Sam ends their relationship.

Patrick tells Anna about his firing and tells her he is going to focus on Emma.

Julian saves Ava from Mickey who tells them the boss wants her dead.

Sonny is frantic to find Ava has escaped.

Julian, Ava and Mickey take off by helicopter as Sonny and his men arrive on the roof.

A tearful Silus tells Nina that his relationship with Sam is over.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Scott Avoids Making a Choice

Morgan is annoyed to see his dad with Ava at the hospital.

Alexis enjoys romance with Julian unaware that he has not left the business.

Lucy tells Felicia how she found Bobbie in Scott's room.

Felicia encourages Lucy to fight for Scott if that is what she wants.

Anna and Jordan talk about finding out who is behind the organization.

Jordan tells Anna that Julian knows nothing about bringing heroin into Port Charles and she believes him.

Julian offers to break things off in order for Molly to move back home.

Ava contacts Julian for help.

Lucy pours her heart out to Scott.

Sonny tells Alexis about Ava's condition.

Mickey digs at TJ for info about Jordan.

Anna forbids Jordan from sleeping with Mickey to try to get the name of the big boss.

Scott avoids choosing between Bobbie and Lucy.

Morgan strikes up a friendship with Rosalie.

Maxie Makes an Announcement

Mac is horrified and Felicia tries to be supportive when Maxie announces that she and Levi are engaged.

Nathan tries to get to the truth but Maxie isn't telling why Levi cannot return to Australia.

Lucy goes to see Scott and finds that he and Bobbie are having an affair.

Lucy feels she failed Rafe.

Julian and Jordan discuss drugs.

The press conference gets ugly when Nina tips off a reporter to information no one is supposed to know.

Nina delights in seeing Silus and Sam argue.

Friday, July 18, 2014

What is Levi Hiding

Nathan comes home to find that Maxie has thrown out all his belongings.

Nathan tells Maxie that Levi used his phone to report himself to immigration in an effort to set him up.

Levi is happy when Nathan finally leaves.

Silus informs Dr. Obrecht that he is going to make a lot of noise about Rafe's death at Patrick's hands.

Dr. Obrecht urges Patrick to attend a press conference with her in order to defend the hospital.

Sam tries to talk sense into an angry Silus while Nina listens.

Nina hears Sam tell Silus about what Patrick told her and plans to use it to break them up.

Anna talks to Patrick about Robin.

Nathan vows to find out what Levi is hiding.

Saying Goodbye to Rafe

Sam tells Silus that Rafe will not be able to be an organ donor due to his heroin use.

Silus is devastated that Rafe's death will not be able to help another.

Rafe's family and friends gather to shut off his life support.

Nina struggles with her guilt over Rafe's accident and considers confessing the truth to Silus but Rosalie talks her out of it.

Maxie is determined to find out who turned in Levi.

Britt works with Spencer to win back Nikolas.

Elizabeth and Felix discuss Britt's motives.

Tracy tells Alice that she will continue to work to find her a heart and apologizes for telling her about Rafe's heart.

Michael is suspicious of the closeness between Kiki and Morgan.

Alice accuses Tracy of blackmailing her to keep quiet in return for finding her a new heart.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Silus Faces the Truth About Rafe

Silus agrees to meet with Alice's family to discuss the heart transplant.

Tracy jumps the gun and tells Alice a heart has been found.

Everyone is crushed when toxicology reports show that Rafe had heroin in his system, making his heart no good for a transplant.

Maxie confronts Nathan who denies calling immigration.

Maxie goes to find Mac and Dante to find out who is trying to get rid of Levi.

Levi and Nathan argue.

Sonny and Carly discuss Ava and argue about Franco's trustworthiness.

Franco starts his new job and meets Nina who is hallucinating about Rafe.

Tracy taunts Michael when Morgan and Kiki embrace.

Friday, July 11, 2014

This Week on GH

The aftermath of the car wreck left Molly with a concussion and Rafe fighting for his life.

Meanwhile the Quartermaine's sat vigil at Alice's bedside after her heart attack.

Lucas struggled with his feelings for Brad and Felix.

Lulu had a procedure which makes her able to carry a child.

Sonny had Shawn bring Delia back to NYC after she was caught trying to steal proof of Ava's wrong-doings.

Sonny told Ava that she would not win the war.

Franco and Carly made up.

Patrick was forced to do surgery to try and save Rafe's life.

Sam was caught in the middle when surgery left Rafe brain-dead and Silus furious at Patrick.

Sam asked Patrick if he purposely allowed Rafe to die and Patrick told her he absolutely did not even though he was tempted to get revenge on Gabriel's killer.

Nina took the opportunity to widen the rift between Sam and her husband.

Kiki approached Silus about allowed Alice to receive Rafe's heart.

Alice wanted to tell Michael about Tracy's plan but felt guilty after Tracy announced that she found her a heart.

Maxie is angered when Levi is threatened with deportation thanks to a tip that she is sure Nathan made.

Next week on GH:

Silus' anger towards Patrick is fueled by Nina who sees this as a way to get her husband back.
Sam tries to balance her friendship with Patrick with her relationship with Silus.
Maxie is angered by Nathan's actions and makes a drastic decision to help Levi.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sam and Patrick Search For a Killer

Morgan gets a purpose when Michael offers him up a job at ELQ.

Levi pushes Maxie to protest the waterfront project and winds up getting arrested.

Maxie gets herself handcupped to Nathan.

TJ tells Molly about Rafe's drug use and she runs off to talk to Silus about it.

Sonny wins the latest battle with Ava after she invites her mother to move in.

Nina pays off the physical therapist.

Britt works to win back Nikolas with Spencer's help.

Tracy is almost exposed by Alice who suffers a heart attack and is rescued by Morgan and Michael.

Carly gives Franco an ultimatum after he almost tells Michael about Sonny.

Sam and Patrick find out who the car belongs to and head off to the hospital.

Rafe overhears them and takes off.

Rafe goes home and is confronted by Nina who gives him money to take off and makes it look like he attacked her.

Many gather for the 4th of July festivities.

Patrick waits for word that Rafe has been found.

Alexis waits with TJ for Molly.

Sonny informs Ava that her mother's presence doesn't bother him at all.

Britt reminds Nikolas of last year when they first met.

Molly jumps in the car with Rafe as Sam and Dante arrive.

As the police chase them, Rafe confesses to Molly that he deliberately ran Patrick off the road because he was put up to it.

Rafe crashes the car with Molly inside much to Sam and Dante's horror.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Week Ahead

Is anyone getting disgusted with General Hospital lately?

Writing this blog used to be such an enjoyable escape for me but the last few weeks it has felt like a chore. What on earth are the writers on GH thinking about?

The other day I sat here and tried to think about one character that I actually still care about. And I thought about it. And thought.

I was hard-pressed to come up with a character that I still care about.

The storylines have become so ridiculous, predictable and annoying that I am losing interest. Sad but true. I have been a die-hard fan for a LONG time but lately the commercials are more entertaining.

Sonny is a joke of a mob boss. The whole storyline between Nina and Silus is so predictable and although I like Michael Easton I wouldn't care if Nina managed to win/trick him back into her life and they leave Port Charles forever.

Sam used to be a tough girl but now she has allowed herself to feel bad about her relationship with Silus and even though she knows Nina is up to shenanigans she isn't doing anything to fight for her man.

Ever since the re-cast of Lulu we have watched the character transform into a whiny, self-absorbed brat. Dante is staying pretty true to character and shows he truly is Sonny's son. (no gonads)

The Nikolas/Elizabeth almost pairing is getting old. Now with Dr. Obrecht helping Britt to win Nikolas back through some kind of trickery, well, WHY is she even still on this show???

We got teased into an almost happily ever after for Robin and Patrick and then she up and left. We thought maybe there would be a second chance with Sabrina and Patrick and then they cruelly kill off their baby? Why?

We got Duke back which I guess we should be thankful for. The whiney Duke that returned after being held captive finally left and a tough guy Duke emerged. Hooray for that but Anna needs to remember that she was a spy and a pretty good one because as the chief of police she stinks!

Oh I could go on but I will end this rant here.

Next week (and the weeks to come) look for the truth about who is masquerading as Luke to finally be revealed. There is an end coming to the Julian/Sonny rivalry. Maxie is finally going to figure out that Levi is bad for her. The truth about AJ will come out also. It promises to be a summer full of surprises and endings to drawn-out stories.

What are your comments and thoughts about what's going on in Port Charles?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Franco Fights for Carly

Finding Carly with Sonny in the park, Franco warns Sonny that he knows his secret as well.

Sam gets an answer to who drove the car that ran Patrick off the road.

Kiki and Morgan talk about their friendship.

Tracy is delighted to move forward with her plan.

Michael gets Morgan a job.

Levi convinces Maxie that the waterfront project is a bad idea.

Coming next week on General Hospital:

The truth about Luke.

Britt moves forward with her mother's plan.

Sam and Silus' relationship gets rockier.

Rafe has a confession to make.

The Week in Review

Franco struggles with trying to get along with Josslyn and overcoming his jealousy over Carly's connection to Sonny.

Tracy manages to manipulate herself back into ELQ.

Morgan has no where to go after Ava moves in with Sonny and Franco moves in with Carly.

Rafe struggles with his guilt over causing the accident that killed baby Gabriel and tries to hide his drug use.

Nina manipulates her situation with Silus and comes clean that she was the one who trashed his apartment.

Sam is wise to Nina's true colors but is unable to warn Silus.

Silus' guilt keeps him helping Nina.

Maxie loses another 6 months with Georgie but is unaware that Levi is to blame.

Nathan and Levi continue to argue.

Molly grieves Rick.

Alexis tries to hold onto her relationship with Molly but won't break up with Julian.

Spencer won't give up on Emma even though his Uncle Sonny tries to talk sense into him.

Spencer decides to use Josslyn to make Emma jealous.

Patrick gets help from Sam to find who is responsible for the accident.

Kiki tries to help Rafe who won't share what is bothering him.

Dr. Obrecht comes up with a plan for Britt to win back Nikolas.

With Rick gone, Nikolas tries to win back Elizabeth.

Lulu comforts Maxie.

Dante and Lulu investigate having another baby.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Gunshots at the PCPD

Sam goes to give her condolences to Patrick and offers to investigate the crash.

Nathan is honest with Nina and tells her who was responsible for her coma.

Felix is concerned about Sabrina's strange behavior and goes to ask Patrick for help.

Molly gives Rick her support and then finds out that Elizabeth has hired Diane to defend him.

Anna struggles with what to do about Rick.

Silus feels guilty about Nina but still is determined to tell her the truth.

Raif and TJ fight after TJ catches Raif doing drugs in the park.

Sam finds Raif and is curious about Raif's inappropriate reaction to hearing about baby Gabriel's death.

Maxie is disturbed by Levi's response to baby Gabriel's death.

Anna discusses the options with Rick.

Patrick finds Sabrina dressed in a wedding gown.

Silus is relieved to find that Nathan has filled in Nina about Madeline.

Silus tells Nina that he is in love with Sam.

As Elizabeth, Molly and Diane wait to see Rick they hear gunshots fired.

Silus tells Nina that he will help her.

Patrick tells Sabrina that their baby died and she finally breaks down and cries.

The police station goes into lockdown as Rick's loved ones fear the worst.

Anna breaks the news to Elizabeth and Molly that Rick tried to escape and was killed in the process.


Molly and Elizabeth deal with their loss.

Raif struggles with guilt.

Silus tries to balance helping his wife and moving forward with Sam.

Anna and Jordan push to find out who is behind the Jeromes.

Nathan finds support from Maxie.

Nina vows to not give up Silus.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Things Heat Up

Molly refuses to believe that her father is behind Julian's organization.

Elizabeth turns to Nikolas after Rick's arrest.

Britt realizes Nikolas will never forgive her.

Brad tells Britt that she can get Nik back but she must bring back the "Britch".

Jordan considers telling TJ the truth and then finds out that the boss is still at large.

Nathan tells Nina about what her mother did.

Silus tells Sam that he wants her not Nina.

Anna has it out with Duke who accuses her of choosing to free Julian instead of protecting them.

Sonny and Morgan have it out about Ava.

Morgan turns to Kiki.

Luke pressures Julian even though he is on his honeymoon with an unsuspecting Tracy.

Rick tries to warn Sonny.

Duke tells Sonny that he still needs to bring down Julian.

Sonny realizes that Rick might be telling him the truth.

Elizabeth decides to stand by Rick.

Molly tells her father that she is on his side.


Jordan gets closer to the truth.

Sonny starts to figure out who is behind the Jerome's.

Silus feels conflicted.

Is Duke and Anna's relationship over?

Patrick wants justice for baby Gabriel.

Friday, June 6, 2014

This Week on GH

Ava turned the tables on Sonny when her pregnancy was confirmed.

Morgan told Ava to abort the baby and she refused.

Sonny warned her that she has 9 months to live.

Carly was outraged over Ava's pregnancy and warned her that her days are numbered.

Ava threatened Carly and felt confident because of her pregnancy.

Danny's birthday party was ruined when Nina showed up.

Sam worried what Silus would do.

Alexis and Julian tried to support Sam.

Silus was stunned by Nina's return.

Nina was too eager to return to married life with Silus who couldn't bear to tell her the truth.

Patrick and Sabrina said goodbye to baby Gabriel.

Felix and Elizabeth stood by their friends and supported them at the most difficult time.

Franco slipped to Kiki and told her that her mother might be dead.

Kiki tried to re-build her relationship with her mother.


Who is masquerading as Luke?

After baby Gabriel's death, Anna searches for answers in who drove Patrick off the road.

Ava moves into Sonny's so he can keep watch over her.

Olivia is horrified when she finds out about Sonny's new living arrangement.

Sabrina and Patrick grieve and Patrick tells Emma about her brother.

Morgan and Sonny's relationship doesn't improve.

Carly tells Franco about Ava.

Silus struggles with doing the right thing.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Who is Posing as Luke

Julian feels some guilt over naming Rick as his boss.

Rick's world falls apart as he is taken into custody.

Elizabeth feels like a fool.

Tracy is excited to be leaving the country with Luke but is unaware that she is in danger.

Sonny's plan to make Ava suffer is stopped when she produces a pregnancy test.

The man posing as Luke goes to see the real Luke who is imprisoned and held captive.

Luke demands to know the identity of the man who is impersonating him but he refuses to tell.

Alexis is shocked about Rick.


Molly deals with the "truth" about her father.

Alexis and Julian grow closer.

Lucas begins to show signs of recovery.

Sam and Silus are shocked by a reveal from his past.

Julian lives a secret life in order to protect his loved ones.

Jordan works towards finding out who is in charge.

TJ and Molly find they have more in common than they thought.

Elizabeth refuses to believe Rick lied.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Second Chance for Romance

Elizabeth and Rick's romantic dinner leads them to a room upstairs.

Julian has a hard time convincing Anna that he wants to reveal his boss.

Luke makes arrangements to take Tracy out of town.

Kiki tells Michael about her mother and his father.

Alexis tells Nikolas that Julian won't tell her who his boss is.

Sonny tells Ava he knows what she has done and he is going to make her pay.

Julian reveals that Rick is the boss of the operation to a stunned Scott and Anna.

The cops arrest Rick and interrupt him and Elizabeth's romantic evening.

Julian tells Luke he has done what he wanted and Luke assures him his family will be safe.

Ava tells Sonny he cannot kill her because she is pregnant!

Luke goes to take care of some business which includes visiting the real Luke who is being held in the mental hospital.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sonny Confronts Ava!

Alexis is stunned when Julian gets out on bail.

Julian tells Alexis that his boss will target his loved ones one by one unless he goes back to work.

Tracy tells Lulu that she is concerned about Luke and asks for her help in figuring out what is wrong.

Rick and Elizabeth have a romantic dinner.

Carly tells Franco about Sonny's reaction to the truth about Ava.

Sonny surprises Ava by arriving on the island.

Luke pushes Olivia to talk about her relationship with Sonny.

Anna tells Dante that Jordan is working for the DEA and asks for his help in keeping it a secret.

Sonny tells Ava he knows that she shot Olivia.

Lulu tells Tracy her dad is planning their honeymoon.

Olivia tells Carly and Franco that Sonny slept with Ava.

Sonny tells Ava he knows why she covered for him shooting AJ.

Shawn visits Jordan and witnesses her getting released after Anna drops the charges.

Julian goes to see Anna and tells her he is ready to reveal his boss.

Tracy tells Luke she knows he has been planning their honeymoon.

Rick and Elizabeth share a passionate kiss.

Sonny tells Ava he knows she killed Connie.

The Truth About AJ

Sabrina and Patrick feel relief over the baby's progress.

Emma comes to meet her baby brother.

Julian uses his power over Scott to get released.

Julian heads to the hospital only to find Luke alone with Lucas.

Carly plays the recording for Sonny.

Sonny has a hard time believing that Ava killed Connie.

Dante tells Lulu how Lucas' shooter was killed in the park.

Lulu tells Dante how she ran into her father in the park right after the incident.

Elizabeth accepts Rick's dinner invitation.

Kiki calls Ava and asks where she is.

After hearing the entire tape Sonny feels remorseful about killing an innocent man.

Sonny tells Carly that he slept with Ava.

Luke tells Julian that he will target his loved ones.

Sabrina names the baby Gabriel Drake Santiago.

Ava tries to explain sleeping with Sonny to Kiki.

Wrapping Up the Week

As we headed into Memorial Day weekend:

Luke went to finish off Lucas.

Bobbie and Alexis trusted Luke.

Carly made a decision.

Franco angered Anna.

Jordan was visited by her son and felt powerless.