50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spencer is Threatened

When Sonny yells at Spencer to go away he winds up at the Quartermaine's to confront his Uncle Luke.

Franco works on getting info from Carlos.

Carly tells Ava that she is on to her.

Morgan accompanies Kiki to the Quartermaines and tells her that he will not let Luke near her.

Ned tells Tracy that Luke threatened his life but Tracy doesn't believe he meant it.

Luke tells Spencer that Emma will pay if he tells Sonny what he knows.

Sonny arrives after their conversation and cannot get Spencer to open up to him.

Nikolas arrives to retrieve his son and brings him home.

Tracy asks Luke about his conversation with Ned but doesn't really believe Luke's answers.

Ned tells Kiki and Morgan that he believes Kiki's story and devises a plan to make Luke stop.

Spencer tries to go to Emma's ballet recital but Nikolas grounds him.

Spencer warns Cameron to keep an eye on Emma.

Emma tells Patrick and Sabrina that she is happy to have a brother.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Luke Puts Spencer in His Place

Spencer confronts his Uncle Luke about what he overheard in the stable.

Luke is stunned by Spencer's amazing memory of the conversation he overheard.

Sonny makes an excuse when Michael comes and asks him to accompany him to AJ's funeral.

Sonny is still being taunted by the ghost of AJ and is ready to crack.

Diane is frustrated when she cannot get Carlos or Franco to confide in her.

Ava threatens Sabrina's baby if Carlos spills the truth about her to the police.

Emma is not thrilled to find out that she is going to have a baby brother.

Rick questions why Elizabeth has moved in with Nikolas.

Luke turns the tables on Spencer and tells him he must keep quiet about what he knows or else he will hurt Emma.

Franco gets what he wants and is in lock-up with Carlos.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sonny Unravels

Morgan and Ava discuss their relationship.

Luke goes to see Kiki and tries to force himself on her.

Kiki fights back and then calls Morgan for support.

Ava is upset when Kiki summons Morgan.

Carly gets angry at Franco for not taking her instincts seriously.

Olivia tells Carly about Sonny's mental state.

Ned and Tracy argue about her dropping the pre-nup idea.

Carlos finds himself back into a corner when Anna and Dante show them the DNA proof.

Ned faces off with Luke.

Kiki tells Morgan that Luke tried to force himself on her.

Luke tells Ned he will kill him if he tries to stop his marriage.

Diane goes to see Carlos.

Ava threatens Carlos and tells him to keep his mouth shut.

Spencer tries to see Sonny but he yells at him to go away.

Franco devises a plan to get answers for Carly.

Carlos tells Ava he has to cooperate and she says she will go after Sabrina.

After Spencer fails to get to his Uncle Sonny he goes to see Luke.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Acting Out of Character- What ARE the Writers Thinking

What's going on with Luke?

At first I thought maybe Heather Webber was back (again) and was masquerading as Luke Spencer. I expected at any moment that she would rip off her Luke mask ala Leisle Obrecht or Caesar Faison. It didn't happen.

Meanwhile Luke has turned into a drug-snorting, mob boss (?) hell bent on seeking revenge against Sonny Corinthos who used to be one of his friends.

I don't get it. Why has Luke turned into this unflattering character?

Luke's daughter Lulu has finally realized her dream of becoming a mother and Luke could care less.

After Tracy saved him from plutonium poisoning he has not been the same man.

Why did Luke all of a sudden become intent upon revenge against Sonny? Am I missing something here? What did Sonny do to him?

When did Luke become wealthy enough to financially back the Jeromes and how did he even know that Julian Jerome was living as Derek Wells?

Oh GH. What have you done?

Messing with the character of Luke is not the only misstep the writers have been up to. What has happened to Sonny Corinthos?

We all know that Sonny is bipolar and his breakdown after his love Connie was murdered was a very dramatic time but Sonny is a mob boss for crying out loud. What is with his feelings of guilt for KILLING someone??? Isn't that what mobsters do?

I get it. Sonny doesn't usually get blood on his own hands. That's what Jason Morgan was for and now Shawn Butler.

I understand that his relationship with his son means the world to him and it upsets him greatly to have broken a promise but still, he is a mobster.

His seeking out Ava to confide in is just plain stupid. Since when does he trust this woman who in case you forgot (Sonny obviously did) is sleeping with his son Morgan?

Ava is just loving this and at the same time trying to figure out what she is going to have to do in order to save her own ass.

Softening up of a character or becoming less trusting is a normal progression according to what the character has endured but in the cases of Luke and Sonny it seems to me that both of these fan favorites might be exiting.

Maurice Bernard has been in contract talks and he is expected to be away during the summer months in order to promote a movie project he has been working on. Would they get rid of Sonny for good?

The Sonny we have been seeing of late will not be missed, that's for sure.

Anthony Geary usually takes several months off and maybe his change in character is part of the storyline that will send him off to parts unknown. I just cannot see how they can redeem his actions.

Alexis Davis has acknowledged her lack of judgement in choosing men but still she cannot resist from getting involved with Julian Jerome. The character is supposed to be this smart, independent woman but her teenage daughter Molly shows more control than she does.

Olivia kept her pregnancy from Sonny way back when because he got involved with the mob. Why did that not matter to her anymore? Years later, their son grown (and a cop) Olivia gets involved with the man who got her pregnant as a teenager? Now Sonny is a mob BOSS but that doesn't matter anymore?

Does GH have any smart women?

Ava Jerome is smart. Sure she manipulates, she's sneaky, seductive (sleeping with her own daughter's husband???) and full of secrets, at least Ava isn't fooled by a man. Ava is all about Ava.

Diane Miller is seen as a lawyer who will do anything for a buck. Diane doesn't care about anyone but Diane.

Tracy Quartermaine used to be a strong woman but she always have the vulnerability of ELQ and that was her weak spot. Plus Tracy had a need to impress daddy. Daddy is gone now and Tracy has gotten old and lonely. How else can one explain how she is getting fooled (again) by Luke Spencer?

Anna Devane finally did the right thing by getting rid of Faison. Well, at least we THINK she and Robert took it upon themselves to end the psychos rampage. Anna is a strong woman but sometimes doesn't seem to be too smart. After Robin recently took off, Anna had suspicions but did she bother to follow up on them?

It's been great to have old characters come back. GH celebrated their 50th anniversary last year and we saw the return of fan favorites like Laura, Scott, Lucy and Kevin. We also got introduced to three new characters played by three fan favorites of the now-defunct One Life to Live. After the whole Prospect Park debunkle, GH decided they wanted the actors but couldn't keep them in the roles they were playing. Port Charles saw the new characters of Silus Clay and Kiki Jerome plus the re-cast of Franco.

Keeping Roger Howarth on GH by putting him in the role of Franco was a mistake in my opinion. Franco the infamous artist/serial killer hated by most of Port Charles, especially Carly after what he did to Jason and now the two of them are a couple??? Really??? Do the writers have no respect for the fans or what?

I love Roger Howarth, I really do. He definitely can play the character well. I just cannot see the character transformation and more importantly, the acceptance of the change.

If GH is not going to re-cast Jason Morgan that's fine. Getting Sam involved with Silus has been strange. Silus started out by being an angry, very unattractive character and now he has softened and the character has done a complete 180. I do love the chemistry of these two actors together but I feel cheated by how they even are together.

The character of Kiki is nothing short of annoying. I watched the actress who plays Kiki grow up on One Life to Live. She is a very talented young woman but Kiki is just wasted space. I'm not quite sure about who she really is.

When characters evolve like Patrick Drake who turned into loving husband/father from player, it is a believable transformation. Yes, Patrick did "slip" back to his playboy days but ultimately he did fall into the role of husband to Robin and dad to Emma.

Is it boring to see characters like Elizabeth and Nikolas who pretty much stay true to who they are? Not really because they continue to make their mistakes and fall into situations.

What's next? Will Britt turn into someone that can be forgiven for her "crimes"?

When Michael finds out that Sonny killed AJ no one expects that he can easily forgive him. I predict some kind of breakdown with bad behavior (perhaps drowning in a bottle?) as the fall-out.

We will see what the writers have in store for us. I predict more twists and turns and possibly the exits of some long-time fan favorites.

So tell me peeps, how do you feel about the recent changes in your favorite characters???

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sonny Confides in Ava

Spencer is very unhappy when Cameron and his mom temporarily move in with him and his father.

Elizabeth second-guesses her decision and reminds Nikolas that he might still have unresolved feelings for Britt.

Britt goes to see Lulu and Lulu asks her about the missing embryo.

Levi pushes Maxie to ask Nathan to leave but after hearing what he is going through, Maxie tells him she wants him to stay.

Spencer calls his Uncle Sonny, still worried about overhearing Luke threaten Sonny's life.

Ava goes to see Sonny who confesses that he is seeing AJ everywhere.

Ava is disturbed to see a weakened Sonny and worries about their secret.

Carlos refuses to talk to Dante and Anna but slips up and lets Anna know he knows more than he will admit to.

Luke manages to trick Tracy into trusting him.


Sonny's mental state worsens and Spencer's warning to him is ignored.

Luke pushes forward, knowing he has Tracy under his spell.

Anna and Dante work to get a confession from Carlos.

Hunt for the Killer

Carlos reminds Ava that he knows she killed Connie.

Ava warns him to keep his mouth shut if the police pull him in for questioning.

Carlos begins to realize that Ava doesn't have his back.

Jordan makes a proposition to a suspicious Julian.

Shawn shares a secret about Jordan's past with Duke and they discuss what they should do next.

Sonny begins to unravel and his behavior scares Olivia.

Michael feels encouraged that Anna and Dante are one step closer to finding AJ's killer.

Ned proposes that Luke sign a pre-nup.

Tracy observes as Ned and Luke go at it and then agrees with Ned that Luke sign a pre-nup.

Luke tells Tracy that it is over between them if he has to sign a pre-nup.

Luke turns up at the gallery after the police arrest Carlos.

Sabrina and Patrick find out she is carrying a baby boy.

Sonny calls Ava.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sonny is Haunted by AJ

Sonny is haunted by killing AJ.

Carlos worries that he will be blamed for AJ's shooting.

Tracy is suspicious of Luke.

Luke follows through with his plan to bring drugs into Port Charles.

Luke continues to play Tracy.

Anna works to find out who was behind AJ's shooting after Michael presses her to find the killer.

Duke confronts Sonny about his guilt.

Ava and Julian talk about their partnership.

Jordan starts her new job at the gallery.

Ned returns to town for AJ's funeral.

TJ asks Shawn for answers about what he and his mom are hiding.

Duke tells Sonny that he doesn't regret giving Sonny an alibi and he will continue to work with him.

Michael goes to see Sonny and interrupts a conversation between his father and Duke.


Carlos goes to Ava for help.

Luke goes to the gallery and is unhappy with how Julian is handling business.

Ned tries to talk sense into his mother.

Michael searches for the truth.

How long before Sonny breaks?

Sabrina and Patrick find out the sex of their baby.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Who is My Mother?

Maxie's new friend Levi manages to irritate Nathan.

Britt is taken in by Levi and believes that Nikolas might be able to forgive her.

Patrick tells Sabrina that he is the reason why AJ died.

Sabrina tries to reassure Patrick that he did all he could have done.

Carlos shows up to support Sabrina and gets into it with Patrick.

After Nathan nearly punches out Levi he decides to go finish things with his mother Madeline.

Dr. Obrecht's latest scheme appears to be working.

Dante and Lulu discuss what Dr. Obrecht had to say and they decide to go find out what she is talking about.

Madeline is disgusted by her sister and tells her that James/Nathan will not know the truth.

Nathan tells Madeline about spending the night with Britt and a horrified Madeline realizes she has no choice but to tell him the truth.

Nathan is stunned to find out that not only are he and Britt siblings but Dr. Obrecht is his mother.

Sabrina and Patrick share an intimate moment.

Nikolas persuades Elizabeth to move in with him to recover.

Britt accuses Elizabeth of gaining exactly what she was always after.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

This Week Previews

As Sabrina's pregnancy progresses, she and Patrick learn the sex of their baby.

Spencer tries to warn his Uncle Sonny about what he overheard but isn't taken seriously.

Olivia grows concerned over Sonny's behavior, not suspecting that he is struggling with his guilt.

Dante shares Dr. Obrecht's offer with Lulu who goes to Britt for answers.

Nathan grows irritated with Maxie's companion Levi.

Maxie is thrilled to find out the news about Dante and Lulu's baby.

Ava tries to keep Carlos from the police.

Michael pushes Anna to solve his father's murder.

Franco has a crazy idea that he shares with Carly.

Nikolas makes big plans but Spencer is not happy about them.

Will Elizabeth choose Nikolas or Rick?

Down the road...

The truth about AJ's shooting will come out and lives will change forever.

Nathan and Britt learn the truth about who they are.

Silus tries to move on from his loss.

Maxie struggles to be the person she wants to be.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dr. Obrecht has a Plan

After Rick tells Sonny that Luke said he wants him dead, Sonny summons Luke to his house.

Sonny is faced with Luke's odd behavior which only becomes stranger when Olivia returns home excited about their grandson.

Dante and Lulu decide to re-name the baby Rocco.

Liesle and Magda (Madeline) discuss the likelihood of Britt and James having a chance meeting.

Meanwhile at the Floating Rib, Britt and Nathan share a few too many drinks commiserating about their lives.

Nathan brings Britt back to his place and just when things begin to heat up between them, Maxie comes out and ruins the mood.

Dr. Obrecht tells her sister that she has a plan that will get her released and she summons Dante to lockup.

Nikolas explains why Britt is gone to Spencer.

Spencer tells Nikolas about overhearing Luke and Julian discuss bringing down Sonny.

Rick stays with Elizabeth and tells her how scared he was when he heard she got shot.

Elizabeth explains to him why she pushed Nikolas away.

Rick tells her that someday she will forget the prince and give him another chance.

Dr. Obrecht tells her sister that she will get her son back.

Dante goes to see what Dr. Obrecht has up her sleeve and she tells him that she can tell him where his other baby is.

Sonny and Olivia are stunned by Luke's strange behavior and Sonny suspects that Rick was telling him the truth.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Family Reunion

While in lockup, Dr. Obrecht is reunited with her sister - Madeline!

Nathan is surprised to find that not only has Maxie returned from her trip but she has brought someone with her that she met.

Maxie's new man irritates Nathan and he blurts out how he just arrested his mother for killing his pregnant sister.

Nathan decides he has more to say to her that cannot wait so he heads over to the police station.

Lulu and Dante allow Britt to say goodbye to Ben.

Carly confesses all to Franco and then swears him to silence.

Franco is intrigued when Carly tells him about Ava's role in the shooting and he also wonders what she is hiding.

Sonny is distracted by thoughts of his guilt and Olivia can only think about their grandson coming home.

Elizabeth is going to recover after suffering a gunshot.

Nikolas can't seem to apologize enough and Elizabeth tells him he has nothing to be sorry about.

Liesel Obrecht and Madeline talk about how Madeline left the family and re-invented herself but the two took very similar paths in life.

Nathan demands to know the truth from his mother about why his father disinherited both of them.

Nathan leaves disgusted and Liesel cries out that James is HER son!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rescuing Ben

Dr. Obrecht holds Nikolas and Elizabeth at gunpoint.

Britt arrives to retrieve Ben hiding the fact that she has brought along the police.

Franco presses Carly about her secret.

Sonny agonizes over his guilt and Olivia wants to know what is upsetting him.

Lulu is comforted by Anna, who tells her she truly understands what she is going through.

Madeline confesses all to Nathan, Sam and Silus and is then taken into custody.

Sam comforts Silus who is saddened to learn that he lost a child when he lost Nina.

Dr. Obrecht is taken into custody but not before she is able to shoot Elizabeth.

Madeline is shocked to find her cellmate is Dr. Obrecht.

Nikolas demands that Britt help save Elizabeth's life.

Dante reunites Lulu with their son.

Nathan returns home to find that Maxie is back from her journey.

Britt Does the Right Thing

After her mother calls her at the hospital, Britt goes to the police station.

Dante and Lulu are shocked and suspicious of Britt but decide to head over to Elizabeth's to rescue Ben.

Nikolas is taken hostage by Dr. Obrecht when he returns to Elizabeth's.

Luke tells Tracy he needs to work at ELQ so that they can spend more time together.

Julian and Alexis discuss their relationship.

Rick quits as Julian's attorney and then runs into Luke at Kelly's.

Luke gives Rick a dire warning.

Sam is stunned to find out that Nathan is really James, Nina's brother.

Nathan is upset to find his mother tried to kill Nina.

After Silus and Ava have a heart-to-heart he heads over to the hotel.

Silus is shocked to find Madeline there and they put together the pieces of the mystery.

Morgan doesn't understand Ava's feelings for Silus and the two argue.

Madeline blurts out the truth that she drugged Nina to try and kill the baby she was carrying.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Friday on General Hospital

Dr. Obrecht reaches out to Britt and tells her that she has arranged for her to have a life with her son.

Lucas reaches out to Felix and tells him that his relationship with Brad is over.

Silus, Sam and Nathan prepare the scene to trap Ava.

Morgan runs into Ava and asks her some direct questions.

Elizabeth argues with Dr. Obrecht about giving the baby to Britt.

Britt discusses her mother's plan with Brad.

Britt goes to the police station after speaking with Brad.

Nikolas goes to see Elizabeth suspicious of what is going on and discovers Dr. Obrecht.

Silus is called away to the hospital and Sam puts herself in danger.

Shawn calls out Jordan on her past behavior.

Felix tells Brad that Lucas told him everything.

Ava goes to see Silus at the hospital.

Madeline sneaks into the room intent on killing the pharmacist.

Nathan is stunned to find his mother instead of Ava.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Britt is Free!

Lulu goes to Elizabeth for support and unknowingly lets Dr. Obrecht know that Britt has been released.

Sonny pushes Carly for an answer.

Carly wonders what AJ was doing at Ava's in the first place.

Nathan goes to see Julian aware of Ava eavesdropping and continues the plan to set her up.

Sam and Silus excitedly await Ava falling into their trap.

Britt tells Brad that he is the only friend she has.

Lulu goes back to the police station and tells Dante and Nikolas that Elizabeth assured her that Ben will be okay.

Nikolas and Dante wonder how she can be so sure and Nikolas remembers how strangely Elizabeth acted when he went to see her.

Dr. Obrecht contacts Britt.

Jordan is very pleased when she gets hired at the gallery but Shawn isn't thrilled about her working for the Jeromes.

Britt Gets a Lawyer

Silus and Sam wait for Ava to take the bait.

Julian is annoyed with Ava when she hires Jordan as the manager for the gallery.

Shawn isn't happy with Jordan's presence.

Sonny goes to Shawn and tells him that Carly knows the truth.

Carly struggles with her secret and almost reveals it to Franco.

Dante and Lulu are disgusted when Diane informs them that Obrecht hired her to defend Britt.

Diane tells them that what Britt has done is not illegal and she gets a court order to have Britt released.

Dr. Obrecht tells Elizabeth about her plan for the future.

Elizabeth is upset when she finds out that AJ has died.

Coming: How long will Carly be able to keep Sonny's secret?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sonny and Carly Remember Their History

Today was a very unique day on General Hospital as viewers were treated to a return of all the actresses who have portrayed Carly. Also Monica dealt with letting go of her last surviving child and was visited by the ghost of her daughter Emily, who assured her that although she feels alone, her loved ones will always be with her.

Monica felt she had nothing left to live for after AJ's battle to live ended.

Lucy, Kevin, Mac and Felicia tried to enjoy a night together but Lucy was distracted by thoughts of Scott.

Bobbie cried to Scott that she and Noah were over.

Scott confessed to Bobbie that he and Lucy were having an affair.

Lucy left the party to go see Scott and end it between them.

Scott told Lucy that they cannot go back to being friends only.

Lucy returned to the Floating Rib and Felicia was relieved that Lucy chose Kevin.

Emily returned to assure her mother that she had a reason to go on and reminded her that her loved ones were with her.

AJ's ghost assured his mother that she was a good mother to him and he thanked her for all she did for him.

When Monica asked him who was responsible for his death, AJ replied that the truth will come out and she will be proud of him.

Carly confronted Sonny about what AJ told her before he died.

Sonny and Carly remembered their stormy past and in a twist that at first confused viewers, all the actresses who have portrayed Carly were seen and past memories were remembered.

Carly told Sonny that she was not sure what she was going to do now and went to go comfort Michael.

If you missed this episode you must go see it online!

Monday, March 31, 2014

AJ Dies

As Carly, Michael and Monica watch, doctors are unable to save AJ.

Carly attempts to comfort a distraught Michael and asks her what he said to her before he died.

Sam tells Silus and Nathan that maybe they can outmanuever Ava and find the proof they need that she killed Nina.

Luke samples the drugs he wants Julian to sell and he makes the decision that today is the day they bring Sonny down.

Julian doesn't like the idea of running drugs but Luke disagrees.

Sam goes to Julian for help and finds Luke there.

Nikolas tries to apologize to Elizabeth.

Dr.Obrecht listens as Nikolas tells Elizabeth about Ben.

Kiki tells Tracy that Luke made a pass at her twice.

Madeline goes to see her son and he tells her that he doesn't think Silus is guilty.

Silus tells Kiki that he found out Nina died.

Madeline is frustrated by Nathan's refusal to believe Silus' guilt.

Sam asks Julian to help her bring Ava down.

Sonny and Ava await news of AJ.

Carly tells Sonny and Ava that AJ has died.

Nikolas leaves after he hears a noise and thinks Elizabeth has spent the night with Rick.

Silus vows to find Nina's killer.

Luke denies making a pass at Kiki but Tracy doesn't believe him.

Kiki comforts Monica.

Michael promises AJ that he will make his killer pay.

Carly tells Sonny that AJ told her who shot him before he died.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Drama Continues

Britt is arrested after her mother runs off with baby Ben.

Madeline tells Silus and Sam that Nina is dead.

Madeline taunts Silus that he has inherited her money and in turn Silus signs a paper waiving his rights to it.

Nathan continues on his quest to find Silus guilty after his mother tells him that Nina is dead.

Sonny tries to find out info about AJ and Olivia gets angry that he is not focusing on finding their grandson.

Carly sits at AJ's bedside and witnesses him coming out of his coma long enough to tell her that Sonny shot him and it is all because of Ava.

AJ loses consciousness before he can make Carly understand what the Ava connection is.

Monica and Michael rush in as AJ takes a turn for the worst.

Kiki is suspicious of her mother's concerns about AJ.

Ava and Sonny discuss AJ's condition.

Sam goes to see Nikolas and fills her in on what happened between him and Britt.

Michael beats himself up about choosing surgery for AJ.

Monica tells off Sonny when he shows up to see Michael.

Lulu bursts into the interrogation room as Dante is listening in to a phone call Britt has received from her mother.

Dr. Obrecht hangs up when she realizes Britt is in custody.

Elizabeth is being held hostage by Dr. Obrecht.

Anna confronts Nathan about his obsession and realizes that it is personal.

Sam pushes Nikolas to go tell Elizabeth he is sorry.

Lulu tells Britt exactly what she thinks of her.

Nikolas arrives at Elizabeth's while she and Ben are being held by gunpoint.

Sam tells Silus and Nathan she has an idea how to find out if Ava killed Nina.

AJ crashes.


Luke moves on his plan to take down Sonny.

Nathan tells his mother that he doesn't believe Silus killed Nina.

AJ's life hangs in the balance.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kicked to the Curb

Nikolas hears out Britt who continues to blame her mother and downplays her part in the baby stealing.

Meanwhile Dante and Lulu find Dr. Obrecht with Ben and she refuses to give him to his parents.

Silus shows Nathan the papers Madeline tried to get him to sign.

Nathan goes straight to his mother to find out what she is up to.

Rick tries to get Elizabeth to give him a chance and even though she kisses him she won't commit to giving their relationship another go.

Madeline and Carly discuss fighting for their children.

Madeline shocks Nathan by telling him that Nina is dead.

Lulu and Dante rush after Dr. Obrecht who has kidnapped Ben.

Nikolas tells Britt that their engagement is off and he tells her she must leave his home now.

As Nik is throwing her out they find out from Lulu and Dante that her mother has stolen the baby.