50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Will Helena Expose Elizabeth's Secret

General Hospital ended last week with us on the edge of our seats waiting to see if the big secret would finally be revealed.

It was awkward for Nikolas and Elizabeth who stood by defenseless while Helena teased Jason with what she knew about him.

Sam almost seemed fearful of the curse Helena bestowed upon her.

Jason grew frustrated by Helena's games.

Meanwhile back in Port Charles Nina stepped in and stopped Franco's enabling of Kiki when she saw that he had a huge possibility of going to jail. Nathan didn't believe her at first until he got a copy of a picture that showed who was actually driving Franco's car and then he had no choice but to release Franco.

Carly was outraged that Franco was freed and found it hard to believe that Kiki was the person who hit her.

Morgan talked Kiki out of turning herself in and instead managed to get her to run away with him. Morgan's mood swings and out-of-control behavior began to scare Kiki who decided it was better that she return home and face the charges.

Anna decided that she needed psychiatric help in order to cope with her feelings of guilt regarding Carlos and went to see the doctor.

Patrick struggled with anger about Sam leaving to help Jason and wound up at the gym where Sonny helped him work out his frustrations. Epiphany praised Sonny for helping Patrick and considered his therapy session a success.

Maxie worked to revive Crimson by doing all she could to promote Nina.

Nina was excited to have a chance at a career but wasn't going to accept that Franco would throw his life away for Kiki.

Lulu misunderstood things and made a fool of herself at the station. Dante told her what was really going on with him and Valerie and told her that he has had enough of her accusations.

Next week on GH:

Will Jason begin to see through Elizabeth's desperation to keep him? Will Helena spill the truth about the secret or will she die before she gets the chance?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jake is Jason

I am finally ready to jump back into blogging about General Hospital! Let's catch up on what has been going on in Port Charles.

So Jake knows he is Jason Morgan but insists that he doesn't have any recollection of what that means.

Monica tells Jason that she only wants the chance to love the man her son is right now and puts no demands on him unlike everyone else.

Patrick holds the belief that Sam doesn't have a future with Jason as their lives have gone in different directions.

Elizabeth pleads with Patrick to help keep Sam away from Jason.

Laura is happy to hear that Jason knows the truth but warns Nikolas and Elizabeth that Jason needs to know that they knew the truth all along.

Hayden is secretly working with Tracy and tells Nikolas, Elizabeth and Laura that she has no reason to reveal the secret.

Jason is determined to find out who stole his life and goes to Nikolas for answers but finds Elizabeth with him.

Robin tries to warn Patrick about the truth about Jason but is cut off by her captors.

Robin's captors punish her by abducting Emma.

Anna is forced into working for Paul.

Valerie is assigned to work with Dante.

Lulu cancels the plans to have another baby and tells Dante if she chooses to have another child she can do so without him.

Lulu confesses that she still loves Dante but she doesn't know if she can forgive him.

Nina becomes editor of Crimson and hires Maxie to help.

Julian thinks he is fixing his tax issues by giving Nina a job but is unaware of Nina's plans to make the magazine a success.

Alexis tries to comfort Sam through a difficult situation.


Will Jason get the answers he is looking for?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brad Reveals His Bride

Hayden moves in with Nikolas and begins to remember snippets of her life before the shooting.

Elizabeth confesses to Jake that she did tell Nikolas that he and Sam are investigating him.

Jake doesn't get angry at Elizabeth for her actions.

Brad tries to explain to Lucas why he got married and reveals that Rosalie is his wife.

(viewers ALL feel dumbfounded that the writers act as if we are stupid- HOW ON EARTH DID ROSALIE AND BRAD NEVER CROSS PATHS???)

Brad confesses to Lucas that he and Rosalie must stay married to avoid having to testify in a mob trial.

Jordan pushes Sonny who feels confident that Julian is behind recent mob events even though he tells Alexis and others that he is out of the business.

Olivia returns and tells Dante and Lulu that she feels guilty about denying Julian access to baby Leo.

Dante tells his mother that it is questionable whether Julian has actually left the mob as he is telling everyone.

Julian thanks Alexis for supporting him through losing the baby.

Olivia goes to see Julian.

Coming: Hayden remembers more but will she remember who Jake is? Elizabeth plans a the future of her dreams but is plagued by guilt. Nikolas does all he can to prevent the secret coming out. Will Lucas stand by Brad or walk away? Will Olivia confess to Julian?

Friday, August 7, 2015

Murder Mystery?

After Silus catches Ava in bed with Morgan he winds up dead.

Franco finds Nina kneeling over Silus' body with a knife in her hand but she insists she did not kill him.

Yes Nina was furious with Silus after Franco told her that she was not responsible for kidnapping baby Avery and told her the story of how and why Silus was the one responsible.

Does this give Nina a motive for murder? Yes it does but after Franco is arrested for the murder he finally figures out what smart viewers already suspected- who had more of a motive for murder than Nina? Ava (and Morgan) did.

Silus was ready to tell Kiki the truth about her beloved Aunt Denise and her boyfriend Morgan. He left Kiki a cryptic voicemail telling her he had something "important" to tell her.

Kiki returned home only to find a suspicious Franco lurking outside her door and when she entered the apartment and found her father lying on the floor, Franco was not surprised at all leading Kiki to believe that Franco was the killer.

Franco carrying the murder weapon in a bag didn't help to convince anyone of his innocence but in Franco's mind he needed to protect Nina.

It wasn't until Dr. Obrecht came to see Franco in lock-up that the light bulb lit up and Franco realized that Ava was probably the killer.

What will Franco do now? Will he expose the whole truth about what Silus did for Ava and the fact that Ava is Denise?

Meanwhile Nina is slowly learning that she cannot trust her husband or her mother and eventually she will need to trust her brother even though he is a cop. How else can she save Franco from himself?

The Jake is Jason story might finally be coming to an end as more people learn Nik and Elizabeth's secret. Lucky knows and has left town. Laura is struggling with holding onto the truth and now Hayden has come out of her coma. Is Hayden faking memory loss or is she for real?

Elizabeth is enjoying her life but Sam doesn't trust her and it is only a matter of time before SOMEONE overhears the truth or figures it out.

Patrick and Sam's relationship becomes strained after he learns that she has been secretly working with Jake to help Michael get back ELQ. Sam admits that she kept the truth from him because of his friendship with Elizabeth who Sam does not trust.

They are not the only couple with trust issues. Lucas and Brad's relationship is on the rocks after Brad finally admits to Lucas that he is already married. The rest of the truth about that story has not yet been revealed but we will see if these two can get over this hurdle.

Carly has a hard time watching Morgan make a mess out of his life, recognizing that her son has the same destructive tendencies she once had. Wait until she finds out that Ava is Denise!

Is Julian really out of the mob or has he been lying all this time? How is Michael allowing his dad to keep Avery when it is clear that he is back in charge of his business?

With two new writers in charge at GH fans can expect some drastic changes coming. Hopefully these will be for the best and they can get beloved characters back on track.

What do you hope to see happening soon on GH? I want Jason to find out who he is already!!! Enough of the teases- it's time for a Jason and Sam reunion!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Goodbye Luke Spencer

It was the biggest wedding ever and it wasn't even "real". Back in the 80's, the wedding of Luke and Laura made ratings history and today Luke Spencer had his final scene on General Hospital.

Did it live up to all the hype? For the last several weeks viewers have been teased with the return of much-loved characters like Lucky and Ethan (played by their original portrayers) after the announcement that Tony Geary was giving up the role that made him famous. For long-time viewers who suffered through the Fluke storyline it didn't come as a big surprise that he was finally walking away from Luke. Word is that it was Tony Geary's insistence that they give him something interesting to work with that brought us the too-long story of is Luke really Luke and all the outrageousness that went along with it.

It was nice to see Laura and Luke team back up again in order to save their son Lucky although Holly and Nathan's return was not much more than a cameo appearance. Luke's final scenes with sister Barbara Jean (Bobbie) didn't seem to have a whole lot of feeling in comparison to Luke's scenes with Lucky when they returned Elizabeth's son Jake to her.

Maybe it is just the chemistry between Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) and Geary is much stronger but Luke and Lucky's scenes reminded me of why I even liked Luke.

Today Luke made his abrupt leave and after saying goodbye to Sonny his daughter Lulu rushed to say her goodbyes. Was Luke really going to leave again and not say goodbye to his daughter?

After the debacle of the Fluke storyline it was a stretch for the writers to make Luke's exit something anyone would shed a tear over. Maybe that is why they decided to resurrect little Jake since 5 years ago it was a drunken Luke who was responsible for the hit and run that killed his own son's son. (step-son that is)

Maybe it was all the fan backlash from that awful Fluke storyline that made Tony Geary say "enough I am just going to go off to Amsterdam and leave Luke behind me forever"...I don't know. I read where Anthony Geary realized recently that his obituary might say that he was known as Luke of Luke and Laura fame. He seems to be regretful of that. The character of Luke brought a lot of happiness to people and sometimes some anger. Don't actors want to be remembered for the roles they play?

This past year has been more fun on GH with the return of "old" fan favorites. The storylines have been difficult to stomach and some of the newer characters are a bore. Daytime dramas are so eighties and today is the end of an era. I'm sorry if Tony Geary will only be remembered for his part but back in the day, Luke and Laura were one of the most exciting couples on daytime. There was a lot of competition back then and they stood out. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

I don't have much more to say about the end of Luke. The era was over a long time ago. Writers failed to give us anything tear-worthy as we said goodbye to Luke. (except of course Elizabeth's face when she saw her son Jake). What did you think of Luke's final episode?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Silus Warns Morgan

Denise scolds Julian for giving up the family business.

Kiki goes to Michael to plead Denise's case and Michael agrees to talk to Sonny about allowing her to visit Avery.

Sonny proposes to a stunned Carly and she accepts.

Rick goes forward with his and Madeline's plan to make Nina think she is going crazy.

Silus tells Morgan he is aware of his cheating with Denise and warns him to stop.

Franco goes to see Ava and Julian is disgusted that she and Franco are a pair.

Coming: How much longer will people closest to Ava not realize that Denise is Ava in disguise?

Will Nina catch on that Rick is playing her or will he succeed in having her committed?

How will people react to little Jake's return?

Will Jason/Jake's memories continue?

Can Dante and Lulu move on or will something happen that will end their marriage for good (like Valerie being pregnant?)

What will Lucky do with the secret Nikolas told him?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lucky Learns a Secret But Will He Share It?

After she catches Dante calling Valerie, Lulu has trouble with the idea that Dante and Valerie work together.

Luke finds Tracy in bed with Paul.

Luke tells Tracy why he lied to her but she tells him she cannot have him back in her life.

Dylan tells his father that Luke wants his mother back and is unhappy when he tells him that he and Tracy slept together.

Elizabeth explains to Jake how Lucky found her son and brought him back to her.

"Jake" has memories of being Jason.

Elizabeth seems like she is going to tell "Jake" the truth but then instead enjoys seeing him bond with Jake.

Nikolas tells Lucky about Jason and Lucky gets angry that he and Elizabeth are keeping him from his life and loved ones.

Nikolas makes Lucky see that if he cannot be with Elizabeth and raise their boys, Jason can and will even though he doesn't know who he is.

Luke vows to not give up on getting Tracy back.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Elizabeth Gets the Best Gift Ever

Lucky breaks the news to Elizabeth and she is reunited with her son Jake.

Elizabeth feels guilty when Luke reminds her that people don't often get second chances.

Luke encourages Lucky to continue to fight his demons and promises him to be there for him if needed.

Laura goes to see Nikolas to tell him about her adventure.

Patrick tells Sam about Hayden's changing condition and she tells him about Hayden's connection to Nikolas.

Jake goes to see Michael but instead spends time with Monica who reminisces about Jason.

After Elizabeth settles in with Jake, Luke takes off to find Tracy.

Lucky tells Elizabeth he doesn't know what his plans are but he needs to go see his mother and winds up at Windemere.

Dante only confesses to kissing Valerie and keeps the whole truth a secret between him and Valerie.

Jordan warns Valerie that she cannot have workplace drama going on and tells her she needs to put it aside and move on.

Lulu tells Dante she wants to forget the last few weeks and just go forward with their life together not knowing what her husband is really guilty of.

Jake goes to Elizabeth's to find her son Jake there.

Coming: Will the guilt Elizabeth feels be enough to tell Jake the truth about who he is? Will Nikolas confess the truth to his mother about Jason? What excuse will Lucky give to leave his family again?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

What Happened on GH?

We are winding down to Tony Geary's final days as Luke Spencer and GH is trying to cram in as many reunions as possible.

Last week we saw Luke confront Helena Cassadine who has been holding little Jake since the drunk driving accident that everyone thought killed Elizabeth's little boy. Helena did this as an act of punishment to Luke and his family and as she explained it, she no longer feels the need to punish Luke as Nikolas has finally become the Cassadine he was meant to be.

Did Nikolas know about Jake all this time? If he did, that is really horrible given his relationship with Elizabeth.

Lucky, Laura, Luke and Jake all headed back to Port Charles with the intention of reuniting Elizabeth with her son.

Meanwhile Elizabeth continued to struggle with keeping the truth from Jason/Jake as he teamed up with Sam in order to regain ELQ from Nikolas.

Sam felt she had no choice but to keep her new alliance from Patrick who would surely tell Elizabeth.

Brad continued to push off planning his wedding to Lucas and made excuses about his family.

Carly slipped and told Lulu about Dante kissing Valerie.

Dante made peace with Dylan after learning the truth about Lulu's trip with him.

Valerie told Dante she would keep their secret but told him that Lulu was wrong to lie to him.

Dylan's father came to town much to Tracy's annoyance.

Monica returned home and Dylan filled her in on what happened while she was gone.

Carly asked Elizabeth for her support as she awaited Joss' cancer test results.

Carly later felt guilty for making Elizabeth re-live losing Jake.


Elizabeth receives shocking news. Will this make her come clean about Jason? Valerie and Dante's secret will be hard to keep. Will Tracy accept Luke's apology?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lucky Makes a Shocking Claim

Lucky saves his family from Frank Smith and his men.

Dante receives a call from Leslie which confirms his suspicions about Lulu.

Silas feels sad when he sees Patrick, Sam and Danny at the park enjoying the Fourth of July festivities.

Elizabeth continues to lie to Jake about who he is but is distracting with worry about not being able to contact Lucky.

Sam and Jake agree to keep it a secret that they are working together to get back ELQ.

Dante has too much to drink and winds up in bed with Valerie.

Lulu is anxious to get home to Dante and explain why she took off the way she did.

Ava confesses the whole truth to a stunned Franco and then tells him that he will keep her secret because she will help him get Nina back.

Nina and Silas run into each other at the fireworks and they discuss their past and futures.

Nina notices Silas' annoyance when she tells him that Franco and "Denise" are an item.

Before Frank Smith (finally) dies, he tells Luke that Lucky was "in" on his own kidnapping.

Lucky tells Luke and Laura that he had to play along with Frank to keep Jake safe.

Luke and Laura are shocked by Lucky's revelation that Jake is still alive.

In a most shocking turn of events, Lucky reveals that Jake is still alive. HOW can that be? We saw Jake die on the operating table. Elizabeth agreed to donate an organ to Josslyn to save her life. This week Carly will take Josslyn for a check-up for her cancer and the results will point to the shocking possibility that Jake really IS still alive. This new turn of events is beyond ridiculous. Hopefully it will mean that either Jake remembers he is Jason or Elizabeth feels overwhelmed by her guilt and lets Jason regain his rightful place with Sam and Danny. What do you think about this? Personally I remember sobbing while watching the death of Elizabeth and Jason's beautiful little boy. Hard to believe it didn't happen.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Luke Leaves July 27th

Tony Geary will last be seen as Luke Spencer on July 27th and fans are holding their breath waiting to see how it all ends. As for Tony Geary, he seems very ready to live full time in Holland where his celebrity is no big deal.

In his career as Luke Spencer, Tony Geary has been the recipient of 8 daytime Emmy awards for a role that originally was meant to last only several weeks. He was a part of the super-couple whose 80s wedding was one of the biggest daytime moments EVER!

For some crazy reason, fans fell in love with Luke and Laura's story even though this love story began when Luke raped Laura on the dance floor of his campus disco. Luke Spencer was not a nice guy and I don't know why fans love him. Laura tried to tame him but there's no taming Luke.

Even when writers broke up Luke and Laura and eventually paired him with upper-crust Tracy Quartermaine fans still enjoyed the adventurous scoundrel'S antics. It wasn't until the recent torturous story where Luke wasn't really Luke that fans began to hate Luke Spencer or at least what the writing staff at GH had done to him.

Luke cracked under the pressure that he was traumatized by holding in the horrible secret that he had killed his parents way back when. Was it this story that finally made Tony Geary say it's time to retire or were the writers trying to challenge Tony by writing this story for him?

Long-time fans of the show have been disgusted by GH in recent years. Characters acting out of character and too much of the mob stories that first started way back when Luke first came on the scene. Luke started as a mobster - remember Frank Smith? Luke managed to leave the mob and go on and hopefully GH will remember that there can be life after the mob and do the same for Julian Jerome.

What the future holds for GH is unknown as the only daytime show left on ABC, July 27th is the end of an era with the departure of one of daytime's most favorite characters.

As for Tony Geary, it sounds doubtful to me that he will ever return, even briefly, unlike Jonathan Jackson who went on with his career starring on "Nashville" but is making a brief return to GH to help send off his tv dad. Tony Geary almost sounds ungrateful to the fans who helped make him one of the highest paid actors on daytime television with perks like having summers off so he could live in Amsterdam during his extended summer vacations. Yes, daytime was very good to Tony Geary.

Hopefully GH will be good to the fans of Luke and Laura and give us closure that we deserve for hanging in there through the awful Luke's breakdown story.

What do you think about Luke's exit?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lulu and Dylan Share a Secret

Maxie butts into Dante and Lulu's relationship by warning Valerie to stay clear of Dante.

Dante tells Maxie that she owes Valerie an apology as she did nothing wrong.

Lulu has nightmares about the secret she is keeping from Dante and shares with Dylan her guilt over not telling Dante what is going on.

Jake shares his suspicion about Sam to Elizabeth who runs to Nikolas with fears that Jake is too close to people who might make his memories return.

Rosalie tells Nikolas about the investigation and worries that he will be found out.

Tracy demands results from Sam.

Patrick feels deja vous over his current situation with Sam investigating Jake.

Ava is determined to be a part of her daughters' lives even though she can only do it as Denise.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Catching Up

Some mystery person wants Luke and Laura to make everyone believe that they are back together while they hold Lucky hostage.

After Dylan demands answers from Luke he tells him and Lulu that Lucky is in danger and he must keep this secret from Tracy.

Tracy finds a friend in Sabrina who tells her that she knows how she feels.

Sabrina confesses to Tracy that she has hired Sam to find out who is trying to take over ELQ.

Michael hires Jake to be head of security at ELQ and Jake begins investigating.

Jake finds a hidden bug and blames it on Sam.

Rosalie worries that Jake will find out Nikolas is behind the takeover but Nik seems confident that there is nothing to worry about.

Sloan goes to get Brooklyn's shares and is successful when he discovers her babysitting Olivia's supposedly "dead" baby.

TJ gets arrested and is disgusted when Jordan is unable to help him choosing her job over doing what he thinks is right.

Valerie stands up for Dante bringing the two of them even closer.

Rick prepares to defend TJ in court but Sonny makes sure that the charges against TJ are dropped.

Morgan confesses to Sonny that he kissed Denise and Kiki senses that Morgan is hiding something.

Kiki feels a connection to Denise and wants to get to know her new-found aunt better.

Silus and Ava butt heads over her obvious attraction to Morgan.

Elizabeth worries that Jake will remember who he is and Nikolas assures her that she doesn't need to worry.


Luke and Laura go on an adventure and Tracy tries to move on. Sabrina's instincts about Rosalie prove to be true. Jake continues to investigate which brings him closer to finding out his own truth.

Maxie and Nathan enjoy their relationship. Dylan and Lulu get closer due to the secret they hold about Lucky while Dante and Valerie grow closer.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Luke Chooses Laura

After Luke publicly humiliates Tracy by telling her that he is going back to Laura, Tracy tells him off.

Denise covers and manages to fool Morgan after their passionate embrace.

Lulu voices her disappointment in both of her parents.

Nina is surprised but thankful for Silus' support after he witnesses her tell Franco she sold his ELQ stocks to Rosalie.

Sabrina tells Michael that she doesn't trust Rosalie and questions why he does.

Nikolas tells Rosalie about Dylan and how he holds valuable shares Nik needs.

Franco rushes to see Michael demanding money for the stocks Nina sold him.

Michael denies the sale and Franco is momentarily confused.

Maxie warns Nathan against working with Franco ever again.

Dylan supports his mother who is broken-hearted over trusting Luke again.

Denise discovers that Kiki and Morgan are a couple and is annoyed with Morgan for kissing her.

Nikolas plans to use Lulu to get to Dylan's shares but Rosalie might have other plans.

What is the big secret behind Laura's return?

The Return of Laura

Tracy is annoyed by an unexpected guest at her engagement party.

Laura begs Luke for a few moments alone.

Ava, masquerading as Denise goes to see AJ and Michael buys her story of being Ava's twin.

Morgan and Kiki find Denise gone and Kiki goes looking for her.

Silus listens to Nina's story of how Franco betrayed her and feels guilty about her being blamed for Avery's kidnapping.

Kiki shows up at the Floating Rib and questions why her father is having drinks with Nina.

Silus tells her he doesn't know where Denise is after admitting that he did go to meet her.

Everyone wonders why Laura showed up at the party and after she and Luke return, he asks everyone to leave and apologizes to Tracy.

Luke drops a bombshell and tells Tracy that their engagement is off.

Denise hands the baby over to Michael who later tells Sabrina that he felt sorry for the woman.

Ava returns to Julians overwhelmed by seeing her daughter.

Morgan comforts Denise and then the two kiss passionately.

Ava's emotions cause her to blurt out how she has missed Morgan and he realizes that Denise is really Ava.

What did Laura tell Luke that caused him to break his engagement? Will Silus' guilt cause him to out Ava? Will Morgan keep Ava's secret?

Friday, June 5, 2015

Toasting Luke and Tracy

Luke's spur-of-the-moment engagement party on the Haunted Star brings together family and friends.

Lulu is taken aback by Valerie's announcement that she will be working with Dante.

Nathan backs out of Franco's plan to get Nina to annul her marriage to Rick.

Silus recounts to Denise how he cured Ava of her cancer and she finally admits that she is Ava.

Dante senses trouble when Lulu introduces him to Dylan unaware that he was back in town.

Ava tries to explain to Silus that creating a new identity was the only way she could be a part of her daughters' lives.

Silus is angry by Ava's choices and feels she takes him for granted.

Nina is angry with Nathan for going along with Franco and winds up at the Floating Rib where she bumps into Silus.

Luke makes a heartfelt apology to his party guests and as he is making a toast to his beloved Tracy, Laura enters the room.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lucky is Returning!

Jonathan Jackson will be returning as "Lucky" this summer as a part of the story that sends off Luke Spencer. Also returning will be Luke's other son (with Holly) Nathan Parsons will return to his role as "Ethan".

Not quite sure how they will be sending off Luke Spencer but with the characters of Laura, Holly, Lucky and Ethan returning it should be interesting.

On yesterday's show, Tracy declined Luke's marriage proposal but did agree to a 30 day engagement period where Luke promised to prove to her that he is indeed a "changed" man.

Tracy's son Dylan returned and make his mother question her trust in him much to Luke's disappointment. Before Dylan showed up would Tracy have trusted Luke enough to jump into yet another marriage with him?

How will Lucky's return play into Elizabeth's current story where she is keeping the truth from everyone about Jason? Lucky has been an absentee father to their son for a long time now. Will Elizabeth call Lucky out on that?

The send-off of Luke is supposed to happen fast (a refreshing promise to viewers who have been disgusted by drawn-out stories) and hopefully it will do justice to who Luke is and not to who Luke has become.

Anna Devane will be leaving for a few months but will return.

Seems to me that there will be some shake-ups coming as Sloan promises to bring down the mayor and reveal Nikolas' role in fixing the mayoral race.

The future of ELQ looks bleak with Nikolas now holding the shares he needs to takeover the company.

Michael and Morgan call a truce which might turn Michael back into a more likable character instead of the screaming irrational man he has become.

So after what we thought was an assisted suicide, Ava really is alive? Does Denise not remember or is she just playing with Silus?

How will she escape going back to prison?

Jordan is now the new police commissioner and Lulu has to deal with her cousin Valerie working with Dante.

With Dylan back in town will Lulu be tempted to rekindle that old relationship?

Looks like trouble in the Falconari marriage. Speaking of trouble, how will Olivia deal with living with her lie about her baby?

So much to come this summer.

What are your thoughts on the return of Lucky, Ethan, Holly and Laura?

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Return of Luke

The past couple of days (heck- WEEKS) of GH have been quite disappointing. I don't think too many fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to find out the real story behind Ava's look-alike or why Rick is so desperate for money that he married crazy Nina.

Today we saw the return of Luke. As many fans know, Anthony Geary has chosen to retire from his role as Luke Spencer and this decision has caused the writers to wrap up a story and create a pretty hasty exit for this long-loved but almost-destroyed-by-bad-storylines character.

Word is that Laura is coming back and also Holly will be returning to take part in what is being called "Luke's final adventure". Here's to hoping that the writers will do the characters some justice and send off Luke leaving the fans happy with the end.

Meanwhile Anna has too much to drink and gets busy with Sloan. (the uncharacteristic act of killing Carlos has the formerly fiercely dedicated crime fighter feeling like a hypocrite)

Delia shows up at the police station just in time for the reveal of Denise' DNA results and tells everyone that Ava had a twin. Sonny has a hard time believing this but everyone else seems to accept Delia's revelation as truth.

(We SAW Silus administer medication to put Ava out of her cancer misery and silently go on without telling anyone- did this really happen and what will Silus do when he hears about her twin that could have saved her life?)

and in more ridiculousness...Rick goes to see Madeline who hired him to get Nina's money and spills that he married her daughter which she angrily reminds him was NOT a part of the plan. She then turns the tables on him and threatens him if he doesn't get her out of jail as promised.

Nathan tries to get Nina to see that marrying Rick was not a good idea but she blames his actions on Franco and further opens herself up for more trouble when Rosalie asks to meet her and she agrees.

Nikolas orders Rosalie to turn the tables on Michael by getting Nina to hand over the ELQ shares in his attempt to gain control of ELQ. WHY does Nikolas Cassadine even NEED ELQ??? Again another ridiculous story!

Morgan and Kiki are back together - but do we care? The re-cast of Kiki is annoying and who really cares about this character?

Julian has promised his family that he is out of the business for good and although he tells this to Sonny, Sonny still wants to find Duke's killer and will hold Julian accountable.

Word is out that Jake is an innocent man but still is a man with no memory. Nikolas and Elizabeth know the truth and Hayden who also knows that Jake is Jason is in a coma after Nikolas' hitman doesn't do a good job of silencing her.

Hayden is going to come out of her coma but will she tell what she knows or will she die without sharing the truth?

Sloan shares more than just a bed with Anna when he tells her all about the mayoral race and how Nikolas was behind fixing it. Anna is stunned by this news but not surprised because he is a Cassadine after all.

With Laura coming back to town will Nikolas continue to visit his darker side or will the presence of his mother cause him to come clean?

GH lately has been a show that many long-time fans don't recognize. Yes you might recognize their faces but their actions are so out of character. What do you hope will happen in the near future? How do you feel about Luke's exit?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Catching Up After May Sweeps

I don't know about you but May sweeps were a disappointment to this long-time GH viewer. Again we were teased that Jake's identity would be revealed but it was only revealed to a pathetic Elizabeth who then decided to keep it to herself.

I guess Elizabeth cannot see how her keeping Jason's true identity a secret will someday backfire on her.

Hayden was about to (possibly) reveal the truth to Jake and Sam but was hit by a bullet that everyone thinks was meant for Jake but the shooter was a hitman hired by Nicolas who needed to silence her.

Carly continued to show her support and friendship to Jake even though Sonny was not happy at all.

In a strange twist of events, Nina and Rick (of all people) married after meeting in a bar. Don't quite get the point of this hook-up but we will see.

A mysterious woman who resembles Ava comes to town and is promptly arrested. Another disappointment was Ava's death assisted by Silas who has not been around much. Also missing is baby Avery who was found in Silas and Kiki's apartment and returned to Michael?

Olivia gave birth to Julian's son and then she and Ned with the help of Dr. Obrecht managed to sneak the premature baby out of town while everyone mourned the baby's "death".

Shawn got arrested for shooting Hayden and it was (finally) revealed that Jordan is an undercover cop much to Shawn and TJ's disgust and anger. When Shawn told Jordan he wouldn't turn on Sonny, Jordan confessed that TJ is really his son. Shawn (like the rest of us) has a hard time believing that "truth" after all the lies she has told.

General Hospital has been having some trouble finishing storylines in a timely manner and instead drags on with stories that don't hold our interest. Then things are quickly wrapped up without us seeing it happen.

The death of Duke was a devastating loss and Anna's actions afterwards were so out of character. After all the torture and pain Faison caused Anna and her loved ones for years she didn't shoot him but she put Carlos full of holes for shooting Duke even though it was Julian who was behind the hit.

The writers are slowly killing characters like Anna by making them behave in uncharacteristic manners. I will miss Duke even though in his last visit to Port Charles the writers barely touched on why we loved Duke Lavery.

During May sweeps it was announced that Anthony Geary is leaving the role of Luke Spencer. I am sad to see Luke go but the way the writing has been on GH he probably made the right choice. Right now Luke is off after the "big reveal" that it was he who accidentally killed his mother and purposely killed his father. It was a powerful episode that was recently repeated on Memorial Day but the story pretty much set Luke up for a permanent exit.

Too bad. I love the pairing of Tracy and Luke and it feels like she won't ever have another sparring partner like him. Word is that Genie Francis will be returning as Laura and unless they write her a good story it will be a waste of another old character.

Fans want to see Jason remember who he is and maybe have a reunion with his wife and his son that he doesn't even know is his. Of course it will be complicated now that Sam has moved on with Patrick but hey, soaps need drama, right?

The darkness of Nicolas is welcome. He is a Cassadine after all and it is nice to see him explore the dark side. GH needs to bring Lucky back. Jonathan Jackson has moved on with his career and that is great but certainly they can find someone who can play Lucky Spencer.

Fans have accepted the re-casts of many popular characters like Lulu and Jason why not Lucky?

What are your thoughts on May sweeps and what is your biggest disappointment to date?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Who Took Baby Avery?

Lulu is devastated when she finds out that Luke will be sent to jail after he is well enough to leave the hospital.

Kiki and Morgan prepare to bring baby Avery home but then find she has been kidnapped from the hospital.

Franco receives a visit from Scott who warns him about getting close to Nina.

Nina returns and Franco grills her about where she has been.

Nathan goes to see Maxie to tell her he wants another shot at their relationship but she tells him she and Spinelli are back together.

Spinelli asks Maxie if she is sorry about her choice.

Dante assures Valerie that Lulu will understand her anger against Luke and support her.

Morgan calls Dante for help in finding their sister and Dante leaves Rocko with Valerie.

Lulu returns home outraged that Valerie is alone with her baby.

Sabrina asks Felix to test the drug Michael was taking suspicious that perhaps the wrong medication was taken.

Sabrina wonders where Michael went and when he returns she is about to question him and then finds out baby AJ was kidnapped.

Dante arrives to question Michael after Morgan tells him what happened.

Nathan goes to find Nina and see what she knows about the baby.

Luke wrestles with his demons.