50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Monday, March 30, 2015

Jordan in Danger

Jordan walks into Anna's room unaware that Sloan is waiting with her.

When Jordan is exposed to Sloan she is forced to tell him about her investigation.

Carly gives Jake a hard time about starting his life with his alleged wife telling him that she needs his friendship.

Sloan has words with Jake who tries to tell him about learning about his wife but Sloan doesn't want to hear about it.

Nina and Franco threaten to tell Julian what they know and Olivia gives in to their demands.

Lulu leaves Dante with an injured Valerie and takes off in search of her father.

Luke has Patricia tied up and gagged much to the shock of Bobbie and Tracy who try to break through to the Luke they know.

Lulu busts into Patricia's room and is held at gunpoint with her family.

Anna tries to figure out how to keep Jordan safe.

Duke shares with one of his bodyguards why he is not telling Sonny that Jordan was wearing a wire and tells him what he plans to do about it.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dante Catches on to Luke

Jordan is wired by Anna to catch Duke.

Lulu tells Dante about meeting her cousin Valerie but then they head back to see her on a hunch.

Franco and Nina have their day in court and much to their surprise (and everyone else) they wind up free.

Nina decides to start her new life with Franco instead of rooming with her brother Nathan.

Franco has a plan to live at the Metro Court thanks to Olivia's confession while he was suffering the affects of LSD.

Julian tells Olivia that he is convinced that the baby is not his much to Olivia's delight.

Jordan meets with Duke who tells her the hit is off.

Shawn asks Sonny for details of the test Duke is putting Jordan through but Sonny remains quiet about it.

Tracy fills in Bobbie about meeting Valerie and Bobbie discovers the grave location is actually a nursing home and the two head off in search of Patricia.

Lulu and Dante find an unconscious Valerie who tells them what Luke put her through.

Lulu and Dante head to find Patricia before Luke does.

Sloan arrives at Anna's with a search warrant as she is monitoring Jordan's talk with Duke.

Sloan reveals he knows Jordan is the informant as she bursts in anxious that Anna has heard what Duke said.

Franco demands all the best the Metro Court can offer for him and Nina and tells Olivia that she will do what he wants or he will tell Julian the truth.

Olivia is stunned.

Tracy and Bobbie enter Patricia's room only to find Luke with a gun pointed at them.

Coming next week:

The truth about Luke and Bobbie's childhood is FINALLY going to be revealed on the anniversary episode April 1st. (April Fool's Day?)
Olivia has a choice- allow Franco to blackmail her to keep her secret or tell Julian the truth. Will Carly continue to investigate Hayden or will she let Jake go?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nina and Franco Go to Court

Sam remembers something strange that Jake said to her about her wedding ring.

Carly goes to Elizabeth's and finds out about Jake's wife.

Carly doesn't buy Hayden's story and drags Elizabeth to the MetroCourt to find out more.

Hayden has plenty of proof for Jake thanks to Rick's plan.

Rick tells TJ and Molly that online dating didn't work out for him as the woman he met was married.

Maxie tells off Spinelli after he seems to gloat about her and Nathan.

Nathan accompanies Nina to court but is called away before her hearing.

Nina admits to Franco that she told Alexis the truth and then Franco confesses he told his father the truth as well.

Alexis tells the judge that Nina was faking her illness at her last court appearance and Nina worries about her defense.

The guy Rick paid to pose in pictures with Hayden confronts him at Kelly's and Rick realizes that there is a snag in his plan.

Patrick waits for an answer from Sam but she is distracted by coming across her wedding ring and thoughts about Jake and Jason.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rick's Plan for Jake

Rick's plan to get Elizabeth back is put in force when a woman named Hayden shows up claiming to be Jake's wife.

Jake is stunned but Elizabeth is suspicious and asks many questions of the mystery woman.

Patrick and Sam return from Boston and walk in on Alexis and Julian who are getting busy in her living room.

Olivia talks about her choice with Ned and he senses she is having second thoughts.

Lulu and Tracy meet Patricia's daughter who tells them that her mother is dead but Tracy feels she is hiding something.

Luke threatens his niece telling her that he doesn't believe her story that her mother Patricia is dead.

Tracy tells Lulu that she cannot believe Lulu is fooled and insists that there is something going on in the apartment.

Patrick asks Sam to move in with him and a shocked Sam tells him she needs to think about it.

Julian asks Alexis to move in with him but she uses Molly as an excuse why she can't.

Alexis tells Julian that she doesn't believe Rick has changed and doesn't want Molly living with him.

Elizabeth and Jake discuss why Hayden would lie and wait for proof.

Rick provides documents for Hayden to show Jake and they talk about how their meeting on a dating site has worked out for both of them.

Hayden takes his cash with the promise of more when she succeeds in breaking up Jake and Elizabeth.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Week in Review and What's to Come

It was a slow week on GH and we continue to be dragged along hoping for a reunion of Sam and Jason who still is going through life as Jake Doe. The Luke fiasco is continuing as well with Lulu and Tracy hot on the trail to find the reason behind Luke's breakdown. Here's what happened this past week on GH

Dante continued his search for Luke who escaped from Ferncliff while worrying about Lulu and Tracy who went on a search for Patricia Spencer.

Dante also got in the middle of the Nathan/Maxie/Spinelli drama and accidentally spilled the truth about Nathan and Spinelli's "dual" with Maxie as the prize.

Maxie was torn about her feelings telling Lulu she felt like her mother did when she was torn between Frisco and Mac.

Spinelli with Sonny's help challenged Nathan to a boxing match with the prize being Maxie.

Nathan reluctantly agreed even though Dante warned him that Maxie would not be happy about it.

Lulu and Tracy arrived at Patricia's only to be told by her daughter that Patricia was dead.

They were unaware that Luke was hiding out in the apartment.

Chemotherapy was making Ava more depressed and when Silus told her that her labs showed it wasn't helping she chose to stop it.

Kiki and Morgan talked strategy in fighting Michael for custody of their sister.

Rosalie continued to spy for Nikolas and Helena and almost got caught by Sabrina and Michael.

Rosalie met Sabrina when she showed up at the office to see Michael.

Kiki had a run-in with Sabrina but Morgan cautioned her against doing anything that would hurt their custody fight.

Nina and Franco confessed to their act and looked for a way out of their situation.

Alexis realized she had her hands full with Nina.

Scott told Franco his hands were tied and he couldn't do anything to help.

Olivia wondered if she made the right choice in denying Julian the truth about their baby.

Anna worked harder to find out what Sloan was up to and worried about her own actions regarding Jordan's safety.

Rick devised a plan to get Elizabeth back into his life.

A mystery woman showed up at Elizabeth's looking for Jake.

Who is behind the mystery woman's appearance? Rick or Helena?

Spencer overheard Nikolas talking about Cam's accident and demanded that his father have him arrested.

Emma came to visit Spencer who was self-conscious about his injuries from the fire.

Sam asked Nikolas again what he knew about Jake but Nikolas avoided answering.

Nikolas seemed determined to push ahead with his grandmother's plan to take over ELQ.

Next week we will be building up to GH's Anniversary special on April 1st where it is promised that we will finally get answers as to why Luke Spencer snapped.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sonny Meets Jake

Sonny goes to Carly's where he meets Jake.

Sonny grills Jake about the kiss he shared with Carly on New Year's Eve and Jake tries to assure a suspicious Sonny that Carly is only a friend and she only has romantic interest in Sonny.

They discuss how Jake stepped out of the way when Rick returned but now Rick and Elizabeth are through.

Sonny isn't convinced by anything Jake says and when Jake tells him that he will be working for Julian, Sonny gets extremely angry.

Carly and Rick go at it about his relationship with Elizabeth and Rick taunts her that her interest in Jake is a little too friendly.

Jordan is stunned when Duke orders her to kill Julian. Duke refuses to address Jordan's concerns that Shawn's suspicions of her caused him to test her loyalty.

Jordan agrees to do what Duke asks and then runs off to see Anna.

Nathan gives Anna a hard time about putting Jordan's life in jeopardy after Jordan begged to get out of her undercover work. Anna admits that her judgment is off.

Patrick and Elizabeth discuss Jake's new job prospect and question why Carly would help Jake work for Sonny's enemy.

Sam and Julian have a heart to heart after he agrees to give Jake a job.

Sam goes to see Patrick feeling good about their romance.

Rick feels convinced that Elizabeth will be coming back to him.

Carlos asks Sabrina what she will do if called to testify against him. Sabrina doesn't want to see him in jail and tells him about her new job. Carlos worries that she will be on Sonny's bad side for taking the nanny position.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Week in Review

Ava was devastated to learn that she was dying of cancer and felt anger over the news that Michael had won custody of her baby.

Silus tried to convince Ava that the only hope for a cure was testing her baby to see if she was a match but Ava rejected the idea.

Ava then came up with a plan for Silus and Kiki to fight for custody of Avery and told Silus that Julian would help them if asked.

Meanwhile Kiki got outraged when she learned that Michael wanted to hire Sabrina to be her baby sister's nanny. She ran to Julian and begged him to help her.

Julian came to an agreement with Carlos after the truce between the Jerome's and Sonny's organization broke down.

Shawn and Duke had doubts about Jordan's true loyalty and Duke and Sonny came up with a test to prove if Jordan is on their side or is a cop.

Duke went to Jordan and told her he needed her to kill Julian and Jordan got suspicious believing that Duke might suspect she is a cop.

Maxie and Nathan's romance hit a snag when a much-more aggressive Spinelli pushed to get Maxie back.

After much pushing by Dante, Nathan decided to fight for Maxie who still seemed confused by her feelings.

Jake got released from the hospital and thanks to Sam, got himself set up working for Julian as per Sloan's demand.

Sonny and Rick's relationship was strangely one of real brothers and the two discussed how the mysterious Jake seemed to have a hold over the women in their lives.

Elizabeth formerly broke it off with Rick, confessing that she did have feelings for Jake and telling Rick that she didn't believe Rick had changed all that much.

Elizabeth worried about Jake's new job prospect and was also curious about his and Carly's deepening friendship.

Sam reunited with Spinelli after baby Georgie spent the night at the hospital with the flu.

Spinelli recognized Jake as "StoneCold" much to the shock of everyone else.

Later he and Carly talked about the ease Carly has with this mystery man and although Jake denied being Jason, Spinelli still felt he knew the man.

Lulu and Tracy were even more determined to find out what trauma caused Luke's change after he managed to escape from Ferncliff.

Franco vowed to kill Luke should he ever run across him again after he used Nina to help escape.

Nina and Franco's bond got stronger as they tried to figure out what their next move would be to gain freedom.

Sloan baited Anna trying to get information about who her police informant was but Anna wouldn't budge.

Anna watched over the mob wars and continued to investigate what Sloan is up to.

Jordan told Anna that she was in danger of being found out.

TJ was happy to have Jordan and Shawn share a meal with him coming to terms with the idea that both of them are in the mob.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Fight for Avery Continues

Kiki goes to see her baby sister and finds that Michael wants to have Sabrina be her nanny.

Shawn questions Jordan again about being the mole which causes her to go to Anna for help.

Duke visits Sonny to fill him in on recent activities with the organization and Shawn comes to tell them that he is questioning Jordan's loyalty.

Julian and Carlos talk about getting rid of Duke in order to regain control.

Michael admits to Sabrina that he fixed the custody hearing to protect Avery from Sonny.

Sabrina struggles with taking on the job.

Spinelli recognizes Jake but is told that he is mistaken.

Carly and Spinelli discuss Jake.

Jake asks Sam for help in getting a job from Julian which she questions.

Patrick and Elizabeth question why Jake has to talk to Sam privately.

Spinelli cannot shake the familiar feeling he has about Jake.

Ava urges Silus to seek custody of Avery.

Silus wants Ava to start treatment for her cancer after she declines having Avery tested.

Ava has a plan that Kiki and Silus can fight for custody if they get Julian's help.

Kiki goes to Julian begging him for help in changing Avery's custody arrangement.

Sabrina finally agrees to become Avery's nanny.

Duke and Sonny devise a plan to trap Jordan.

Carlos tells Julian that Sabrina would never hurt the baby and advises Julian to stay out of the custody battle.

Sam asks Julian to give Jake a job.

Sonny asks Duke for his advice.

Spinelli Runs into Old Friends

Maxie and Spinelli spend the night together at the hospital after baby Georgie has a medical crisis.

Nathan is called to duty and is unable to stay with Maxie.

Dante talks sense into Nathan who is ready to give up on him and Maxie.

As Jake gets ready to be discharged, several women are concerned about his future much to the disgust of the men in their lives.

Rick goes to discuss strategy with Sonny and they wind up discussing Jake.

Sonny encourages his brother and the two of them form a new bond.

Maxie has a talk with Lulu about Spinelli's new-found aggressiveness.

Nathan goes to Maxie much to Spinelli's annoyance.

Sam reunites with her former partner.

Patrick gives Jake a warning.

Carly helps Jake with his decision.

Michael has a visit from Sabrina and then offers her a job as baby AJ's nanny.

Spinelli recognizes Jake as Stone Cold much to everyone's shock.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Baby AJ

After Spinelli gives Tracy the info about Patricia's last known address she is anxious to get moving on finding Luke's long-lost sister.

Lulu offers to go with Tracy but then she gets news from Dante that Luke has escaped.

Nina is shaken after Luke holds her hostage in order to break free.

Nina tells Franco that next time they run across Luke she will not stop him from killing him.

Maxie manages to talk Nathan into believing that she wants him not Spinelli and the two head back to her apartment.

Spinelli is disappointed to find that Maxie and Nathan are together.

Ava is devastated when Silus tells her that he has explored finding a bone marrow match for her advanced cancer but has no matches.

Kiki and Morgan return to Sonny's with Avery and both give Michael a piece of their mind about what he is doing.

Michael seems unaffected by anything anyone says and then announces that he is going to call Avery "AJ".

Carly vows that the family will stick together through this crisis and Sonny vows to take down Michael.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ava Has Bigger Problems Than Facing Jail

Nathan is annoyed to find Maxie and Spinelli kissing.

Alice prepares the Quartermaine house for the arrival of Avery.

Tracy tells Alice about Olivia's pregnancy.

Bobbie apologizes to Scott for her brother's behavior and insists to him that Luke is ill.

Maxie tries to talk her way out of it and blames Spinelli but Nathan isn't buying it.

After channeling Hannibel Lechter and biting off Scott's earlobe, Luke is sent to Ferncliff.

Lulu and Tracy are disgusted and very upset by Luke's latest act and believe even stronger that he is mentally ill.

Spinelli finds info about Pat and rushes off to see Tracy.

Tracy congratulates Michael on his victory and tells him that his great-grandfather would be proud of him.

Carly tries to talk some sense into Sonny who calls Morgan and tells him to flee with Avery.

Nina finds Franco attempting to take Luke's life for hurting his father.

Delia and Silus convince Ava that she cannot take off with her baby but must remain in hiding.

After overhearing Nina and Franco talk about escape, Luke offers to go along with them.

Nathan tells Maxie that maybe they are over as a couple.

When Franco seems to be considering working with Luke on an escape plan Nina tells him no way.

Morgan tells Kiki about Sonny's plan but Kiki refuses to go along with it.

Michael arrives at Sonny's with back-up but finds that the baby is not there.

Silus gets Ava back at the hospital and then tells her the shocking news that she is dying.

Ava is stunned but doesn't believe Silus.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This Week on GH

As Spencer heals from his injuries from the fire, Nikolas struggles with keeping the truth about Jake from his loved ones.

Alexis has her hands full with representing a vengeful Michael.

Maxie's relationship with Nathan becomes more complicated with Spinelli in the way.

Nina and Franco confess their secrets to each other.

Jake is offered a deal from Sloan and he contemplates what to do.

While Sam goes to Boston to offer her support to Nikolas, Tracy and Ned babysit Danny.

Sonny agrees to allow Morgan to bring Avery to Ava's memorial service at Ryan's bar.

Silus makes Ava promise to stay at the hospital to avoid them both going to jail.

Michael is ripped apart on the stand by Rick and Alexis warns him that he might not win custody.

Carly and Sonny see how much pain Michael is in but still believe that Sonny will keep custody of his daughter.

Olivia breaks the news to Dante that she is pregnant and she tells him that Ned is the father.

Sloan wants Jake to help bring down the Jerome's and Jake finally agrees.

Nikolas almost tells Sam the truth about Jason but is called away when Spencer suffers a medical setback.

Everyone is stunned on the second day of the custody hearing when the judge who is dating Monica takes over the case.

Tracy tells Ned how she overheard Monica urging her judge boyfriend to help her grandson win custody.

Both Tracy and Ned feel it is justice that AJ's son will be taking Sonny's daughter away from him and raising her as a Quartermaine.

Ava's family and friends gather at Ryan's bar to remember her as a disguised Ava listens in.

Ava is unable to keep hidden and shows herself to her mother and Avery.

Elizabeth is shocked when she finds out that all charges against Jake were dropped and she senses that there is much more to the story than she has been told.

Sam goes back to town but stops to check in on Jake.

Luke faces a bail hearing but Tracy stays away knowing his mental state is too unpredictable.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Fight for Avery Begins

Nina decides to keep her promise to Franco by faking acting out in the courthouse which sends her right back to Ferncliff.

Olivia goes to see Franco who appears to be out of his mind.

Olivia uses Franco as a sounding board believing that he is out of it and won't remember what she says and confesses to carrying Julian's baby.

Julian meets with Kiki and Morgan to discuss the memorial and tells them he has trouble believing his sister is really gone.

Silus meets with Ava and tells her what has been going on in her absence.

Spencer arrives at Shriner's and the doctor assures Nikolas they will do everything they can to heal his son.

The custody hearing begins and Michael tells the judge why he wants to raise Avery.

Rick does a good job of objecting to a lot of things Michael says about growing up with Sonny.

Jake tells Elizabeth about a dream he had about their roles being reversed which Elizabeth sees as Jake's guilt over her helping him and not as the memory it is.

Nathan is upset by Nina's regression but realizes she needs to be back at Ferncliff.

After Nina tells Franco that she is back to stay she tells him that she faked crazy to come back.

Franco confesses that he is also faking it.

Ava is outraged over what is happening to Avery and tells Silus she needs to rescue her daughter.

Next week on GH:

Rick cross examines Michael to try and bring out his true motives.

Diane realizes she has her hands full with defending Luke.

Lulu, Tracy and Bobbie hire Spinelli to find Pat.

Ava figures out how to get back to her life and avoid jail.

Jakes memories will bring someone to realize who he is.

Custody Fight

Michael is eager to move forward with the custody fight for Avery.

Alexis has her hands full with representing Nina and Michael in back-to-back hearings.

Nathan is thrilled when Alexis gets Nina released and the charges dropped.

Nina is bothered when Franco refers to her as someone named Phyllis from Wisconsin but continues to offer her promise to support him.

Carly tells Sonny about Spencer and Sonny is very upset.

Sonny wants to go see Spencer but has to go to court about custody.

Elizabeth goes to Nikolas after hearing about Spencer.

Dr. Obrecht bears an outburst from a stressed out Nikolas but maintains her composure.

Rick tells Sonny that he is representing him and will fight for him to have his child in his life.

Carly doesn't trust Rick and says so.

Sonny makes peace with his brother much to Carly's disgust.

Dr. Obrecht tells Nikolas and Elizabeth that she feels Spencer's care would be better managed at another hospital due to his serious condition.

Nikolas numbly allows Dr. Obrecht to handle all the plans to have Spencer moved to Shriner's Children hospital in Boston and tells Spencer that he will be with him.

Kiki is very upset to learn that Michael is trying to get custody of Avery.

Silus is called out of town and tells Kiki that they should wait on planning Ava's memorial.

Morgan and Michael comes to blows over what is best for Avery.

Michael holds the baby for the first time and Carly tries to reason with him that Avery needs all her family in her life.

Alexis tells Nina that she has to face the judge and cannot see Franco again.

As Nina enters the courthouse she sees baby Avery and blurts out "that's my baby".

Silus enters a hospital room where a sleeping Ava is in bed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spencer Fights for his Life

Nikolas is devastated at the thought of losing Spencer as he fights for his life.

Emma tells Anna that Spencer saved her life and worries about him.

Lulu, Bobbie and Tracy discuss Pat and then decide they need to hire a P.I.

Diane gives Dante and Nathan a hard time regarding the treatment of her new client Luke.

Duke goes to see Julian and offers him a place in the organization but warns him that he is now in charge.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she is offended by his actions and tells him he cannot stay at her apartment.

Duke rushes to check on Emma after he hears about the fire.

Spinelli goes to Lulu's and is just in time.

Alexis rushes to comfort Nikolas.

Diane is shaken after a private meeting with her new client and warns Dante that his father-in-law is not right in the mind.

Anna is surprised by Duke's concern for her family.

Luke continues his threats and tries to rattle Nathan who is not shaken by his threats.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Party is Over

All the children have left Spencer's birthday bash except for Emma when the two become trapped as a fire breaks out.

Patrick answers questions from Nikolas about Jake and both fathers are unaware that their children are in danger in another room.

Sam spends some time with Jake and he grills her about what she and Carly discussed.

Olivia and Ned share some food as she thanks him for the sacrifice he made but she warns him that it is a big lie to tell.

Alexis and Julian discuss his being a father and although it seems Julian accepts that Ned is the baby daddy, Alexis is not too sure of it.

Elizabeth has some angry words with Rick who wants to make up with her but she can't get over how he wasn't going to defend Jake.

Emma manages to escape the burning room and finds Patrick and Nikolas.

Patrick gets Emma to safety and he and Nikolas save an unconscious Spencer.

Patrick checks for vital signs and it doesn't look good.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sam and Carly Discuss Life Without Jake

It doesn't surprise Patrick when Sam realizes that doing surgery on Jake makes him think about the failed surgery he did on Raif.

After Spinelli tells Nathan about his true feelings for Maxie, Nathan confronts Maxie and tells her that she needs to make a choice.

Jordan is surprised by a visit from Anna who shares with her that she is not working for the feds and pushes Jordan to help bring down Sonny and his organization.

Anna sees Jordan's closeness to Shawn has grown and questions whether she can do the job.

Sloan goes to see Nikolas and he tells him that the charges against Jake need to disappear.

Nikolas then wonders out loud how he can keep the truth about Jake's identity away from so many people who love him.

Spencer is delighted with his birthday party and more so after Cam and Emma break up.

Cam and Joslyn leave the party together and Spencer moves in on Emma.

Carly and Sam discuss the possibility that Jake will go back to his family.

Jake tells Elizabeth that he remembers telling he that he knows who he is but doesn't remember anything more.

Sonny and Shawn discuss Carly's relationship with Jake and Sonny asks Shawn to keep an eye on him.

Sonny tells Shawn that the custody hearing has been moved up and he has told Duke that he is focusing on his daughter instead of taking back control.

A fire breaks out at Windemere that puts Emma and Spencer in danger.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Who's the Baby Daddy?

Tracy goes to see Luke and witnesses two very different personalities.

After mentioning Patricia to him, Luke has an angry reaction which switches him to the Luke no one recognizes.

Anna tells Sloan that all charges against her were dropped and he threatens her.

Duke witnesses Sloan's threat and steps in to defend Anna.

Spinelli literally runs into Nathan and after some awkward conversation he tells him about Ellie's suspicion.

Maxie brings Georgie to Lulu's and tells her about Spinelli and Ellie.

Lulu reminds her that just because Spinelli wants her back she has moved on with Nathan.

Everyone awaits Jake's recovery hoping that he will give them answers about who he is.

Nikolas, urged by Elizabeth, finally puts Helena in her place and sends her off to Cassadine Island.

Tracy goes to see Lulu and tells her about her visit with Luke and how she believes he is mentally ill.

Alexis doesn't believe that Ned is really Olivia's baby daddy and reminds him that he has done this before.

After much discussion, Julian reminds Alexis that they were together after she was already seeing Ned.

Michael is thrilled about moving forward with the custody fight even though Sabrina feels he is not doing right by Avery.

Maxie walks into Kelly's and sees Nathan and Spinelli together.

Jake regains consciousness.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Olivia Can't Keep a Secret

As Alexis is leaving the hospital with Julian they bump into Ned and Olivia.

Julian and Ned argue and then Alexis pulls Ned aside and tells him he was right about her wanting to be with Julian.

Meanwhile Julian overhears that Olivia has an appointment with an Ob/Gyn and asks her if she is pregnant.

Nikolas and Helena argue about him telling Sam that her husband is alive.

Helena threatens Nikolas with jail for fixing the mayoral election if he tells.

Meanwhile Patrick does the surgery on Jake who has remembered who he is while going under anesthesia.

Sam and Carly remember Jason and laugh at the close moment they are sharing.

Sabrina tries to make Michael see that he is using Avery to get back at Sonny.

Sonny goes to see Michael about his custody battle.

Olivia blurts out that she is pregnant and Ned saves her by saying that the baby is his.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jake Makes a Decision

Lulu and Tracy demand answers from Helena after both confront Luke.

Nikolas demands the truth about Jake from Helena and learns his identity.

Ned promises to stand by Olivia and help her.

Alexis tells Julian that she managed to get all charges against him dropped.

Jake chooses to have surgery knowing he may not survive it.

Patrick with Elizabeth assisting do surgery on Jake unaware of who he really is.

While going under anesthesia, Jake remembers who he is.

Bobbie has an upsetting visit with Luke.

Bobbie discusses her visit with Tracy and Lulu who tell her that Luke may have a split personality due to trauma during his childhood.

Luke begins to fall apart.